Beagle Dog Price in Kolkata

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The lovely and lively city of Kolkata is truly a wonderful place to be, the trams, architecture, and the ever-so-tasty sweets are a staple of this city. Unfortunately, you cannot feed sweets to your future beloved Beagle, because sweets are bad for dogs. However, if you are ready to be a dog parent, then Beagle is an excellent choice for a first dog.

Beagle Dog Price in Kolkata

Before rushing to your local pet store, you should consider looking into shelters or even online, to see if any puppies are available for adoption, as it is much better than buying a new puppy, by providing the rescued dogs a loving household. However, if you cannot find one to adopt, you should only purchase a dog from a reputed breeder, and if possible meet the parents of the dog as well to know about the dog’s temperament. The pet quality or the show quality is what ultimately determines the price of the dog.

Beagle Kolkata price

Beagle Dog Price in Kolkata

Pet-Quality Beagle Dog Price: You can easily find them at pet stores and these puppies will cost you anywhere from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 22,000.

Show-Quality Beagle Dog Price: These would be costly than the pet-quality dogs, and will start from Rs. 29,000. At most, they will go up to Rs. 32,000.

Monthly Cost of Owning a Beagle in Kolkata

Two qualities will vary greatly in monthly expenses.

Pet-Quality Beagle

  • Feeding Cost- Rs. 5,000
  • Grooming Cost- Rs. 3,000
  • 1st Year Vaccination- Rs. 5,800 (each month for 4 months)

Therefore, the monthly cost comes out at Rs. 9,450 for the initial 4 months, the following months, will cost Rs. 8,000.

Show-Quality Beagle

  • Feeding Cost- Rs. 10,500
  • Grooming Cost- Rs. 4,500
  • 1st Year Vaccination- Rs. 15,000 (each month for 4 months)

The monthly expenses for this puppy come to Rs. 18,750. After the four-month period, it is Rs. 15,000.

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