List of MS Dhoni’s Dogs

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If you are an Indian or a cricket fan from other nations then you certainly do not need any introduction to the brilliant game finisher and former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni. However, what you might not be familiar with, is that MS Dhoni is an animal lover. He often posts his photographs playing with his four dogs, that’s right, this athlete has four fur children. Not to mention, a pet horse that he recently added to this list for her daughter.

List of MS Dhoni’s Dogs

Now, that we know MS Dhoni has four loving pooches, let’s look into what they are.

1. Sam

Dhoni has a pet Belgian Malinois, which is named Sam. He often posts videos of himself with Sam, and also his daughter, Ziva training this pooch. Dhoni’s wife also posted a video on Twitter, where it was seen that Sam was mimicking Dhoni. As for the breed, these were developed in Belgium in the late 1800s. Originally, there were four kinds of Belgian Malinois, however, they were not a part of any kennel club, it was after much effort and many years, that this pooch was categorized as a recognized breed. In the past, these were used as guard dogs, and interestingly, these were the very first Belgian Police dogs.  To add more to their credit, during the first World War, these were used by the military to deliver messages, pull ambulance carts, and even carry light ammunitions. These are medium-sized dogs, ranging anywhere from 22 to 25 inches, with a weight of 55 pounds. These are working dogs at their heart, while they may appear similar to a German Shepherd, they are generally happy dogs, and don’t mind being held by people.

2. Gabbar

Another dog in MS Dhoni’s fleet of loving pooches is a White Husky, named Gabbar, after a quite popular protagonist of an evergreen movie, Sholay. Similar to Sam, Dhoni’s digital accounts are filled with pictures and videos of this pooch, and there is also one video of Gabbar where he introduced himself to Dhoni’s new horse, Chetak. This breed originated in the Northern East part of the world, where they were kept as pets by the Chukchi tribe, though their predecessors appeared a bit different from modern-day Husky. The changing climate forced the Chukchi people to become semi-nomadic, and having no other animal around them, they had to breed huskies in such a way that would haul their loads from one point to another as efficiently as possible but in a quick manner, and that is how present-day Huskies were born. These are highly energetic dogs, and even more so talkative, experts believe their talkative nature is due to their past of being in a pack constantly and communicating loudly in snow-covered lands. By talkative here, I don’t mean that they bark, in fact, huskies rarely bark, but they howl a little too much, which isn’t necessarily bad, but when they do it at 3 o’clock in the morning, it becomes annoying. While they can be affectionate dogs, they must be exhausted each day, otherwise, they can become aggressive and rebellious, though Dhoni’s Gabbar seems to be well behaved. Early socializing is a must for these dogs along with crucial training. Male Huskies can reach a healthy weight of 60 pounds in cold climates, generally, they stay near 50 pounds and they stand at 23 inches tall.


3. Lilly

Yes, this former captain has not one, but two white Huskies and this one is female. Gabbar’s partner in crime is called Lilly, and similar to Gabbar it has a loving personality as well. In 2017, Dhoni posted a video of himself training his dogs, while one dog was getting trained, Lilly was providing crucial motivation by running along, and this video took over the internet, to say the least. While Gabbar is an affectionate pooch as well, Lilly seems to be even more so, as she is often seen laying in Dhoni’s lap and just asking for pets. Only if she knew, that her owner is a phenomenal cricketer. The size of a female Husky is anywhere from 20 to 22 inches and they can weigh anywhere from 35 to 45 pounds. Other than that, their personality is similar to male Huskies.


4. Zoya

Remember the video in which Dhoni was training his two dogs? Well, one was Lilly and another one was Zoya, a Dutch Shepherd, who was breezing through the obstacle course. In the past, these dogs were humble and hard-working pooches, not only did they work at farms as herding dogs, but they also did other demanding jobs as well such as being a watchdog, keeping chickens out of the gardens without killing them, and even pulled carts. Originally, the only distinguishing factor of a Dutch Shepherd from a German Shepherd was the fur color, as Dutch Shepherds have a black coat with small patches of tanned hair, but over many years, standards were set for this breed such as size, weight, and temperament traits that separated it from German Shepherds. This dog’s size range from 22 inches to 25 inches and it can weigh from 50 to 70 pounds. These are intelligent dogs with high trainability, which I’m sure you already know from the video posted by MS Dhoni. Furthermore, this dog requires a firm owner that won’t be overwhelmed by this breed, and this says a lot about the former captain, as Zoya is very well behaved, and of course, since these are shepherding dogs, they require plenty of exercises.

Overall, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has adorable and loving hounds, which he takes great care of. We need more celebrities like him, who not only keep pets but also bond with them and personally look after them. Any dog would love to have an owner like him.


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