Labrador Vaccination Cost in India

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Vaccinating your dog is important, not only does it makes your dog be able to fight against diseases, but it is also a law in numerous countries to vaccinate your dog. Furthermore, vaccination is not just a one-time thing, its schedule is divided into various age groups, and dogs require vaccination as adults as well.

Labrador Vaccination Cost in India

Labradors are easily one of the most famous and loved dogs throughout the world. When it comes to their vaccination, it is just like any other dog. One great thing to know is that, if you visit a government hospital for pets, most vaccinations are free of cost, only a select few are paid. Therefore, we are looking at the private clinic’s costs, also, there are core and non-core vaccinations.

Labrador puppy vaccination

A lab puppy is sad as it gets vaccinated

Core Vaccinations

These are the vaccinations that are essential for each dog and must be administered in the early stages of life, and then dogs require booster doses that are given later in their life.

  • DHPP: DHPP stands for Distemper, Hepatitis, Para Influenza, and Parvo. It is a combined vaccine and is administered from the age of 6 weeks, and a booster dose is given after every 21 days until the age of 16 weeks. This entire vaccination course cost Rs. 2,000.
  • Rabies: A fairly common disease found in dogs, and vaccinating your dog for rabies is mandatory in India. This vaccine is given in 5 to 7 shots, and each shot costs Rs. 400, therefore, the total cost comes out to Rs. 2,000, and it is valid for 3 years.
  • Leptospirosis: Another crucial vaccine for a disease caused by a bacterial infection that leads to organ failure. This is valid for one year, and each shot costs Rs. 300.

For a puppy labrador, your vaccination cost will be around Rs. 4,300. While the annual booster dose of DHPP is subject to debate, you must get your dog vaccinated every three years.

Non-Core Vaccinations

When it comes to non-core vaccinations, these are not always recommended for every puppy but it is a good idea to give them to your Labrador puppy.

  • Lyme disease: Lyme disease is another common condition found in dogs, in which dogs lose their appetite and get a fever. Your dog will need 2 doses of this vaccination that will cost Rs. 1,500. It is valid for 1 year.

There are other diseases too, however, your Labrador Retriever wouldn’t need any additional vaccination. Therefore, the total cost of vaccination for a Labrador Retriever for the first year is Rs. 5,800, and in the following years, the vaccination cost will be around Rs. 1,800. Once your puppy crosses the one-year mark, they only require vaccination for leptospirosis and Lyme disease each year, and the rest of the vaccinations every 3 years.

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