10 Dog Breeds That look Like Lions

Lion Dog cover

The king of the jungle is a majestic animal, lions are the second-largest felines in the world, and with their royal mane, it’s easy to see why they earned the title of the king. While these big cats are glorious, they won’t hesitate to tear humans to shreds if given the chance, so keeping them as pets is not even a question, but you can still own dogs that resemble lions.

Dog Breeds That Look Like Lions

Fortunately, these are dogs and not felines, meaning they are not reserved in nature, and won’t push items down from the side of the table. Also, their appearance resembles enough to lions that it’ll shock unattentive people at dog parks.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

If there’s one breed that can appear like lions, it is the Tibetan Mastiff. These are large-sized dogs, standing at 26 inches in height, but what makes them appear like lions is their fur. Unless they are groomed, Tibetan Mastiffs’ hair grows in a similar way to a lion’s mane, and because of this, they are often referred to as the lion dog. Moreover, these possess exceptional strength, with a strong desire to guard and protect, this makes them even more lion-like.

Tibetan Mastiff Lion

Tibetan Mastiff looking exactly like a lion

2. Chow Chow

Chow Chow’s with their unique blue tongues, is another breed that resembles lions for a similar reason as Tibetan Mastiffs. Another interesting aspect about this breed is that they are reserved with strangers and don’t show much physical affection, and due to this they are often compared to felines. They are also muscular pooches, with a lion-like stance.

3. Caucasian Shepherd

Another large breed on this list, the Caucasian Shepherd breed is known as The Russain Bear-Dogs; however, they resemble lions more than bears. While their coat comes in many colors, the fawn and grizzled colored Caucasian Shepherds resemble lions the most. These are watchdogs at their heart, and these should never be owned by first-time owners because they can be greatly overwhelming.

Caucasian Shepherd Lion

Caucasian Shepherd in snow

4. Bear Coat Shar-Pei

While you may be familiar with wrinkly and adorable Shar-Pei, the bear coat Shar-Pei breed is not very well known. These are often mistaken for Chow Chows, but these are just Shar-Peis with a recessive gene that are born with this type of coat. If you don’t look at their face carefully, they appear just like a small lion. As for their temperament, they are protective and aloof of strangers.

Bear Coat Shar-Pei lion

A miniature lion

5. Pomeranian

All of the previously mentioned dogs are too big or difficult to handle?  Well, how about a fluffy, adorable, and miniature lion? Because, Pomeranians are just that, these compact loving pooches are great for families, and first-time dog owners. Despite their size, they have a coat that grows just like a lion’s mane. Although their facial features resemble foxes, their coat makes them appear like miniature lions.
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6. Keeshond

If you are intrigued by the Pomeranian, but find their size a little too small for your lifestyle, then Keeshonds are ideal dogs for you that look like lions. They have a similar coat type to Pomeranians, and even their temperament is lively and family-orientated. The one feature that makes them not appear like lions is that their fur only comes in shades of black or gray.

Keeshond lion

A fluffy Keeshond

7. Leonberger

This German working breed has been used in farms since the 19th century. These are giant dogs, to say the least, as males can reach a height of 30 inches. This intelligent breed is often referred to as Leos because these look just like lions, plus their coat is waterproof as well. While most owners trim their hair, a Leonberger with fully-grown hair will give an impression of a lion.

8. The Great Pyrenees

Whenever we think of lions, a yellow-golden feline comes to mind, but we almost always skip over the white lions. Now, if you look at the Great Pyrenees, it’ll give you an impression of a white lion. Although they are large-sized dogs, they have a gentle temperament, which makes them great for families. While their coat is amazing looking, they shed excessively during the spring season.

The Great Pyrenees lion

The Great Pyrenees deep in thoughts

9. Pekingese

This breed has so much hair growth that it appears they are gliding on the ground as they walk. If lions are kings of the jungles, these dogs are emperors, because these were bred by Chinese royalties to live by their side. These small lion look-alikes are affectionate dogs, and they establish a strong bond with their owners, and their loyalty is highly praised.
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10. Tibetan Spaniel

Just like Pekingese, Tibetan Spaniels are known to bond tightly with their owners. These dogs were bred to work as watchdogs on Tibetan monasteries, and these are known to be at least 3,000 years old. Their silky coat around their neck appears just like a lion’s mane, and that’s why they are often referred to as Little Lions.

Tibetan Spaniel lion

Tibetan Spaniel in snow

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