9 Dog Breeds That Are Easy To Take Care Of

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So you want a dog but your lifestyle is extremely busy and wouldn’t be able to give proper attention to your fur child or perhaps you are just like me and prefer living life horizontally on the couch, well, no judgment there we all want a companion regardless of how we live. While the dogs are a big responsibility as you’d have to take them on regular walks, clean them, and feed them high-quality food, some breeds require little less effort and are overall relaxed and calm that are easy to take care of.

Dog Breeds that are Easy-Going

Each and every dog has different physical traits that require different types of care. For instance, some require a tremendous amount of exercise to stay sane as they must exhaust their pent-up energy, while others require special training from puppyhood and most people can’t be bothered to undergo such a process and this results in aggressive hounds. These are the breeds that are chilled out. [1]Pitpat

1. Greyhound: Yep, you heard that right, these track racers are actually on the list of easy to take care dogs. While it is true that these can run at tremendous speeds and it is only natural to think that these are athletes of the dog world, however, they are sprinters not marathon runners, meaning they only require a brisk 30-minute walk to suffice their physical activity need. Furthermore, they have a short coat that saves you the trouble of grooming after short intervals, and best of all these are independent hounds that love to spend time by themselves and they utilize this solitude to sleep. Though they are large in size, they are easy and loving dogs.

Greyhound easy care

Greyhound laying down

2. Daschund: Also known as the wiener dog or the hotdog dog, these are small dogs and as you can imagine with the way they are built, they do not require long walks or excessive exercise. Though these cute pups get easily attached to their owner, they can be left alone for some hours a day by providing them with toys to play around with. If you happen to have a job that requires you to work from home, this little pooch will be a great companion for you as they will simply flop onto your lap and admire you as you work, just give them a toy while you work and they will love your company and the toy.

Dachshund snake

Dachshund posing on the grass

3. Shiba Inu: The dog that took over the internet by storm, created a new term ‘doggo’, and even became a form of cryptocurrency, with such achievement, you must be wondering that this dog must require a lot of attention and care, however, these were originally used as hunting dogs in Japan and are highly independent. It is this independent nature that allows them to be left alone for longer than other dogs, just make sure you are leaving them enough toys to play with. Though they require regular brushing, so do we, so while you brush your hair just take care of this adorable meme lord as well. The only things you need to look for is that they need regular walks outside and some form of mental stimulation, other than that they are relaxed dogs.

Shiba inu easy care

Shiba Inu meme

4. Basset Hound: These adorable pups have an appearance as if somebody asked what would happen if Daschund got bigger and lazier? Jokes aside, Bassets have been a part of many commercials, these are truly easy-going and adaptive dogs that just know how to enjoy life. If you live in uneven terrain that has you reaching for breath, these pups can do it easily and you can also leave them on their own for hours and they wouldn’t be bothered whatsoever. Ultimately, these are perfect pooches if you are living a lazy lifestyle, as they only require shorter walks and playtime.

Basset hound easy care

Basset hound sitting majestically

5. French Bulldog: Another small yet playful goofball is perfect for people who are at home all the time. These require very little maintenance as their coat is fairly short and they don’t need much grooming. Being such small pups, they require less than average exercise. One thing about Frenchies is that they are truly affectionate dogs and bond easily with the family members, so you must train them to be able to cope with the lack of your presence but once they are trained they can be left alone for some hours, just give them toys to mess around with.

French bulldog nonaggressive

Adorable French bulldog puppies

6. Bullmastiff: Even though these giant hounds were originally used as guard dogs in the United Kingdom, these make a loving family member. Just like other larger dogs on the list, these have fairly low energy levels and don’t require excessive exercise, and small walks twice a day is enough for this big hound. When they are not showing you affection, they are likely to be laying down without bothering anyone and can be left alone for long hours as well and as for their grooming, thanks to their short coat it is no hassle.

Bullmastiff easy care

An adorable Bullmastiff puppy

7. Chihuahua: Either you love them or hate them, some call them angels, some call them rat dogs, but whatever side you are on this spectrum one cannot deny their low maintenance and easy-going nature. Due to this, they are well suited for people who have more than one dog, just make sure the other one is friendly. You’d need to train them properly, otherwise, these are quick to establish their dominance and won’t waiver from the spot but once trained these quickly turn into little angels that can be left alone with toys for a few hours.

Chihuahua loyal

A chihuahua puppy holding a slipper

8. Pug: Perhaps one of the most adorable and famous small dogs that took over the world in the previous decade with its cuteness. These don’t require much physical exercise or walks which is even better if you live in areas where you cannot go outside due to weather or have a similar situation to the pandemic. Moreover, these goofballs have short coats, meaning grooming is a breeze and they love to lay on the couch or even better on your lap for hours.

Pug nonaggressive

A cute pug on an adventure

9. Whippet: Also known as the poor man’s race dog, they have a similar build to greyhounds and what do you know, similar characteristics as well. What this translates to is that whippets have intense yet short bursts of energy and they quickly tire out and after that, they want nothing but a relaxing nap that can last for hours. Just give them their running fix first thing in the morning and they will be chilling at home all day, just provide them with mental stimulation as these are smart dogs and can lose their temperaments if not engaged in such activities.

Whippet non-aggressive

Majestic Whippet

While these breeds are truly easy-going with very minimal maintenance, it should be understood properly that at the end of the day these are living beings and shouldn’t be ignored. Some people tend to buy dogs just so they can have a label of dog ownership but do not care about them, even though these require less physical exercise, they still need your love and high-quality food. Once you are certain that you can provide a good life to these pooches, they will return the favor by becoming your best companion for the rest of their lives.


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