Are Pit Bull Dogs Dangerous?

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If the news reports are to be believed, then the incidents of Pit Bulls assaulting and biting are very common. This problem has reached the point that many societies even think about banning this dog breed.

The expression “Pit Bull” is frequently used as a sweeping term for those dogs which look like the American Pit Bull Terrier or to put it simply, an American deer. Authoritatively, there is no such thing as a Pit Bull. However, the above-said term might be utilized, casually, as a short name for the American Pit Bull Terrier. Unfortunately, the expression “Pit Bull” has progressed to become related to dog battling and forceful conduct. Ordinarily, this partiality falls upon the whole class of dogs frequently referred to as menace breeds. Some of the menace breeds are American Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, etc.

The majority of these breeds are relatives. Their ancestors are the Bulldogs which were used in dog battling and bull baiting. The other “menace” breeds are a result of breeding between the ancestor Bulldogs only. Sadly, some unlawful dog battling rings still exist. The dogs frequently used in dog fighting are often the distant relatives of the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier. Let’s find out in detail whether Pit Bulls are dangerous or not.

Are Pit Bulls Really Dangerous?

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When inquiring whether the Pit Bulls are dangerous, one should always bear in mind that regardless of the type of a dog, if the right environment is not provided to the dog, it is bound to turn out to be dangerous. To understand this even better consider the facts given below:

  • A dog that is bred from a line of dog fighting breeds will probably have aggressive and dangerous tendencies.
  • A pooch that has never, legitimately, mingled will probably be forceful.
  • A dog permitted to wander indiscriminately or left tied up and alone is, likewise, more inclined towards creating hostility, and, as a result, be dangerous.
  • Male dogs which are made to stay intact are measurably more prone to turn hostile to other dog breeds.

Sadly, the truth is that Pit Bulls are, more often than not, kept as a pet by those people who want to fulfill their selfish motives, as security dogs, or even to “toughen up” their overall image as a Pit Bull dog owner. Many Pit Bulls were reproduced for aggression as well as hostility and will keep on being bred in a similar fashion. Often these dogs are allowed to roam freely in unpleasant environments or tied up indiscriminately. Henceforth, this might be one of the many reasons why Pit Bulls turn out to be aggressive and forceful dogs. Unfortunately, it’s a cycle that is hard to break.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover!

The fact that Pit Bulls are dangerous is not true! It merely forms a generalization that is one-sided towards summing up and denouncing a whole breed, dependent on the activities of a couple of irresponsible individuals. In all truth, each dog should be assessed by his own behavioral traits and not by his breed. A conclusion that can be drawn from here is that there are no forceful or hostile dogs, just irresponsible individuals who don’t take care of their dogs. Pit Bull generalization is more likely an example of misleading racial profiling.

There is common disbelief amongst people that a Pit Bull that is aggressive towards other dogs will also be aggressive towards human beings. However, being aggressive towards dogs and being aggressive towards humans are two different things and should not be befuddled with each other. If a Pit Bull has been wrongly bred or intentionally trained to assault human beings, then it’s a separate issue. Otherwise, just like any other breed, Pit Bulls also love humans. If they are treated and trained in the right way, then they are the most adoring, faithful, well disposed, and committed companions a human being can ever have.

Is It Dangerous To Adopt A Pit Bull That Has An Obscure History Rather Than Buying One?

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This question is thrown around commonly. Now, the fact that each dog has an individual identity cannot be neglected. Moreover, each dog should be judged by his personality and conduct. However, a Pit Bull’s personality might get affected by his hereditary qualities and history; yet it is safe to, unequivocally, declare that many Pit Bulls of bad parentage, that have been manhandled, ignored or potentially compelled to fight, still love human companions more than anything, and will still be loving family pets.

Is It Better To Adopt A Pit Bull Puppy Rather Than A Grown-Up Pit Bull?

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There is no doubt that little dogs are very charming! However, the personality of each dog carves as it grows. It is only after it grows up that one can make out whether it is overwhelming, accommodating with human beings, or aggressive towards other dogs and puppies. Dog prejudice and animosity are the qualities which don’t appear until the dogs are completely mature. It is very much possible that the charming young dog which you will adopt who is going to be friendly with every dog, may start disliking other dogs as it grows. Both support and nature play a significant role in deciding a dog’s mature identity. This doesn’t mean that Pit Bulls should not be embraced or adopted. However, if you need to know how huge your dog can be at maturity and how will your dog act around people and other dogs, then you must consider adopting a grown-up Pit Bull.

At last, your decision to adopt a dog depends upon the ideal choice for your family and your ability to focus and take care of the puppy for its lifetime.

Is It Right To Ban The Pit Bulls?

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Majority of the supporters of the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) want all Pit Bull-type breeds restricted. They are adamant on the view that all the pit-bull dogs are a cause of danger. However, the opponents of the BSL feel that prohibiting the dog breed would not rectify the situation. The irresponsible pet owners will, still, figure out a way to get hold of the dog; move onto a different breed for fulfilling their selfish motives. The opponent advise that the best solution lies in the prosecution of those humans who treat Pit Bulls in an inappropriate way. The former also suggest that people should be educated and instructed about Pit Bulls in general.

It is important to realize that Pit Bull-like dog breeds are not always dangerous. Most of them turn out to be friendly companions. One must go out for a personality test in case one adopts a dog with an unknown or inappropriate history.

One must not forget that dangerous dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. There are some Pit Bull hounds who can be dangerous, yet there are, likewise, other dangerous dogs of different breeds as well.

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