Can Dogs Eat Sugar Snap Peas?

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You are making a delicious side of sauteed sugar snap peas to go along with your teriyaki chicken rice because doctors told you to eat more green vegetables. While you being a great dog owner, already fed a piece of cooked chicken to your pooch, Fluffy got his eyes locked on the peas. However, you are unsure, whether you should feed him this vegetable or not, because, some fruits like lime are dangerous for your pooch. Oh, the pressure of decision.

What are Sugar Snap Peas?

For those who live solely in the takeout world, you might be wondering what exactly is this stuff? Are these peas dipped in sugar? Are these peas that snap because they have a short temper? Well, neither.  This is a delicious vegetable that was derived from crossing snow peas and garden peas in the 1970s, and before you ask, no, snow peas are not made up of snow.  One huge benefit of this specific pea is that these can be eaten with the pods and don’t require shelling, which is one less task to worry about, and I’m in for it. Staying true to its name, this vegetable has a sweet flavor with a crispy texture. Given their delicate flavor and texture, these are served raw or cooked very slightly to retain the crispiness. [1]Recipe Tips

Sugar Peas what they are

Sugar Snap Peas

These crispy pods are very nutritious. These have ample amounts of Vitamin C and are one of the best sources of this vitamin. Additionally, these also pack B-complexes such as Vitamin B1, B3, and B6, along with vitamins A and K. Not to mention, the vital minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and manganese. This vegetable has all the goods that are required by our body to grow and develop a strong immunity. [2]Healthline

Dogs and Peas

Before we get specifically to the sugar snap peas, let’s see if dogs can eat this type of vegetable or not. The good news is that you can indeed feed your dog a decent amount of green peas, though it is only recommended that you feed them either fresh or frozen peas, and stay away from the canned peas. It is better to not feed any sort of canned vegetable to your pooch because of the excessive sodium that is dumped into those products, not only it is harmful to our dogs but to us as well. If it is garden peas, make sure you shell them before feeding to your dog, as the thicker pods can get stuck in your dog’s throat and choke them. [3]American Kennel Club

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A senior dog eating peas

Furthermore, in plant-based dog food peas are used extensively. It is proudly labeled on the packaging. Though some owners state that their dogs are healthy and well on this sort of dog food, it should be noted that your pooch requires protein sourced from meat to grow healthy and develop properly. Unfortunately, these products use processed pea protein that is dense, therefore, dogs have a hard time breaking it down and utilizing it. So, it is best if you stick to fresh peas and regular dog food.

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Snap Peas?

Now the question you’ve been waiting for, or not if you’ve scrolled down. Yes, dogs can indulge in this crispy vegetable, however, in moderation. These have relatively low calories and can be fed to your dog in the form of a snack. As mentioned previously, these peas are packed with nutrition, and they are also high in fiber, which is tremendously beneficial for your hound if they happen to be suffering from constipation. Sugar snap peas also have lutein, an antioxidant that is great for skin, heart, and eye health. Furthermore, this specific type of pea is the easiest to digest by your loving pooch.

Dog sugar snap pea can they

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As always there are certain things you should watch out for, first and foremost, avoid canned peas as mentioned earlier. Additionally, if your dog happens to have kidney issues, then it is not the best idea to feed them peas, because these contain a chemical compound known as Purines. Purines produce uric acid in the body, which is then filtered through the kidneys, and if your pooch already has a kidney problem, this will overwork their kidney leading to further issues. Sadly, excessive uric acid can also surface as kidney stones as well. [4]American Kennel Club

How to Feed Sugar Snap Peas to your Dog?

Firstly, moderation is the keyword to remember here. Now if you’ve decided to feed your pooch this vegetable, there are certain ways to go on about it. You can chop these pea pods into smaller bite-sized pieces, this is extremely crucial if you have a smaller dog and can serve them along with their regular food or you could even use it as an ingredient in homemade dog food, just remember to wash them thoroughly before that and ensure they are eating adequate protein with it. Though your dog may be able to eat the whole pea pod intact without choking, it is essential to monitor them after they have been fed, as the pods can cause an intestinal blockage. While some dogs have no problem eating them whole, it’s always a good idea to chop these into smaller pieces to have peace of mind.

Chop peas

Chopping peas in half

Now let’s get back to the scenario mentioned in the introduction. While dogs can certainly eat sugar snap peas, and I’m certain you are a great cook, but the ones you’d be cooking would be full of seasoning, or worse, with lemon juice. Lemon juice is poison for dogs and must be avoided at all cost, and for this reason, if you happen to order takeout, and get sugar snap peas in it, never feed it to your dog. As always it is best to consult a veterinarian before you start feeding them any new food. Though these are safe for dogs, some dogs can react badly to them, and can even vomit. Therefore, slowly incorporate these into their diet and see how they react. [5]Doggie Designer

In conclusion, it is safe for your pooch but in small amounts and sizes. Plus, they provide good nutrition and have a texture that dogs love, so overall, it’d be a good addition to their diet. Just take it slow.

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