6 Dog Breeds That Are Easy To Train

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Ever been to a dog show, and saw pooches performing jaw-dropping tricks? No? Okay, let me rephrase the question. Ever saw a video on the internet where dogs were performing amazing stunts? Yes? Well, there you are. Naturally, you were mesmerized by it and must have looked at your fur child, only for them to tell you in their doggy language that it’s not going to happen. However, you are determined, and now you are going to get your child a sibling who can perform all the tricks in the world, but you are unsure what breed will be easiest to train? Well, don’t worry, your calls have been answered.

Dog Breeds That Are Easy to Train

Jokes aside, all dogs are naturally trainable, however, some are more willing to be trained, and some actually love following commands. It should be understood that while it is always great to train your pooch, the right approach must be taken; rewarding them with the right behavior, and not punishing them when they fail to respond to the command. I can’t believe I have to say this, but DO NOT attack your dog. Also, if you are getting a new dog just for this purpose unless you are willing to learn from a professional on how to train your dog, it isn’t a good idea. With that said, these are the dogs that are the easiest to train. [1]Reader’s Digest

1. Border Collie: These dogs’ energy-o-meter stays at the maximum, and due to this, they are great to train for physical activities; Dog Olympics, especially, in the sports that require agility because these hounds are quick at their paws. Like many other breeds, these are a result of crossbreeding as well. During the height of the Roman Empire, emperors wanted to conquer Britain, however, due to internal affairs and political tensions, it was postponed for many years. Finally, 43 years later, their long-held dream became a reality, and with that Roman settlers in Britain brought in their livestock, and obviously, with livestock, herding dogs were required. As all things come to an end, so did the Roman Empire, and the Vikings conquered Britain, and similarly, they brought their own dogs. It was then when these two different breeds were crossed, and the Border Collie was born. They are known as one of the best herding dogs, as they are workaholics, and only settle down for cuddles when the work is done. These medium-sized pooches are intelligent and trainable, that is the reason why they are a part of numerous dog shows.

Border Collie train

A happy Border Collie running

2. German Shepherds: The glorious German Shepherd, part of the dignified K9 unit in the armed forces and police, along with a member of various security services. These attributes are more than adequate to tell you this dog is highly trainable and is willing to go beyond to achieve the goals, heck, German Shepherds are more focused on goals than I. In the 19th century, a tax collector by the name of Captain Max Von Stephanitz used to get attacked during his night rounds, therefore, he made it his mission to develop a dog that would be great at guarding him, while easy to train. Him and like-minded breeders started crossbreeding various dogs native to Germany, and finally, they created the renowned German Shephard, although it took these dogs almost 43 years for them to appear similar to the German Shepherd of today. With their ability to learn commands and tasks, these make one of the best breeds to train.

German Shepherd loyal

A German Shepherd in the middle of a jump

3.  Papillons: Their wing-shaped ear gives this pooch a distinct look, and they are easy to differentiate from other smaller dogs. Unlike the previous two dogs,  Papillons were intentionally bred to be as charming and attentive as they could get, to become great companions for noblewomen of Europe. These were, and still are one of the few breeds that have lived a luxurious from the beginning. In fact, their history was not known from records described in Kennel Clubs, but from the paintings in royal households. Despite their glamorous past, make no mistake with their trainable nature, these always come on top when it comes to sporting events and dog shows. Additionally, they are smaller in size at only 11 inches tall, making them great lapdogs. Papillons are full of energy and are easy to train, however, if you are not up to get them through an agility course, you can teach them all kinds of tricks.

Papillon small

A Papillon thinking about serious financial decisions

4. Labrador Retriever: Easily the most popular breed of dog in the United States, and also the best choice for first-time dog owners, labs are amazing at learning new tricks. Originally, these were used as duck-retrievers in Canada, hence the name, however, these gained popularity in the 1800s, when English nobles visited Canada and fell in love with them, so much so that they brought them back to Britain, well, I don’t blame them, I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with labs? Despite their short hair, their coat is thick which makes them resistant to cold weather, however, when swimming in icy waters they do require a jacket. Labs’ friendly nature is renowned all over the world, plus they love socializing, and due to this they make great dogs to train. As they love to please their masters, they love following their commands with their innocent smiles.

lab retriever nonaggressive

A happy yellow lab

5. Golden Retriever: Now did you expect that this list would be complete without mentioning the Golden Retriever? Just automatically assume whenever there’s a list that has a lab on it, goldens are bound to be on the list unless it is about hair shedding. While most may think that these were also native to Canada, Golden Retrievers are actually from Scotland. The first Lord Tweedmouth kept on breeding dogs for 50 years to make the perfect gundog. He wanted to create a dog that would be friendly, was suited for rainy climates, and that could breeze through rough terrain, to make such a dog, he crossed his Yellow Retriever with now extinct, Tweed Water Spaniel. Golden Retriever’s first appearance was in 1908 in a British dog show, and everyone instantly fell in love with this friendly pooch. This goes without saying but these dogs love water, just ask them to retrieve something from water, and before you know it your arm will get tired, but these loving pooches won’t. Similar to labs, their pleasing nature, makes them extremely easy to train. This is the reason why each dog show has at least, one lab and one golden retriever.

Golden nonaggressive

Beautiful and happy golden retriever

6. Border Terriers: Last but not the least, the Border Terriers, the hound that is best suited for towns and countrysides, are highly trainable and they are often seen as one of the hardest working dogs who are very affectionate. Just get them in the woods, and see how hyper they become, and start zooming everywhere as they love being outdoors. These were bred and used at the English-Scottish border as sheepdogs, where they were required to fend off clever sheep-stealing hill foxes. Before these terriers, the problem faced by farmers and shepherds was that they didn’t have a dog that could run along with them, and also dug up foxes’ dens. That is how border terrier was born, as it was more than capable of running along with the farmers on their horses, and small enough to dugout pesky foxes. Their hard-working nature is often praised by old-timey farmers. They say that this pooch won’t leave the area until, either the fox had run away or this small terrier had taken it down. Due to their hard-working nature and patience, these are easy dogs to train.

Border Terrier train

A Border Terrier wondering why it’s last on this list

These loving pooches are great at learning, and even if you do not plan to train them for dog shows or sports, they make for great family dogs. Just make sure you are providing them with plenty of exercises, and they will be your loving fur child.


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