Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

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Alright, once again in 2021 here we are discussing the most aggressive and dangerous breeds in the world. Now, if you happen to be a new dog owner or unaware of how dogs behave, you’d simply agree that these breeds are dangerous, but this isn’t the entire truth. While dogs are intelligent creatures, they do not think in the terms of good or bad, they simply adapt and react the way they are trained or not trained for that matter. It is true some dogs are aggressive by nature, because of how they were used in the past, with training these all can become loving pooches.

Top 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

It is not even about the aggressive, most of the time it is the owner and the lack of their training, and by combining it with the sheer size and strength of some dogs, they can become overwhelming. Hence, a list was made by the Center for Disease Control, the Humane Society, and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

10. Presa Canario

Some breeds have a convoluted history, and their origins are more or less unknown. That is not the case with this breed, numerous books have been written by Historians regarding the development of this hound. According to the documentation, this breed dates back to the 16th century, as following the conquest of Canary Island, these dogs were used as guard dogs primarily. A rustic and intuitive mastiff breed known as Perro de Ganado Majorero provided the foundation for this dog, it was then crossbred with various Hispanic breeds. These were robust hounds that had unparalleled courage, and strength, and of course, people started using them in dog fights. In the 1940s, when dog fighting was banned, their popularity decreased significantly, and these were near the verge of extinction with only a few specimens kept by farmers and herdsmen. In the 1970s, the repopulation of this breed started as reputed breeders wanted to keep this dog from going extinct. However, these are notorious for their aggression, which was built over the years of attacks and biting incidents. These can be docile, but they are extremely suspicious of strangers, and once aggravated their fighting instincts kick in, and they don’t hold back.

Presa Canario dangerous

Presa Canario looking menacing in the snow

9. Great Dane

Unlike the previous breed, this dog’s history and origins are as mysterious as the chicken and egg riddle, as this is certainly a German breed, but it is associated with Denmark, and no one knows why. One thing that is known about these hounds is that they were used as hunting dogs by the German nobles to hunt wild boars. Due to this, they are often called Deutsche Dog in Germany, meaning German Dog. When trained and properly socialized, these become gentle giants with great manners, however, not all are trained. They require socializing more than any other breed and make sure you train them from puppyhood. While they do not mindlessly attack, their size becomes very imposing, and they are not controlled by one human, hence they are deemed one of the most dangerous dogs in the world.

Great Dane largest

Two Great Danes sitting

8. Alaskan Malamute

Among one of the oldest sledding dogs in the Arctic, these are believed to be at least 4,000 years old, and direct descendants of domesticated wolf-dogs. They got their name from the indigenous people, Mahlemiut that used to keep them. These were originally bred to be haulers, that could pull heavy sleds in harsh climates, along with digging up seal burrows and even distracting polar bears. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these hard-working hounds are full of energy. Malamutes require extensive exercise to exhaust their high energy reserves. If you can do it successfully, these are nothing but large loving furballs, but if you fail to exhaust them, they quickly become aggressive with their hunting instincts kicking in, as they have mauled around 12 people. Furthermore, they are slow learners and do great in packs. So, being patient with them is as essential as training them from their puppyhood.

Alaskan Malamute dangerous

The intense stare of an Alaskan Malamute

7. Siberian Husky

Alaskan Malamutes are often mistaken for these hounds, as they appear almost similar to an untrained eye. By looking at this dog, you can easily tell they are meant for colder climates. These were kept by Chukchi people in, you guessed it, Siberia. When the climates changed, the temperature forced these indigenous people to become semi-nomadic; they had to be on the move for half of the year. This led them to breed dogs that could pull sleds as well, however, where Malamutes were bred to carry heavy loads, these were bred to be faster with spending the least amount of energy in sub-zero temperatures. These are also hard-working dogs, and extremely talkative, if you don’t believe so, your neighbors will tell you. Huskies are hyperactive dogs, that require exercise that will exhaust them thoroughly, remember they were bred to keep going, and for this reason, they become aggressive and dangerous when not exhausted. Huskies have mauled 15 people.

Husky aggressive

A Husky showing aggression

6. Chow Chow

Look at them! They are oh so fluffy and adorable, you’d never take them for an aggressive dog, but they are. They are among the most primitive dog breeds in the world, this breed dates back to at least 206 B.C. It is said that Chinese nobles used to keep them as companions, and a Chinese Emporer kept around 5,000 of these at a time. Chow Chows have been used in various tasks throughout history, from guard dogs to hunting, and even haulers. One thing that is certain about this breed is that they are not social pooches. Though they are loyal, they are guard dogs, first and foremost. They are wary of strangers, and it is often recommended that if this dog is not familiar with you, you must not approach it. If not trained, forget that they will ever listen to you, and they are infamous for biting strangers.

Chow Chow dangerous

Chow Chow sitting majestically

5. Bullmastiff

Picture 19th century, big gamekeepers are sick and tired of poachers and thieves just ruining their business. Though laws have been set in place and poachers even have a death penalty, nothing stops them and they become even more fearless as they have nothing to lose. Now gamekeepers come up with a plan, and they introduced a robust, courageous, and agile dog by crossbreeding mastiff with the bulldog. This dog has not been bred to maul the poachers, but to aggressively charge them hold them down until the owner arrived, and by that time poacher would be begging for release, that is the origin of this hound. Bullmastiffs have a naturally aggressive temperament to strangers, and unless properly trained they won’t hesitate to show it. Although they were bred to not kill someone, there have been 14 fatalities by this dog.

Bullmastiff dangerous

Bullmastiff walking

4. Doberman Pinscher

The job of tax collectors is always full of risk and injuries, especially if you happen to be a tax collector in 19th century Germany. The tax collector and dog breeder,  Louis Dobermann decided that he needs an imposing dog that could protect him on his rounds, and as we know, he created one of the best guard dogs, that has great trainability. Due to their hard-working and protective traits, Doberman Pinschers are a huge part of K9 units in the army and police, and this is the very reason that makes them dangerous. With the right training, these can become one of the most obedient hounds, but when untrained they are easily one of the dangerous dogs. They require discipline which most people fail to provide, and because of that, there have been eight deaths by this breed.

Aggressive Doberman

A growling Doberman Pinscher

3. German Shepherd

A dog originated from the sheer desire to create an ideal herding dog. Similar to Doberman Pinscher, GSDs are also native to Germany and were created by crossbreeding various dog breeds native to Germany. Though it took over almost 35 years in refining and promote the breed, thanks to that, GSDs easily became one of the most recognized breeds on the planet. Because these too possess great guarding instincts and high trainability, they are used extensively in crime-fighting. Unfortunately, these are also subject to aggression and attacks when untrained, and especially when not socialized. They live by the rule to protect, and will not tolerate any strangers whatsoever, and that is why there have been numerous attacks by these hounds, out of which 15 resulted in death.

German Shepherd dangerous

Barking German Shepherd

2. Rottweiler

Unlike other breeds on this list, Rottweilers originated as war dogs. Roman Empire was facing troubles when facing against Germanic armies who were known to be barbaric, and using dogs in wars during those times was not uncommon. Therefore, they required a dog breed that was robust and courageous, hence the early ancestors of Rottweilers were born, though they were known as Roman Drovers. After the empires fell, these dogs found work in livestock in the town of Rottweil, and here it earned the name of Rottweiler. These dogs possess exceptional strength and are hard to control when aggravated, plus, their instincts of war are still intact. When untrained, these can become vile very quickly, as they have caused 85 deaths so far, and due to this they have been banned in some countries.

Aggressive Rottweiler

Rottweiler barking

1. Pitbull Terrier

Was it a surprise that the dog that is synonymous with aggression would not be on top of this list? While Pitbulls can be loving pooches, people just never seem to train them to be affectionate. When bloodsports got banned in Britain, in the 19th century, people developed a new sport of dogfighting, and they required a rugged dog that could dominate the ring with its strength. By crossbreeding Bulldogs and English terriers, people created a breed that knew nothing but fights. Finally, it was brought to America, where slowly it was bred to be more gentle, however, people still kept on training this pooch to be aggressive and dangerous. Ultimately, this sickening attitude of owners towards these hounds led them to be banned in numerous countries, and for a good reason, as there have been approximately 295 deaths by Pitbull Terriers.

Pitbull Terrier dangerous

A Pitbull being aggressive

Yes, these dogs get aggravated easily and have the strength that is hard to control by humans. However, at the end of the day, these are animals and by themselves do not know who to attack or who to protect, it comes to their training and socializing. As we have seen people just do not want to invest in those, and if they do, they train these hounds to attack, which truly is unfortunate.

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