10 Dog Breeds That Are Most Loyal & Affectionate

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Dogs are referred to as man’s best friends due to their loving nature and faithfulness. It cannot be denied that dogs are perhaps one of the most loyal and affectionate animals humans have ever domesticated, and for thousands of years, they have been protecting us while providing us with love and goofy moments. While all of them exhibit these properties, some have these properties imbued in them strongly.

Most Loyal and Affectionate Dog Breeds

According to the experts, these breeds are truly caring and will act but silly in front of their favorite human. As for their loyalty, with proper training, one would never question it as these are truly dedicated hounds. Though these breeds rank top in these characteristics, each dog must be treated as an individual, and one must be aware of their temperament. [1]GreatPetCare

1. German Shephard

Loyalty is synonymous with this dog breed, that is why these are used in police squads to take down criminals and sniff out drugs at airports and other facilities. Not to mention, these also have a unit in the armed forces, and they start their training from their puppyhood, and thanks to their courageous nature, these make them perfect for such dangerous tasks. While these are truly hard-working hounds that are very popular in the canine world, when they are retired or prefer not to work, these make for great family pets. Though these are amazing large dogs that love their families, training is essential for these pooch from an early age.

German Shepherd loyal

A German Shepherd jumping

2. Collie

If the stardom of TV shows and movies has done any good to dogs, this breed has strongly benefited from it as it is one of the most recognized dog breeds, thanks to pop culture. Its majestic full-coat can make even the greatest fashion designers jealous, however, these dogs have humble backgrounds as these are herding dogs at their heart, as these used to work with farmers in the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands. Collies truly are fond of children, and this makes them great family pets. Don’t get surprised if you found collie giving more affection and attention to your children over you. Lastly, these are active dogs; they require plenty of exercise and are more suited for active households.

Collie loyal

Majestic-looking Collie

3. Labrador Retriever

Now, was there a surprise that these loving dogs would not be on this list? I’m sure it wasn’t, as labs are considered one of the most loving and non-aggressive dogs in the world. Additionally, these are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Where other dog breeds on the list are loyal, they don’t socialize well unless trained, whereas labs are just born friendly, and they will go out of their way just to say hello to neighbors’ dogs or even people. Upon receiving proper training, these can be truly amazing companions, just like the Collie, they require plenty of exercises, and did I mention how affectionate they are? Because they truly are especially with children and will do anything to protect them.

lab retriever nonaggressive

A happy yellow lab

4. Golden Retriever

If you came across a list with labrador on it, there is no way you’d not be seeing its cousin breed, Golden Retriever on it. Other than their physical appearance, these two are the same goofballs who love to show their affection as much as they can, especially to children. These are very friendly dogs, for this reason, these are often recommended to first-time owners due to their loving nature. The thing about these hounds is that it doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is, as long as you can exhaust their energy, they will be extremely loyal pooches, that will not leave your side. Similar to labs, training them is a good idea, get them good exercise, and be prepared for stray hair as these shed a lot of them.

Golden nonaggressive

A beautiful and happy golden retriever

5. Chihuahua

The smallest dog on the list, but these are proper dogs at their hearts. They exhibit confidence, and they were bred to be go-anywhere companions to humans, and they will show you that, as they will want to travel with you everywhere, and most chihuahuas do travel with their owners. The image of chihuahuas is not so great among people who do not know about dogs because of a lack of understanding and improper treatment as these are tiny dogs people just pick them up and start kissing them without setting any boundaries. This behavior leads them to act aggressively, and surely, they start to rule the house; however, if proper training is provided, these quickly become loving and one of the most loyal dogs out there.

Chihuahua loyal

A chihuahua puppy holding a slipper

6. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are easily the most recognized guard dogs, and that is because of their protective nature. Their muscular build is due to their lineage as it is descended from giant Mastiffs. Protective nature is in their genetics, and for that reason, they become attached to their masters. With that said, proper training is a must for these large dogs as they require socializing from a young age, need a confident yet firm pack leader, and if you can prove to be one, there’s no better protective yet silly dog out there. While these are used as guard dogs, they won’t hesitate to flop onto your lap for cuddles.

Rottweiler loyal

An alert Rottweiler

7. Newfoundland

A huge breed to say the least as these can weigh up to 150 pounds, but despite their big size, these truly are gentle giants. Originally, these were used to rescue drowning people, and they were able to do so, thanks to their larger build. This saving instinct is still present in them, and with their stable temperament, these make great family dogs. Newfies are often referred to as nanny dogs because of how well they get along with children. If you have the space for this giant, these truly are the most loving and loyal larger dogs you can have as a part of your family.

Newfoundland nonaggressive

The gentle giant walking gently

8. The Great Pyrenees

These are simply known as majestic mountain dogs with their long clear coat, larger frame, and adorable face. Why are they loyal and affectionate? Well, these were bred to deter away wolves from sheep farms in the mountains but were made not to be excessively reactive. Usually, these majestic hounds are calm, and their nature is often stated as zen-like, but in the time of need, these can become true attack dogs to neutralize any threat. Their calm nature lets them be great with children, and their instincts make them loyal companions.

Great Pyrenees loyal

Beautiful and Majestic Great Pyrenees

9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A dog that has a brawling past, that was courageous and aggressive, but thanks to selective breeding, now, it is a calm muscular pooch with a soft spot for children. While these are not large dogs by any means, they are anywhere from 12-14 inches in height, their weight is surely greater in this size group at 35 pounds. These are very loyal dogs and love to travel along on rides with their masters, and if they end up in your lap anytime they see you, just accept that as your fate as these are affectionate pooches. Just like some other dogs, these require socializing and training from a young age.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier loyal

One happy Staffordshire Bull Terrier smiling in the Sun

10. Akita

An ancient breed that is the symbol of good health and long life in Japan, they are known for their courage and loyalty. Akitas are larger dogs with dense coats. While these act silly, goofy, and show affection to their families, they are not so much tolerant of other animals and will be wary of strangers around them. This breed thrives on human companionship and stays by their side, and given their low tolerance for other animals, it is important to socialize and train them from a young age, and these will become truly great family dogs.

Akita loyal

Akita laying down


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