30 Dog-Friendly Cafés in Singapore

In a bustling city-state known for its diverse food culture and sleek skyscrapers, Singapore also surprises with an impressive range of cozy establishments welcoming not just humans, but their furry, four-legged companions too. Whether you’re a resident in the heart of this Lion City or a wanderlust-filled traveler seeking to experience the delightful combination of good food and the company of playful pups, this guide has got you covered. So, leash up your dog and get ready to explore the vibrant café scene of Singapore through a pet-friendly lens. It’s time to indulge in delightful gastronomic experiences while your dogs get pampered with love, treats, and plenty of new friends to meet. So, sit back, fetch your favorite beverage, and delve into our list of 30 dog-friendly cafés in Singapore, where every meal is a ‘pawty!’

  1. Boomarang at Robertson Quay

Yearning for a taste of Australia? Enjoy a laid-back, beer-accompanied experience at Boomarang with a hearty chicken or veal “schnitty”, served alongside a substantial side of salad. For daring foodies, the peppered kangaroo loin, available at lunch and dinner, with sweet potato mash, beet relish, and garlic aioli is a must-try. Bask in the gorgeous riverside scenery with ample outdoor seating, even your pet can join you!

Address: Boomarang, 60 Robertson Quay, 01-15 The Quayside, S(238252)

Contact: +65 6738 1077

Instagram: Boomarang

Website: Boomarang

Timings: Mon-Sun, 6 am-3 am


  1. Tapas 24 at Robertson Quay


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Journey gastronomically to Spain with Tapas 24, the first Asian extension of famed chef Carles Abellán’s Barcelona-based restaurant. Experience authentic Spanish delicacies featuring seasonal ingredients and refreshing beverages. The eatery, echoing Barcelona’s convivial spirit, presents a starter platter of crisp croquetas de jamón and Abellán’s award-winning Russian salad. Enjoy a breezy alfresco space perfect for your pets, while indulging in unlimited wine and cava for two hours with friends.

Address: Tapas 24 Singapore, 60 Robertson Quay, 01-04 The Quayside, S(238252)

Contact: +65 6513 6810

Instagram: Tapas 24

Website: Tapas 24

Timings: Mon-Wed, 5 pm – 12 am; Thu-Sun 12 pm – 12 am


  1. Super Loco at Robertson Quay

Visit Super Loco for a fulfilling Mexican meal with your dog by the scenic Singapore River. Enjoy their weekend brunch menu replete with burritos, bowls, and tacos, like the classic huevos rancheros, or the brekkie quesadilla, filled with layers of cheese, spinach, egg, guacamole and chipotle apple chutney.

Address: Super Loco Robertson Quay, 60 Robertson Quay, 01-13 The Quayside, S(238252)

Contact: +65 9815 7221

Instagram: Super Loco

Website: Super Loco

Timings: Mon 5pm – 11 pm; Tue-Thu 11:30 am – 11 pm; Fri 11:30 am – 11:30 pm; Sat 10 am–11:30 pm; Sun 10 am–11 pm


  1. PS Café Katong


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The new I12 outlet of PS Café makes for a perfect weekend brunch date with your pet. Enjoy signature dishes like the crab tart and seared barramundi from the pet-friendly terrace, along with exclusives such as the Bali beef cheek rendang.

Address: PS Café Katong, 112 East Coast Road, 01-01/02/03 i12 Katong, S(428802)

Contact: +65 6708 9288

Website: PS Café

Timings: Mon-Fri 11 am–10 pm; Sat & Sun 8:30 am–10 pm


  1. The Dempsey Project

Treat your furry friend to a meal at The Dempsey Project. From succulent slow-roasted lamb shoulder wrapped in fluffy manakeesh to juicy grilled prawn noodles tossed in a spicy Sichuan mala sauce, there’s something for every palate. Complement your meal with their refreshing Japanese mojito.

Address: The Dempsey Project, Block 9 Dempsey Road, 01-12, S(247697)

Contact: +65 6475 2005

Instagram: The Dempsey Project

Website: The Dempsey Project

Timings: Sun-Thu 8 am–9 pm; Fri & Sat 8 am–10:30 pm


  1. W39 Bistro & Bar


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This Clementi-based café, popular among pet owners, offers menus catered to your pet’s dietary needs. While your pet enjoys healthy meals like hand-made meatballs, you can delve into their extensive menu, including the signature croissant-wiches.

Address: W39 Bistro & Bar, 39 Jln Mas Puteh, S(128637)

Contact: +65 9646 5372

Instagram: W39 Bistro & Bar

Website: W39 Bistro & Bar

Timings: Mon- Closed; Tue-Fri 11:30 am–9:30 pm; Sat & Sun 9 am–9:30 pm


  1. Toto Seafood


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At Toto Seafood, enjoy an array of zi char dishes as your dog socializes in the spacious garden area. From their signature black pepper crab to a charcoal-fired Teochew-style fish head steamboat, there’s much to relish.

Address: Toto Seafood, 46 Lor 23 Geylang, Ground Floor Fansida Building, S(388375)

Contact: +65 6742 3800

Instagram: Toto Seafood

Website: Toto Seafood

Timings: Mon-Sun 11 am–10 pm


  1. Long Beach Seafood at Dempsey

Recognized for its outstanding seafood dishes, such as the top-rated black pepper crab and fresh Alaskan king crab, Long Beach Seafood doesn’t disappoint at its Dempsey branch. Enjoy an alfresco dining experience in a pet-friendly area while indulging in a scrumptious seafood feast featuring a range of high-end live seafood. With seating for up to 400 guests amidst its relaxing and verdant surroundings, this spot doubles as an excellent event venue.

Address: Long Beach Dempsey, 25 Dempsey Rd, S(249670)

Contact: +65 6323 2222

Instagram: Long Beach Seafood

Website: Long Beach Seafood

Timings: Mon-Fri 11 am–3 pm, 5–11 pm; Sat & Sun 11 am–11 pm


  1. Bearded Bella


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Hidden in a serene nook of Tanjong Pagar, Bearded Bella offers a city retreat for both you and your pet. Anytime is a good time for a drink; relish their innovative happy hour drinks, like the “Naughty Apple Pie”—a mix of red apple and dark rum infused with vanilla pods—available from Thursday to Sunday, starting at 3 pm. For dessert lovers, they also serve a unique take on the traditional pain perdu, a pan-fried brioche topped with pink guava compote and vanilla ice cream. This cozy neighborhood café is sure to keep you satisfied from brunch to dinner.

Address: Bearded Bella, 8 Craig Rd, S(089668)

Contact: +65 9880 0775

Instagram: Bearded Bella

Website: Bearded Bella

Timings: Mon-Fri 7:30 am–5 pm; Sat 7:30 am–10 pm; Sun 7:30 am–6 pm


  1. Hue Restaurant


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At Hue Restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re in Bangkok without needing to leave town, let alone take your dog on an international flight. Offering a creative spin on Thai cuisine, the chefs incorporate their unique touch into traditional dishes found in an ancient royal Thai cookbook. Standout dishes include “Oychestra,” fresh oysters served with a trio of special Thai dressings, and their signature “Not A Tom Yum,” a unique interpretation of a southern Thai recipe, loaded with seafood. Nestled among a row of vibrant shophouses, its pet-friendly outdoor seating provides a true Thai holiday vibe.

Address: Hue Restaurant, 123 Tyrwhitt Rd, S(207549)

Contact: +65 9018 0992

Instagram: Hue Restaurant

Website: Hue Restaurant

Timings: Mon Closed; Tue & Wed 6–10:30 pm; Thu 12–3 pm, 6–10:30 pm; Fri & Sat 12–3 pm, 6–11:30 pm; Sun 12–3 pm, 6–10:30 pm

Happy Hours: Tue & Wed 6–7 pm, 9–10:30 pm; Thu-Sun 12–3 pm, 6–7 pm, 9–10:30 pm


  1. Daizu Cafe


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Daizu Cafe is a minimalist café with a pet-friendly outdoor dining area. It specializes in Japanese-Western fusion cuisine, offering a range of enticing dishes such as truffle umami chirashi, a luxurious sushi rice bowl topped with a variety of sashimi. Their torched mentaiko salmon, a succulent salmon steak served with a mouthwatering mentaiko sauce, is another must-try.

Address: Daizu Cafe, 129 Rangoon Road, S(218407)

Contact: +65 8815 8233

Instagram: Daizu Cafe

Website: Daizu Cafe

Timings: Mon-Fri 10 am–10 pm; Sat & Sun 8 am–10 pm


  1. Seng House


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Seng House is a charming café located in the vibrant Tanjong Katong area. It features a pet-friendly outdoor dining space and offers a wide array of local and international dishes. From a sumptuous half-roasted chicken paired with garlic-baked potato and black pepper sauce to the traditional clay pot chicken rice, there’s something for everyone.

Address: Seng House, 214 Tanjong Katong Road, S(437007)

Contact: +65 9182 6388

Instagram: Seng House

Website: Seng House

Timings: Mon-Sun 8 am–10:30 pm


  1. The Urban Hideout

Take your furry friend to The Urban Hideout and delight in a variety of delicious brunch options. Among the offerings are eggs royale waffles served with rich hollandaise sauce and Swiss herbed rosti with sour cream. They also offer a pet-friendly surf and turf meal, prepared by the local pet company Pawff.

Address: The Urban Hideout, 60 Springside Walk, 01-05 The Brooks I, S(786020)

Contact: +65 8879 9722

Instagram: The Urban Hideout

Website: The Urban Hideout

Timings: Mon Closed; Tue-Fri 12–10:30 pm; Sat & Sun 10:30 am–10:30 pm


  1. Sun Ray Cafe


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Sun Ray Cafe, situated in Serangoon Gardens, is a pet-friendly venue offering comforting brunch dishes and aromatic coffee. Try their beef shakshuka or the vegetarian eggplant lasagne, and wash it down with their Fair Lady coffee. They also have a special pet sirloin steak for your furry companion.

Address: Sun Ray Cafe, 79 Brighton Crescent, S(559218)

Contact: +65 8909 8458

Instagram: Sun Ray Cafe

Website: Sun Ray Cafe

Timings: Mon-Sun 9 am–9:30 pm


  1. Mylo’s


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After a day of activities, unwind with your pet at Mylo’s, a glasshouse café overlooking Gardens by the Bay. With an extensive selection of coffee and freshly baked goods, there’s plenty to enjoy here. Regularly changing gelato flavours and a variety of pet-friendly pupsicles add to the delightful experience.

Address: Mylo’s, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, 01-01, S(018953)

Contact: +65 6970 8553

Instagram: Mylo’s

Website: Mylo’s

Timings: Mon Closed; Tue-Thu 8 am–8 pm; Fri & Sat 8 am–10 pm; Sun 8 am–8 pm


  1. The Brewing Ground

Indulge in a pet-friendly brunch date at The Brewing Ground. This inviting café inspired by the aesthetic of a glasshouse offers a delightful range of European brunch favorites. Their specialty is crab and signature scrambled eggs on toast, a unique twist on a conventional breakfast, with succulent sautéed crabmeat and ikura. Don’t miss their extravagant breakfast burger, a delicious assembly of pork sausage patty, soft scrambled eggs, and caramelized onions sandwiched between buttery brioche buns.

Address: The Brewing Ground, 406 Joo Chiat Place, 01-24 The Yards, S(428084)

Contact: +65 8313 6092

Instagram: The Brewing Ground

Website: The Brewing Ground

Timings: Mon-Sun 7:30 am–5 pm


  1. Canopy Garden Dining

Tucked inside Bishan Park, Canopy Garden Dining is a pet-friendly café that dishes up an array of classic breakfast delights. Experience alfresco dining with your pet, while savoring mouthwatering dishes amidst the stunning scenic view of Bishan Park. Their menu is varied, offering everything from African shakshuka to Black Angus cheeseburgers. Don’t forget to try the crabmeat aglio olio, a delicious serving of linguine tossed in garlic, basil, red chili padi, olive oil, and Italian parsley, topped with fresh crab meat.

Address: Canopy Garden Dining, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Bishan Park 2, S(569931)

Contact: +65 6556 1533

Instagram: Canopy Garden Dining

Website: Canopy Garden Dining

Timings: Mon-Fri 9 am–10 pm; Sat & Sun 8 am–10 pm


  1. Botany


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A table at Botany promises a laid-back brunch experience complemented by picturesque views. Located along Robertson Quay, this elegant café serves a unique east-meets-west menu suitable for all diets. Their specialties range from tofu and tempeh fries, pesto grilled sandwiches, to a plant-based banana walnut cake. Weather permitting, you can bring your pets and enjoy a breathtaking view of the river from the alfresco area.

Address: Botany, 86 Robertson Quay, 01-03 Next to M Social Hotel, S(238245)

Contact: +65 6951 4861

Instagram: Botany

Website: Botany

Timings: Mon-Fri 9 am–10 pm; Sat & Sun 8:30 am–10 pm


  1. Bayswater Kitchen


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Escape the city’s buzz at Bayswater Kitchen, nestled in Keppel Bay. Offering serene waterfront views and alfresco seating, this pet-friendly restaurant focuses on fresh seafood served in a relaxed atmosphere. Their buffet brunch, available on Sundays and public holidays from 11am to 4 pm, is not to be missed.

Address: Bayswater Kitchen, 2 Keppel Bay Vista, S(098382)

Contact: +65 6776 0777

Instagram: Bayswater Kitchen

Website: Bayswater Kitchen

Timings: Mon Closed; Tue-Fri 11:30 am–2:30 pm, 6–10 pm; Sat 6–10 pm; Sun 11 am–3 pm, 6–10 pm


  1. Baker & Cook


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Numerous Baker & Cook outlets, including those at Serangoon Garden, Dempsey, and Opera Estate, are popular dog-friendly cafés. The brand is renowned for its array of artisanal bread, freshly baked on-site, and consistently delicious across all outlets.

Address: Baker & Cook (multiple locations), 87 Serangoon Garden Way, S(555983)

Contact: +65 6241 5548

Instagram: Baker & Cook

Website: Baker & Cook

Timings: Mon- Thu 7.30 AM – 8.30 PM; Fri to Sun 7.30 AM – 10.00 PM


  1. Wildseed Cafe


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Wildseed Cafe is an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon with your pet, featuring two locations at The Summerhouse (near Seletar Aerospace Park) and The Alkaff Mansion. Both are dog-friendly cafes situated in spacious, open areas. Please note that their menus and operating hours vary between outlets.

Address: Wildseed Cafe, 3 Park Lane, S(798387)

Contact: +65 9643 9116

Instagram: Wildseed Cafe

Website: Wildseed Cafe

Timings: Sun-Thurs: 8 am–5 pm; Fri & Sat 8 am–5 pm


  1. Tomahawk


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Tomahawk, a renowned Wagyu beef steakhouse, is known for melding traditional flavors with diverse cuisines. Every dish here is infused with an intense, robust taste. While known for its steaks, the other main courses don’t disappoint either. Indoor seating is pet-friendly, so you can dine in comfort with your pet.

Address: Tomahawk, 273 Thomson Road, 01-06, S(307644)

Contact: +65 8261 3992

Instagram: Tomahawk

Website: Tomahawk

Timings: Mon-Sun 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM


  1. Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

Nassim Hill, situated on the outskirts of the Orchard area, is a quaint eatery that transitions from a casual café during the day to a cosy restaurant at night. With a recently opened second outlet offering a brunch pop-up, it’s an excellent place for a quiet, pet-friendly meal.

Address: Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, 56 Tanglin Road, 01-03, S(247964)

Contact: +65 6835 1128

Instagram: Nassim Hill

Website: Nassim Hill

Timings: Mon Closed; Tue- Fri 8 am–10 pm


  1. Café De Nicole’s Flower


This charming dog-friendly café, part of a larger business that includes a florist, is tucked away in the east. Enjoy all-day brunch or opt for desserts and lighter foods that pair perfectly with the fresh flowers surrounding you.

Address: Café De Nicole’s Flower, 224 Telok Kurau Road, 01-01, S(423836)

Contact: +65 8338 8511

Instagram: Café De Nicole’s Flower

Website: Café De Nicole’s Flower

Timings: Mon-Sun 9 am–6 pm


  1. Privé Robertson Quay


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The Privé Group has long been a fixture of Singapore’s dining scene, with its numerous dining concepts. Among these, the Robertson Quay outlet is not only familiar to many but also warmly welcomes dogs. With varied menu options and both indoor and alfresco seating, it’s no wonder this outlet remains a popular choice for dog owners.

Address: Privé Robertson Quay, 41 Robertson Quay, 01-01, S(238236)

Contact: +65 6776 0777

Website: Privé Robertson Quay

Timings: Mon- Fri 8:30 am–10:30 pm; Sat & Sun 8 am–10:30 pm


  1. Kontiki

Kontiki offers classic American dishes served by the waterfront with the stunning Kallang River and Marina Bay skyline as your backdrop. The nautical-themed restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for unwinding, with a straightforward yet delicious menu featuring their signature Love-Eat beef short ribs.

Address: Kontiki, 11 Rhu Cross, 01-02, S(437440)

Contact: +65 6268 5225

Website: Kontiki

Timings: Tue-Fri 3–11 pm; Sat & Sun 10 am–11 pm; Mon Closed


  1. Earlybird Café


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Despite its avian-inspired theme, Earlybird Café is a welcoming place for dogs of all sizes. When you visit, don’t miss the chance to taste their distinctive dish of fried chicken and pancakes, a delicious spin on the classic Southern comfort food, chicken, and waffles. The meal, lavish enough to be shared by two, is arranged with a keen eye for detail, ensuring a photogenic feast for your social media feed.

Address: Earlybird Café, 17 Jalan Pinang, S(199149)

Contact: +65 9788 6856

Instagram: Earlybird Café

Timings: Mon-Sun 9 am–5 pm


  1. Publico Ristorante


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Publico Ristorante serves a variety of modern Italian dishes accompanied by a selection of drinks. The restaurant not only offers delightful meals but also a vibrant, pet-friendly atmosphere along the riverfront, encapsulating the essence of “la dolce vita”.

Address: Publico Ristorante, 1 Nanson Road, S(238909)

Contact: +65 6826 5040

Instagram: Publico Ristorante

Website: Publico Ristorante

Timings: Mon-Sun 12–11 pm


  1. Wooftopia Pet Café


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A post shared by Wooftopia Pet Cafe (@wooftopia.cafe)

Dedicate your weekend to Wooftopia Pet Café and satiate both you and your furry companion’s hunger. The café provides menus for humans and pets alike. While you can relish the delicious human menu, including fragrant fried rice served with a succulent pork chop, creamy truffle pasta, and traditional bangers and mash, you also have the option to customize a meal for your pet, with an assortment of meats and sides such as chicken, beef, salmon, carrots, and fruits.

Address: Wooftopia Pet Café, 200 Turf Club Rd, 01-29, S(287994)

Contact: +65 6966 8818

Instagram: Wooftopia Pet Café

Website: Wooftopia Pet Café

Timings: Mon-Fri 2–9 pm; Tue Closed; Sat & Sun 11 am–9 pm


  1. Three Buns Quayside


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What better way to celebrate 2023 than with a juicy, classic burger by the waterfront, accompanied by your loyal canine? Three Buns Quayside, an award-winning establishment, welcomes you and your pet with a range of finger-licking burgers. Try the “Sambal Man”, featuring a Tasmanian vintage beef patty adorned with gochujang ketchup, homemade sambal, smoked applewood cheddar, Den Miso mayo, and pickled onions, delivering a powerful punch of spice and umami. If you prefer other options, consider their chicken or lamb burgers, or their equally flavorful plant-based burgers. After a refreshing walk along Robertson Quay with your dog, this is the ideal brunch spot.

Address: Three Buns Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore (238252)

Contact: +65 6909 7838

Instagram: Three Buns Quayside

Website: Three Buns Quayside

Timings: Mon-Thu 5–9:30 pm; Fri 12–9:30 pm; Sat & Sun 10 am–9:30 pm


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