German Shepherd Husky Mix: History, Characteristics and Temperament

Husky GSD mix cover

Now, this is a hypothetical scenario, but you just got married. Well, congratulations, and now you two bought a beautiful house in the northern hemisphere, insert your favorite Northern country here, and it is a big spacious place. Bet, now you wish it wasn’t a hypothetical situation eh? Anyway, it is, and now you two need a dog, of course, you do, but you can only have one. You being a fun-loving person, suggests a husky might be the ideal dog, as it is suited for winters, and you’ll never have a dull moment with them. However, your partner decides, it is best if you get a German Shepherd, and now you two aren’t talking to each other. This marriage is falling apart when suddenly you come across this article and find a dog that is the best of both worlds. That’s right! German Shepherd Husky Mix to the rescue.

Origins of the German Shepherd Husky Mix

Before we get to this beautiful pooch, let’s know a bit about their parents. German Shepherd, as the name suggests originated in Germany. You’d be surprised to know the country that excels in automobiles created such an all-rounder dog in the 1800s. In the 19th century, a German Calvary officer decided that he will create the best sheepherding dog. He and breeders with a similar idea got together, and crossbred various native breeds to create the ideal hound. Finally, the German Shepherd was born, though it cannot speak German or fix your Audi for you, it is an amazing dog with guarding instinct, unlike any other breed. [1]American Kennel Club

Early GSD

A photograph of an early German Shepherd

Now to the other half of this breed, Husky. These are said to be 2,000 years old and originated in North-Eastern Asia, where Chukchi people used to keep them for hunting and short-distance sledging. However, changing climate forced the Chukchi people to become semi-nomadic, either they had to explore new territories by crossing frozen waters or perish, bummer. Fortunately, they picked the former, and started breeding their dogs as such that they could haul weighted loads for vast distances with spending the least amount of energy, even in sub-zero temperatures. These became popular in 1925 when a musher completed a trip of 658 miles in just five days, to deliver serum to Alaska. [2]American Kennel Club

Husky old pic

An image of Chukchi people with their huskies

Finally, let’s talk about the love child of these two. Unfortunately, not much is known about their history, and who bred these two is also unknown. Despite that many experts believe that this breed came into existence during the 1980s, and claim whoever crossbred these two had a great understanding of both breeds. Even though these are new in the terms of dog breeds, they have become popular, especially as a fashion symbol. Talk about quick fame.

Unique Characteristics of German Shepherd Husky Mix

While it is obvious, and the law of mating, that a child will inherit the best traits of both parents. Surprisingly, this hound inherits something more as well. [3]Alpha Paw

  • The Looks: Well, this beautiful hound has the looks that can kill. This crossbred was truly a match made in heaven, as it posses the athletic and robust body of the GSD while having the face of the Husky. It got that, you’ve been telling them bad puns and now they are just annoyed, which is the signature husky look. It has a medium-long head with a strong muzzle and its triangular ears appear like they are simply copied from GSD. Furthermore, it isn’t surprising for these dogs to have two different colors of eyes, because why wouldn’t they?
GSD husky Annoyed

A GSD Husky pup done with your puns

  • Mass: When it comes to the height of these dashing hounds, it is almost always smaller than a GSD but slightly larger than a husky, you can even say similar to a husky. However, when it comes to their weight it is a guessing game, as it will depend on the genetics of the parents. Their weight has a huge spectrum, they can weigh as little as 35 pounds, but can also reach a maximum weight of 88 pounds, which is similar to a GSD. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much they weigh, because they are amazing.
  • Loud Guards: The personality of this dog is well, unique. On one hand, you have a serious and balanced German Shepherd that takes its guard duty very seriously, and will not engage in the philosophical discussion unless it is absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, the Husky is like that one friend that claims they can drink more but end up getting drunk on just one beer, and now you have to listen to their stories, which are a little too loud. Now combine these two, and you have a serious guard dog that is also talkative, a lot.
GSD husky pup

The center pup is hitting on you, while others are drunk

  • Mischievous: Being a descendant of both GSD and Husky, this is a hard-working hound that will take any job seriously you give them. Yet they get bored easily, and once that happens they will start acting like a cat; shoving things off the countertop, zooming inside the house, and maybe even some paw fight. Therefore, make sure you are taking care of their physical needs, or they can become naughty pooches.
  • Expensive Grooming: Now did you expect anything else in this aspect? Being part GSD, and part Husky, this dog will shed like it’s no one’s business. They require frequent brushing and given they are not the type to sit in one spot, this can become tiring. So just make sure you start brushing them from puppyhood. As for the bathing, they don’t require frequent baths, in fact, it is recommended that you give some gap in each bath.

The Temperament of German Shepherd Husky Mix

As mentioned previously, these dogs have high energy reserves and they quickly get bored when not exercised, or not given something to do. That is because, at the end of the day, they are hard-working dogs that need commands to stay sane, workaholics, am I right?

GSD husky training

A GSD Husky Mix catching the ball

  • Mind Games: Being such intelligent pooches, not only do they require physical exercise, but they also need mental stimulation. It is a good idea to engage them in seek and find while you are at the park, or you could invest in dog puzzles that will keep them busy. You can also train them to deliver certain items, this will keep them alert and won’t let them get bored mentally.
  • Bossy: Huskies were bred to be in large packs, where there would be one alpha dog, on the other hand, GSDs are independent dogs that only follow the command of a firm owner. Combine these two and you have a talkative independent hound, that requires a strong owner to keep them in check. If you are unaware of how to control a dog, this pooch will quickly start to boss you around and will stop following your commands.
  • Affectionate: Though they are not ideal for first-time dog owners, to a seasonal dog owner, they can become one of the most loving companions. They love being around their owner, and as long as you can take care of their needs, they will become more like a loving adolescent instead of a toddler. Either way, they are one loving fur child.

Lastly, some things to look out for when having this pooch as your child is that they are prone to many fur issues. However, more concerning matters are related to their hips and elbow as they can suffer from dysplasia, along with thyroid and corneal dystrophy. Just visit a vet as soon as you see any negative change in your pooch’s health.
Overall, these are amazing pooches that will fill your life with love and excitement, also late-night howls. As for the made-up scenario, now you two are happily married, bought a new house, and even became parents to a wonderful child, all thanks to this amazing pup.


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