Siberian Husky Diet in the Wild

Siberian Husky Diet in the Wild Cover

Siberian Huskies are magnificent hounds, their blue eyes are more appealing than most celebrities, and people are naturally attracted towards them. They can never get enough of the cold, whereas other dogs seek warmth in the snow, Huskies will go lay in the snow and fall asleep. Not to mention, their talkative nature, if you own a Husky, your neighbors will definitely get to know without you ever mentioning it.

Siberian Husky Diet in the Wild

In modern times, Siberian Huskies are adopted by millions of households around the world, and they live a comfortable and cozy life, but Huskies were not created to be kept inside. Siberian Huskies originated in Siberia and Alaska, these were kept as pets by indigenous tribes. As the climate changed, the tribes were forced to become nomadic, and they bred these dogs to have a pooch that could haul sleds quickly while using the least amount of energy. Thus, the modern Siberian Huskies were born. Although they have been by the side of humans for many years, not all of these dogs stay with humans, as some get abandoned and start living in packs. This raises the question, what exactly do wild Huskies eat? There are two types of wild Huskies with two distinct eating habits.

Huskies Near Settlements

These are the dogs that are wild but happen to be living near towns. In the settlements or on the outskirts of it, they find sources of food such as thrown meat scraps, deceased livestock, and roadkills. Also, since Huskies are opportunistic eaters, they do scavenge garbage bins, and if they fail to find any animal products, they ingest vegetables as well.

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Huskies in the Wild

Since Siberia and Alaska are covered in snow, food is scarce in these regions, to say the least. The only viable option that remains for these dogs is to hunt, and Huskies are known to be great at hunting seals, caribou, and arctic hares. Interestingly, these animals are not what makes up for the diet of wild Huskies, they actually consume a lot of fish to sustain themselves, and fishes are an easy catch for them. For this reason, their bodies have developed in such a way that they can withstand a tremendous amount of zinc, which is present in fish. If Huskies are unable to catch prey, they are likely to consume plants as well, and they are observed eating kelp, seaweed, and algae.

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