9 Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

Dog and cat cover

While dogs are caring and affectionate animals, they exhibit these traits towards humans and fellow dogs, but when it comes to cats they become aggressive. These two are so against each other that their difference is often used to describe two people or group that have strong contradicting opinions and beliefs. With that said, either you are a cat-person and your life revolves around these small felines or you are a dog-person with your life devoted to calling every dog a good boy/girl or you could be a rare personality that wants to bring peace in the world by having both of these animals living under the same roof. However, if you have tried this in the past, you may have learned it the hard way that more often than not these two start fighting each other for no apparent reason. So should we give up on this dream? Well, no or how else would I be writing this article? Some dog breeds are good with cats some love having them around.

Dog breeds that are great with Cats

Before we get to the list you must understand that the dogs were bred over thousands of years to tremendous degrees to give birth to very specific traits. During this process, some of them were bred to be rescue or guard dogs that are great at protecting families while others were specially created to hunt down fast-moving animals, especially the small ones, and if you’ve ever seen a cat move, these little pocket rockets release their pent-up energy all at once and their fast movement can trigger the hunting instinct in some dogs resulting in familiar issues. With that said, proper training and socializing can have pretty much any breed coexist with felines calmly, still, these are some dogs that are easily comfortable around cats. [1]American Kennel Club

1. Basset Hounds: One common trait among this pooch and cats is that both love laying down and napping for longer durations. Just tire your cat and basset at the same time and following that don’t be surprised if you find them sleeping together. While they can be a little stubborn, their tolerant nature makes them ideal to live side-by-side with cats because as much as cats are loving they can be mean and bassets can simply ignore this behavior. Overall, with a good introduction and socializing these two can become great friends.

Basset hound and cat

Cat sleeping peacefully under Basset’s year

2. Beagle: Beagles like many other dogs were bred to live among families and hunt in larger packs, therefore, they typically are friendly with other animals as well whether it be a cat, as they see them as a part of the pack. Furthermore, they have truly a positive and merry attitude that is maintained and unbothered. Though they require plenty of physical activity, this means that they can play around with the cat’s agility and both of these get along great.

Beagle and cat

A beagle and cat chilling on a couch

3. Bulldog: Now you’d be quick to think that these two won’t go together, this idea will be even strong in your mind if you’ve grown up watching a certain cartoon show, in that particular series a bulldog was the typical dog that would always rush the cat. However, in reality, things are different, bulldogs are known for their loving and non-aggressive nature, plus they have a kind temperament and due to these qualities they are very friendly towards other animals. Do you have another dog? No problem, own a horse? No problem, want them to chill with your pet turtle? You got it and with their easy-going personality, they are often good with cats as well. So if you are thinking to get a dog that will get along with your feline child, these rank up there.

Bulldog and cat

A kitten feeling fearsome on the back of a bulldog

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: A royal name for a friendly and loving pooch and if you happen to know anything about royalties, it is that they have extended families and love each one of them while enjoying exquisite food. While these pooches can do without the fancy meals, they love being a part of a family and it doesn’t matter what other animals exist in a household, they will love them as well. Unlike bulldogs, these possess athletic abilities and are often seen having a good play session with their feline friends. Plus, due to their calm and friendly nature, they make great pets for seniors as well.

Charles Spaniel and cat

Charles Spaniel and cat laying together

5. Collie: Originally bred to work in the farms for herding sheep and livestock, these hounds are renowned for their love of children. These also rank among the most loyal and affectionate dogs and thanks to their long and furry coat, cats are naturally attracted to them for a nap as they act as great beds. As for their loving nature, it can extend to cats as well and with adequate training, both can become great pals. Two things to look for and understand before having a collie side-by-side with your cat is that these hounds require plenty of exercises and they can be very vocal, hence the requirement of training.

Collie and cat

Collie and cat playing together

6. Labrador Retriever: These are the star pups when it comes to being friendly and loving. With their sparkling eyes and a big smile, you can bet these are among some dogs that will be so enthusiastically approaching the cat that they will start to get annoyed. If there’s ever a list of loving or friendly dogs just simply assume labs will be on it followed by their cousin golden retrievers. Though they are far larger than the average cat, they are gentle and kind towards other pets and make sure they are happy as well.

Lab and cat

A lab resting its head on a Maine Coon

7. Golden Retriever: Labradors but with more hair that sheds a lot. These are known for their playful personality and they are overall cheerful hounds that can simply ignore cats’ sometimes angry nature. Though they require a lot of exercises, due to their playful behavior they can get along with cats easily plus they have comfy fur and you can often find cats snuggling up with these pups.

Golden retrievers and cats

A cat rubbing its head against a golden retriever

8. Papillon: Even though these are small-sized pooch, they are big dogs at their heart. They can easily be distinguished from other breeds with their angel wing-shaped ears, plus they are full of energy and they are extremely loyal dogs that love to follow their owner around. If you have a Papillon and a cat, both can follow you to the toilet and observe the washroom ritual. Papillons being the same size as cats makes them great playmates for them and they often see cats as friends.

Cat and paillon

Cat and paillon chilling on a couch

9. Pug: While pugs may appear like they would not be suitable around a cat, they are great companions to a cat. Pugs are small hounds that prefer less exercise and this attribute makes them a great pet to coexist along with cats. While pugs are loyal and affectionate, they can feel overwhelmed when left alone and sometimes develop separation anxiety and for that reason, they bond well with cats, as cats provide them company while they take a nap.

Pug and cat

Cat hugging a pug

The bottom line is that these are the breeds that are easy to work with when you already have a cat or are planning to have a cat in your household. You must be wondering that your friend has a certain breed that is extremely friendly with cats or maybe they have a dog from this list but it is aggressive towards other animals, well, that all boils down to how they were trained and socialized. If you simply leave any two animals together they are more likely to fight each other unless they are truly calm beings, for that reason, you must train both of your pets properly and give them sufficient time to get to know each other. If done properly, you’ll have a loving cat and dog duo.


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