Why Do Dog Feet Smell Like Fritos Corn Chips?

Dogs feet
Have you, at any point, felt that your dog’s feet smell like corn chips? If you have, then you are not insane and are, definitely, not the only one with this view.

Many dogs have a corn chip smell originating from their feet. It’s known as “Frito Feet,” and even though it’s somewhat bizarre; it is ordinary. This smell is peculiar.

So for what reason do dogs’ feet possess an aroma like Fritos? Questions about the pet smells are pretty normal. The accepted hypothesis is that the corn chip smell on a dog’s paws is caused by excessive consumption of corn in their eating routine. Although a sound healthy diet is important, the excessive consumption of corn is not the only reason for the characteristic smell on your dog’s feet.

Numerous microorganisms and fungi are found on the skin of most healthy animals, including dogs and cats. Dogs feet are always in contact with bacteria and fungi; as they stroll on the ground and, over the top of this, dogs are always licking their feet with tongues brimming with microorganisms. Thus, the feet of dogs may have a greater amount of scent than whatever remains of the body. To gain a better insight into why do your dog’s feet smell like corn chips, have a look below.


The main reason why your dog’s feet possess a scent like Fritos is due to bacteria. The corn chip smell is caused by microorganisms that end up on your dog’s feet. It’s characteristic, typical, and normal.

Microbes live in your dog’s paws, and that is what causes the corn chip smell, or more commonly known as the “Frito Feet.” However, there is nothing to be alarmed about, so don’t give these microorganisms a chance to caution you – the smell is rather normal. Puppy feet are a flourishing host for microbes, particularly Proteus and Pseudomonas. Both of these microorganisms leave a yeasty smell.

A human body includes 30 trillion cells. This huge number still lags behind the number of microbes which are present on the human skin. A whopping 40 trillion microbes secure the human skin. However, this proportion might be much more noteworthy for dogs. The microbes that give your dog’s feet a corn chip smell are similar to the ones that cause body odour in humans. The sweat organs in human beings are situated at different parts of the body. However, a dog’s sweat is formed only in their paws. Your puppy has trillions of microorganisms living on its skin, regardless of whether he’s the cleanest dog in the world. Furthermore, since there’s not a great deal of air dissemination in your dog’s toes; the dampness only adds up to the development of more microscopic organisms or bacteria. However, it should not be a matter of fright.

If you are healthy and concerned about cleanliness, you will still have a crowd of around one trillion microbes touching your skin. To be more precise, around a hundred thousand of them are present per square centimetre of the skin. This is similar when we are talking about dogs. Plus, the situation gets a bit aggravated because dogs roll on dirty fields frequently. So, the smell is completely normal.

How To Get Rid Of This Smell?

Dogs sweat through the cushions or pads of their feet. This implies that any sweat that gets caught in their paws can develop, and add on, into a strong scent originating from their feet. If you do not like this smell or if you think that this smell is increasing for some reason, then the best way to deal with it is to trim some fur present around the toes. If the fur is not trimmed, then the sweat penetrates the fur. To trim the fur, spread the foot cushions apart from each other by putting your thumb between them. Using a pair of hair scissors or a hair trimmer is the best way to trim. The trimming of the fur will help in getting rid of all the sweat that gets caught in the paws and thereby the smell originating from the cushions.

After you’ve trimmed the fur, rinse their feet. Whatever be the issue, there’s nothing a good dog shower cannot help. Utilise a pet cleanser on each paw; wash the dog’s feet with it and make sure you rinse it. Cleanse, foam, and wash your dog’s feet thoroughly. This will expel any development of sweat and debris.

The Abnormally Foul Odour

The only thing to understand here is that the corn chip smell is entirely normal. However, if the smell becomes increasingly foul and abnormal, then, there could be other reasons, as well. Here are some of them:

  • There can be bacterial or contagious contamination, which means an abundance of pathological microorganisms.
  • Grass awn or any foreign body causing a disturbance, aggravation or an ulcer.
  • A skin tumour, for example, foot melanoma or a sore that has turned out to be ulcerated or contaminated in the wake of licking.
  • A toenail that may be harmed or there’s some contamination in a nail bed.

Signs & Symptoms

If you speculate one of any conditions, given above, for increasing foul smell; then stay alert for some of these signs:

  • Dry or flaky skin on cushions
  • Unreasonable licking, male pattern baldness, or redness
  • Knots, knocks, or swelling on or in between toes
  • Flaky, split, or broken toenails
  • Waste originating from the surface of the skin or from an injury
  • Limping

If you see any of these signs, there could be something more going on. In this condition, it is essential to consult a good veterinarian immediately. The primary goal should always be the wellbeing of your dog in the best and legitimate way possible.

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