Blue Panda German Shepherd History, Characteristics & More

Panda GSD cover

Chances are you have come across numerous German Shepherds in your life, however, you may have never heard of the Panda German Shepherd. I don’t blame you because these are fairly rare, and I didn’t know about this hound either. However, this truly is an amazing breed, as at their core they are German Shepherds, and on the outside, they are tricolored which is remarkably different from the traditional GSD. So, what is the deal with this pooch?

Origins of Blue Panda German Shepherd

When describing the origin of this breed, we have to mention the origin of the purebred German Shepherd. In the 19th century, a German Cavalry Officer, Captain Max von Stephanitz decided that he is going to make an ideal sheep herding dog. So in the 1800s, Captain Max and like-minded breeders go together and started crossbreeding various breeds from the northern and central strict of Germany, and that is how the German Shepherd came to be. Captain Max also co-founded a club devoted to German Shepherds. As the years progressed, different strains of GSDs started to emerge with white, black, and black-and-tan-colored fur.

Early GSD

A photograph of an early German Shepherd

In the year 2000, when German Shepherd was widespread in the world, a lady from the United States, Cindy Whitaker, unintentionally bred the first-recorded Panda German Shepherd, and this female pooch was named Franka. Though there were doubts regarding if any other breed had been used to create such color of the fur, later a DNA test was conducted of the dog, and it was found out that Franka’s parents were purebred GSD. [1]Anything German Shepherd

Characteristics of Blue Panda German Shepherd

Despite the fabulous color of their coat, these are German Shepherd at the end of the day and have the same characteristics.

  • Courageous hounds have an in-built instinct to protect, and they do take this role seriously.
  • The high trainability of these dogs makes them wonderful, obedient companions. Due to this attribute, they are highly used in K9 units all across the world.
  • Blue Panda GSD has high energy. Therefore, they require an active lifestyle to stay in proper health condition.
  • They are also intelligent dogs, therefore adding obstacle courses into the mix is also great for their mental stimulation.
  • While these are highly trainable these are high-sensitivity dogs; they require a quiet environment or at least an environment that doesn’t have constant noises.
  • Due to their athleticism, they make for great hiking or running companions.

The appearance of Blue Panda German Shepherd

While these only have a different color of their fur, and despite the same hair growth, these can appear a little different to traditional German Shepherd.

GSD panda whatever

A Blue Panda Shepherd standing

  • The reason why they are called Blue Panda, and not just because of the panda-like fur pattern, but because the black color on their fur is sometimes diluted due to a combination of genes dd, which are color genes, and dilute the black color, making it sometimes appear like blue or sometimes gray.
  • Similar to other strains of German Shepherd, they can have blue eyes, or sometimes even have two separate colored eyes.
  • Their triangular ears are a staple of this breed. While puppies might have their ears down, adults have their ears erected and pointed upwards.

Size and Weight of Blue Panda German Shepherd

You can expect this dog to be similar to the traditional German Shepherd


As expected males are larger than females. They stand anywhere from 24 to 26 inches in height and can weigh up to 90 pounds, however, a healthy weight for males of this breed is 70 pounds.


Females Blue Panda German Shepherd can stand up to 24 inches in height. As for their weight, it can be anywhere from 50 pounds to 70 pounds.

Requirements of Blue Panda German Shepherd

I shouldn’t have to say this but owning a dog is a responsibility, and once you have them, they are a part of your family. So just take care of them.

In water GSD

A Blue Panda GSD in water

Exercise Requirements

These blue shepherd dogs require a tremendous amount of exercise. Just keep in mind that they were originally bred to be sheepherders, and if you know anything about that job, it demands serious stamina. This hound is full of energy, you want to go hiking in the mountains? no problem, want to run a marathon? you got it, this pooch can be your companion. GSDs love to be a part of similar kinds of physical activities.

Training Requirements

Though they are obedient hounds, they do require training from their puppyhood, they were bred to be independent and less social, you do need to train them thoroughly. For this specific reason, GSDs are not recommended to first-time dog owners. If you slack with this dog, they will quickly start to overwhelm you, so constant training is recommended. If trained properly, these can become one of the most obedient and affectionate dogs.

Grooming Requirements

Blue German Shepherd has a medium-length coat, however, it is a double coat. The outer layer of their coat is harsh and dense that is to protect them from cold temperature, while the undercoat is soft to keep them warm. Their grooming needs are fairly low as they only require brushing, twice or thrice a week. However, they do shed heavily twice a year, and during this time they need regular brushing. This time will be a great opportunity for you to bond with your pooch.

Diet and Nutrition of Blue Panda German Shepherd

Unfortunately, most dog owners are under the illusion that dogs can eat pretty much anything, or they can simply thrive on any kind of dog food, which just isn’t true, especially in the case of GSD.

Panda GSD confused

Confused pooch

  • Being highly athletic dogs, they require a protein-rich diet, and not just any protein will do. They specifically need white meat, or occasionally red meat to develop and grow properly.
  • If you are providing them with high-quality food, extra vitamins shouldn’t be required, but you can still feed them yogurt, and cooked vegetables every now and then.
  • Avoid feeding them foods that have a high-fat content, as it can upset their stomach and lead to indigestion.

Health Issues to Look Out For

Though Blue German Shepherds are fairly healthy dogs and don’t have any major concerns, they can still develop some disorders and problems.


While it doesn’t happen often, some GSDs can have excessive bloating in their abdomen, and depending on the size of it, this can be fatal. It is best to visit a veterinarian if you encounter such an issue.

Hip Issues

Due to their high energy and desire to run, they are prone to hip problems as they grow old, therefore, hip evaluation is always a good idea.


Similar to the hip issues, they can have joint problems, specifically in the elbows because most of their body springs on these joints as they jump and run, which they do a lot.

The temperament of Blue Panda German Shepherd

Because of their disciplined and obedient nature, it is no surprise that these hounds are so popular, but if you are planning to make them a part of your family, it is important to know about their behavior.

  • While they can adapt to an apartment lifestyle, they are not the type to sit on the couch and just relax. They have a mindset of a workaholic and if you cannot provide them with such they will certainly make it evident with aggression.
  • German Shepherds are profoundly obedient and will follow each and every commands you give them. This is only possible, however, if you train them early on and set healthy boundaries.
  • Protective nature makes them great guard dogs as well, and their natural instincts make them a menace for thieves and intruders.
  • Upon receiving proper training and exercise, they are one of the most affectionate dogs. While they might not hug you and start zooming about like a labrador, but they will be calm and gentle with you, and you’ll know that they love you.

Who are they Good For?

Blue Panda German Shepherd is suited for families and even single people, who can provide them with an active lifestyle. Though they can be attached to one particular individual, they’d be more than happy to go on walks and runs with any member of the family. It is not recommended for families that have children, because more often than not people are unaware of how to control these pooches, but if you are familiar with a German Shepherd, then you can definitely train them to be around kids, and they will protect them like their own.

Living conditions

Though these are highly intelligent dogs and can adapt to pretty much all living conditions, the key is to train them to be in that particular setting. However, if you plan to give them the best life, countrysides or suburbs with large backyards are ideal for these pooches. This way they can get some exercise and stay in nature as well.

GSD glorious

Enjoying a walk

When it comes to city life and apartments, they can adapt to them, just make sure you get their body moving for at least 1 hour a day, by engaging them in strenuous play, so that they don’t turn aggressive or worse, feel depressed.

Where to buy them?

I understand that Blue Panda German Shepherd is a beautiful dog, and why one would want to buy it. Yet as a dog lover, I’d strongly recommend that one should adopt from shelters, as those pooches are in desperate need of a loving home. However, if you are madly in love with this specific strain, then you can visit your local breeder and ask them about it, or you could check online with specific German Shepherd clubs.

In conclusion, this is an obedient and loving dog, that is extremely disciplined. Yes, it is multicolored but don’t let that fool you because it is a true German Shepherd.


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