The Bernese Mountain Dog Price In India

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You have decided to be a monk, and have renounced all the materialistic possessions even relationships. Everyone is awestruck by your decision but you are absolutely certain that this is your calling, and this is what you must do to attain nirvana. While heading for the mountains you come across a majestic dog, you couldn’t help yourself and asked the owner, what dog it is? And that is how you decided you wanted a dog, and perhaps the monk life isn’t for you. The dog that made you come back to the materialistic realm was The Bernese Mountain Dog.

History of Bernese Mountain Dog

Like many other dogs, these started life as working farm dogs as well, but the dogs were significantly different from today’s Bernese Mountain Dog. It is when Romans came to Switzerland, they brought their own Molasses and Mastiff dogs, which were used in wars. During this time, when the Swiss farm dogs were crossed with Romans’ Molasses dogs, it resulted in several mountain dog breeds, and among them, one was the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Berner history

Two Berners pulling a cart with a child

However, for thousands of years, these were tucked away in the mountain farms, where they used to guard and herd the livestock, pull carts loaded with goods, and all the farm work, such hard-working pooches. By the late 1800s, kennel clubs were formed in order to protect the native breeds, and international dog shows were arranged soon after. This caught the attention of other nations as well, and people started importing them to their own countries as well, and Britishers were the first ones to do so, and that is how they got spread throughout the world.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Price in India

As a dog lover, I suggest people that they must visit shelters, or even checking online first to see if they can adopt a dog instead of buying one. However, it is unlikely when it comes to this specific breed because these dogs are meant for colder climates and you can only find that in Northern India. With that said, if you are looking to get this dog as a companion these can be found online.

  • Delhi– Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 65,000
  • Mumbai– Rs. 57,000 to Rs. 70,000
  • Chandigarh– Rs. 53,000 to Rs. 65,000
  • Ahmedabad– Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 68,000
  • Bangalore– Rs. 58,000 to Rs. 70,000
  • Chennai– Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 65,000
  • Kolkata– Rs. 58,000 to Rs. 70,000

If you want a dog show quality puppy then the cheapest one from a reputed breeder will start at Rs. 70,000 and it can easily cross even the 1 Lakh mark.

Bernese cute

A Berner looking cute

Also, I’d suggest not getting this dog if you are living in Southern or even central India, because the climate there is not suitable for this hound. Because at some point you’d have to walk them outside.

Temperament and Characteristics of Bernese Mountain Dog

Just like any other dog breed, it is crucial that you educate yourself about a dog’s personality and characteristics before getting one. [1]American Kennel Club

Vibing with GSD

A Berner chilling with a GSD

Hair Everywhere

If you couldn’t tell by their majestic coat, they shed quite a bit. You can expect to see hair on your couch, on your clothes, and maybe even in your dreams.


These dogs love being around people, and shouldn’t be left alone because they can become sad, and you wouldn’t want to make this adorable pup sad, also, they will chew on your furniture if isolated. One person should always be present with them.


I don’t need to tell you this, these are large dogs. While they are not aggressive pooches, they reach their mental maturity a little slowly compared to their physical growth. So, they are just large children.

Gentle Giants

Despite their large size, they are generally calm and gentle dogs. They are even good with other pets and children as well who know how to treat an animal. Although they are calm hounds, their sheer size may result in them accidentally bumping and dropping the kid.

A Little Goofy

Either we understand dogs as being aggressive or calm, however, with family and their favorite person, these will quickly become a goofball, which is great for recording videos and posting them online.

The appearance of Bernese Mountain Dog

Berners are large and strikingly beautiful dogs, and you’d at least stop once to look at it if you come across it on the streets.

PUP Berner

An adorable Bernese pup walking

Coat and Fur

They have a large coat, actually, they have two coats. Their outer coat is thick with long hair, while their undercoat is soft and wooly to protect them against the cold weather. They always have a white underbelly, chest, and white markings in between their eyes. Because of this thick coat, they tend to suffer in hot climates. Therefore, it is best to keep them in the colder areas or make sure your air conditioner is on all the time.

Size and Weight

These large hounds are not necessarily huge in size, as their height is similar to a German Shepherd. However, their weight is significantly greater, and so is their fur. These stand anywhere from 25 to 28 inches tall, with a weight of 80 to 120 pounds.

Diet and Nutrition

As always it is best if you consult a veterinarian about your specific dog, as each dog is unique. Their monthly feeding cost easily hangs around Rs. 10,000, given that they require around 700 grams of meat each day, with their vitamins.

  • Given their drastic growth, they require drastically different diets in their puppyhood and adult life. So make sure you understand their dietary needs at each stage of their life.
  • It doesn’t matter if you feed them commercial dog food or homemade, maintaining high-quality is a must, as they are prone to many health issues which can worsen if fed poorly.
  • While not all Berners become obese, it is best if you keep doggy treats limited.


These are specific needs of the Bernese Mountain Dog.


Despite their large size, they do not require strenuous exercise. Half an hour of moderate exercise each day is enough for this pooch, and if you are an adventure seeker, you can even take these for hiking and they’d be more than happy to tag along.


Even though they are gentle hounds, early socialization is required for them to ensure they don’t become aggressive. One positive aspect about these dogs is that they are naturally eager to please, so they love getting trained as well.


Yes, they are extremely beautiful dogs, however, this beauty comes at a cost. Due to their large coat, they require brushing three times a week, and once they enter the shedding period, which happens twice a year they’d need brushing each day. Now, of course, you’d want a professional to take care of your pooch, and even if you happen to visit a budget-friendly groomer, you are looking at Rs. 8,000 a month.

Monthly Cost of Bernese Mountain Dog

Now, this dog is a part of your family and solely rely on you for all their needs, and this is the monthly expenditure of owning a Berner dog.

  • Feeding Cost– Rs. 10,000
  • Veterinarian Cost– Rs. 8,000
  • Grooming– Rs. 8,000
  • Unexpected Expenses– Rs. 4,000

After summing up all of the necessary expenditures, you are looking at a monthly cost of Rs. 30,000 approximately. The unexpected cost here is a health condition or any additional charges.

Health Concerns

Unfortunately, Berners are prone to many health issues. For this reason, you can expect the veterinarian bill to rise rapidly.


Sadly, Bernese Mountain Dogs are often diagnosed with various forms of cancer and undoubtedly, it is a fatal disease.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a fairly common condition in large dogs, in this, the thighbone doesn’t fit properly in the socket of the hip joint. This results in pain and limping.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

As the name suggests, this worsens over time. In PRA, dog initially becomes night-blind, and slowly start to lose their eye-sight even in the day, this occurs due to deterioration of the retina.

Portosystemic Shunt (PSS)

It is a form of congenital abnormality in which the blood vessels allow the blood to bypass the liver. Because of this, the blood doesn’t get cleansed by the liver, and this surfaces as many issues such as low blood sugar, urinary tract problems, stunted growth, and gastrointestinal issues.

These majestic dogs are affectionate and intelligent, however, they suffer from many issues. It is best to own this dog if you are willing to take care of them and pay for its expenses. If you cannot afford to provide for this hound, then it is best to nott have it in the first place.


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