Dachshund Lab Mix: History, Characteristics and Temperament

Dachshund lab cover

You want a labrador retriever, that’s amazing. They are fun and loving dogs, but unfortunately, your partner or parents think that they are larger dogs for your living space, bummer. Since you cannot upgrade to a large place, they are asking you to get a toy dog, but you just don’t want a small dog because you want a larger dog to cuddle with. Life always gets confusing at such a crossroads, and that is why you must approach a different path, and in this case a new breed. Meet Daschund Lab Mix, both a large dog and a small dog in the body of a medium dog.

Origins of Dachshund Lab Mix

We must look into the origins of the parent breeds first. Labrador Retrievers originated in Newfoundland, Canada, no wonder they are such merry and loving pooches, they are Canadians! Although they caught the attention of English Nobles in the 1800s, traditionally, labs were used on fishing boats to retrieve the fishes that were caught in the trawl, hence the name. However, they were slightly different in their temperament during those times, but after several years of refining by the English Nobles, they became the affectionate and gentle labs that we know and love.

Photo of Lab

An old photograph of a lab retrieving a bird

As for the Dachshunds, these were bred to be used as hunting dogs for easily one of the toughest adversaries of dogs, badgers. However, these pooches were courageous and possessed the strength required to fight badgers for hours in their dens. Additionally, they have an extremely loud bark that was essential in the past, as these hard-working hounds would be below the surface, and their loud bark would allow their human hunter partner to know their location.

Dachshund sketch

An old sketch of Dachshunds

Now for the child of these two breeds. Well, the history of this breed remains a mystery, because not much is known, and even experts are unsure from where exactly these originated from, but they speculate that the first dog appeared either in North America or Australia. One thing that is certain about this dog is that these were originated as a part of the designer dog trend nearly two decades ago. [1]Alpha Paw

Characteristics of Dachshund Lab Mix

Unsurprisingly, this pooch contains both the characteristics of the Labrador Retriever and the Dachshund, but how does it fit all of that in such a compact package is truly surprising.

  • Easily one of the most unique hybrid dogs, as you’ll never be certain of what exact percentage parent breed is influencing the puppy.
  • A highly motivated and energetic pooch that loves to play around.
  • Affectionate dogs, but can be wary of strangers.
  • Despite their parent breeds being barkers sometimes, these tend to bark less than Dachshunds, but it’s no silent pooch in any way.
  • Given they got a lab in the mix, they love socializing, and for this reason, they get along with families.

The Appearance of Dachshund Lab Mix

You might be thinking that it must look like a Labrador Retriever’s head on a Dachshund’s body, which it does, but there’s more.

Dachshund lab mix

Dachshund lab mix on a bed

  • As mentioned earlier these are some of the most unique hybrids because depending on the combination of the parent breeds, these can appear vastly different from other dogs, in fact, they look different from other Dachshund Lab mixes as well.
  • These come in all the variations of fur colors of parent breeds; yellow, chocolate, black, and brown.
  • Their stance is similar to that of a Dachshund but slightly larger.
  • They either possess a coat that is rough, dense, and water repellent or a long and smooth coat.

Size and weight of Dachshund Lab Mix

Once again this breed will be of various sizes and weights.


Of course, males are heavier than females, but not by much. They can weigh anywhere from 30 to40 pounds, and depending on the mix they can be anywhere from 15 to 25 inches in height.


As for the females, they are about 15 to 25 inches as well and weigh slightly less compared to males which can be anywhere from 28 pounds to 35 pounds.

Requirements of Dachshund Lab Mix

Just like any other dog, these have a certain set of requirements that must be met.

Dachshund lab water

Dachshund lab mix in water with a powerful stance

Exercise Requirements

By this point, you’d have guessed already that even the duration and intensity of the exercise will depend on the size of your pooch. If your Daschund lab mix happens to be on the larger side of the spectrum, then it is best to treat them like labradors; long walks, playing fetch, and even swimming. However, if your pooch happens to be more like a Dachshund in size, just remember to don’t go all in and make their workout like an athlete. In this case, two brisk walks throughout the day are ideal, otherwise, you run the risk of extremely exhausting your pooch.

Training Requirements

One vital training that you must begin at an early age is potty training. You’d be surprised to know this, but this designer dog is stubborn when it comes to doing its morning business, and if you don’t train them in puppyhood, you’d be inviting their washroom breaks at random times. Additionally, it is important that you must be firm with their training, while these are adorable dogs, given the chance they will become bossy. Therefore, it’s best to train them firmly, but with rewards for good behavior.

Grooming Requirements

Depending on the mix once again, either they will have a short water-repellent coat inherited from the lab or they could have a smooth and long coat inherited from the Dachshund. If your pooch happens to have the former coat, then you only need to brush their hair once a week, and twice if you feel like it. Meanwhile, you’d be easily brushing them three times a week if they happen to have the Dachshund’s long coat, to avoid tangles and matting.

Diet and Nutrition of Dachshund Lab Mix

While the hunting Dachshunds genes are safe for most foods, Labrador Retriever’s tend to suffer from obesity and it is present in this hybrid pooch as well, one must pay close attention to their weight.

Dachshund lab mix small

A small Dachshund Lab Mix

  • Dachshund Lab Mix is known for its large appetite, and combining it with the risk of obesity becomes important that fat and carbs must be kept at a minimum in their diet.
  • While there are quality dog foods in the market, most of them use plant-based protein or grains as fillers. This enhances the risk of obesity in these pups, so just make sure you are picking the right product.
  • Veterinarians often recommend that you should cook homemade food for these dogs. This not only ensures that you will provide them chemical-free food but you can also control how much carbohydrates and fats you are feeding them. However, consult first with a veterinarian about your fur child’s specific needs.
  • When it comes to snacks and treats, keep them at a minimum. It is essential that you give them treats for their good behavior, and I know it can be hard, but just don’t overdo it.

Health Issues to Look Out For

Generally, these are healthy pooches, however, it depends on the breeder. If they didn’t take their job seriously, you can end up with a pup that has all kinds of health issues. Therefore, it is important that you only visit reputed breeders.

Dachshund lab eyes

Adorable eyes that can melt any heart


As mentioned previously, this dog suffers from obesity. Just make sure you consult the vet, feed them responsibly, and get their body some exercise, and you will have a healthy dog.

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

Both the parent breeds suffer from this disease, in fact, some state that to reduce such conditions these breeds were crossed in the first place. In this, the cushioning discs between the vertebrae of the spinal column are malfunctioned, resulting in difficulty in walking and even paralysis. Unfortunately, this also shortens the life span of the dog.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

As the name suggests, this disease targets the eyes of dogs, specifically the retina which eventually leads to blindness. Truly is sad to know that dogs have to suffer from such conditions.

The temperament of Dachshund Lab Mix

When you combine the gentle and kind nature of a Labrador with the trainability and courage of a Daschund, you get a dog that is an amazing companion.

  • Given the parent breed, Dachshunds’ bravery in the past, this breed also possesses courage and this makes them willing to protect their family against any stranger or animal. Naturally, this makes them a great watchdog.
  • The Labrador’s nature to please their owners combined with the trainability makes them a great family dog. They love being around their family and showering them with their love, and if these adorable pooches ask for pets all the time, don’t be surprised.
  • They are highly social dogs and love to be part of each and every family activity, even you don’t invite them.
  • These are amazing with children. Though they make good watchdogs keep an eye on the children, they can also play around with them gently. As they are not miniature dogs, they do great with kids.

Who are they Good For?

Dachshund lab mix is suited for couples and families, because of their high socializing needs, as in large families they will always have at least one person to spend their time with. If you are a single individual and want this specific dog, just make sure you either have people visiting your place all the time or have a second dog to cater to their socializing needs. In this scenario, it is best if you have two Dachshund Lab Mixes because it’s always better to have more dogs.

Living Conditions

This will largely depend on the size of your pooch. If you have this dog with more Dachshund traits then cityscape and apartment lifestyle is the recommended living zone for them with small walks. On the other hand, if you have it on the larger side, then perhaps apartment life isn’t the best, while they can adapt to it, but you’d need to provide them good exercise. Therefore, they are more suited for towns with backyards to enjoy their quality time or even countrysides.

Where to Buy Them?

You can find them at various places, they are not uncommon dogs and often you will see them at animal shelters, and it is best to rescue one and provide them with a loving home. However, if you want to buy them, then you can visit a reputed breeder and ask them about this breed, but only reputed breeders, as others tend to get lousy which results in all kinds of health problems in these dogs.

Overall, these are amazing and affectionate pooches that love to be a part of a family. Just take care of their diet and train them for their lavatory needs, and they will become a great companion for you and your family.


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