10 Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

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Owning a dog is amazing, you get to have an amazing companion in your life, which not only comforts you but also loves you unconditionally. Bonding with dogs takes time and trust, but once it is established, it is unlike any other. Sadly, this also comes with a huge downside, as some pooches develop separation anxiety, and for people who cannot take their dogs with them everywhere, it becomes painful for both owners and the dogs.

Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

Professional life demands that we must leave our houses and visit our workspaces, but this act leaves our dogs with a feeling of abandonment. Fortunately, there are some dog breeds that can be left alone for extended periods of time on their own. Just have your automated feeder ready for their lunch. [1]Rider’s Digest

1. Greyhound

These slender and sleek dogs are ideal for people who must leave their house each day for a long period of time because they don’t bond strongly with their owners for separation anxiety to get triggered. For the dog breed that’s synonymous with the racetrack, you’d think these are excessively active dogs; however, Greyhounds don’t have high energy reserves, and their energy is released in one burst, and after that, they are exhausted for the day. Therefore, just get these pooches exercised in the morning before leaving for work.

2. Lhasa Apso

While most of the small breeds are taken for dogs that must be taken everywhere with their owners, Lhasa Apso is quite an independent breed. One can understand their individualistic nature by knowing about their origins. These were bred to be watchdogs for Tibetan temples, which had them be on guard for hours without human contact. These are also smart and confident pooches that’ll be affectionate to their owners, but aloof of strangers.

Lhasa Apso alone

Lhasa Apso trinity

3. Basset Hounds

The word Basset in French means low, and that explains a lot about this breed. Hunting on a horseback was prestigious; however, it was a luxury most people couldn’t afford, therefore, hunters needed a scenting dog that’ll be able to cross any terrain while being easy to follow on foot, and hence, the Basset Hounds were born in the late 18th century. Similar to Greyhounds, these release all their energy in one go, and exhausting them in the morning will leave you with a pooch that’ll be sleeping for most of the day while you are away.
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4. Maltese

If there’s one breed that has been ruling the hearts of people for centuries, it is the Maltese. These adorable furballs have been a favorite of aristocrats, noblewomen, and even emperors, therefore, it may come as a surprise to know that Maltese can be left for prolonged periods of time by themselves. Unsurprisingly, these dogs don’t possess a lot of energy that’ll prove problematic. Just make sure you are keeping them in a room that is not directly in front of the main door, and these cute pooches will be fine.

Maltese alone

A happy Maltese

5. Shiba Inu

A world-renowned breed that led internet memes, and even gave birth to a cryptocurrency, Shiba Inus are also an ideal dog for working professionals. In the past, these were used as hunting dogs in the rough mountains of Japan, and in the modern world, these are the most popular dogs in Japan. They have a balanced temperament, i.e, they are not overly affectionate, neither do they suffer separation anxiety and because of this, they can be left at home, where they’ll enjoy their own company.
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6. Standard Poodle

Due to their feminine representation in cartoons and TV shows, Poodles are often overlooked by most people; however, these are highly intelligent and athletic dogs, which were used as duck hunters in the 18th century. Their calm temperament allows them to stay alone for long hours. While they are calm dogs, they are highly active pooches that must be exercised daily. Just drain their reserves in the morning, and be prepared to cuddle them after work.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

While their name may give an idea of them being royalty that needs jesters and servants all the time, this breed is quite happy being alone. Additionally, these are athletic dogs that also love cuddling humans. While they can be left on their own, it is essential that you teach them how to be on their own, and provide plenty of love. Plus, these get along with children as well, making them ideal for families.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Small

Two adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies

8. Pug

This short-snouted, goofy-looking, adorable dog is ideal for people who leave for work each day. This is one breed, that you’d be missing more than it’ll be missing you. Pugs understand routine, and they can adapt to any consistent lifestyle, all you need to do is train them from puppyhood by slowly increasing the times of your departure. Furthermore, they don’t have many exercises needs either, making them ideal for working professionals.
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9. Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin is a fabulous-looking dog, to say the least, with its long and silky hair. The exact origin of this breed is unknown, but one thing is certain that these were kept by Japanese Nobles for at least 1,000 years. While these can be kept alone for hours a day, due to their royal pedigree, these are most likely to snack like an aristocrat as well, therefore, make sure you leave plenty of snacks and water for them when you leave.

Japanese Chin Small

A Japanese Chin with an attitude

10. Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog possesses one of the most beautiful and majestic-looking coats, in fact, most people buy this dog for this very reason. Native to Switzerland, these hounds were used as guard dogs in the farms, and this gave them an independent attitude. Unless trained, they can have separation anxiety; however, once you train this intelligent dog, they are quick to grasp the idea of routine, and they will do just fine by themselves. Also, despite their large size, they don’t require much exercise.
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