7 Unique Characteristics of Affenpinscher Dogs


The word “Affenpinscher” is derived from the German word “Affe” which means “monkey” whereas the word “Pinscher” is derived from “English Pincher.” In other words, Affenpinscher represents a small dog breed; which represents the characteristics of a fox. Many years ago they were known as “pest controllers,” but now they live a happy and carefree life.

Introduction: Let’s know what’s so special about Affenpinscher Dog Breed!

Affenpinscher characteristics

Affenpinschers are small in size; weighing nearly 7-9 pounds and 9-11 inches tall at the shoulder. Don’t get misled by the size of Affenpinschers, as the breed is known to be extremely lively, vivacious, and high-spirited. Not only are the Affenpinschers full of energy, but they are also famed for their loyalty and serious attitude. This toy dog breed is fearless. Affenpinschers do not fail even a single chance to win the hearts of their owners with their antics.

This hypoallergenic dog breed, also known as “ape terrier,” is easy to train. Affenpinschers are very intelligent and eager to bond with their human companion. The fact that Affenpinschers will learn new things only if their owners befriend them should never be ignored. Also, they are excellent watchdogs. It takes the responsibility of guarding the house very seriously. Once, it is excited or is on alert, it is quite a task to calm this dog down.

Their small size makes them best-suited for urban households. Although they are “moderately active,” but they do require small amounts of exercise. An indoor play, involving just the Affen and his favourite toy, is sufficient for this dog breed’s exercise routine. A morning and an evening stroll is appreciated. These brisk walks render a wonderful chance for Affenpinschers to interact and socialize with humans. A good way to bond with an Affen is to treat it when it puts up a good behavior or performs well during the training sessions.

Often regarded stubborn, Affenpinschers require the basic level of training. The owners of Affens must know how to keep their pets interested in the training session; lest this dog breed tends to lose the interest during the sessions of training. Frequent training sessions of short durations work best for them. Commercially manufactured or home-prepared (as approved by the vet) dog food works the best for Affenpinschers. However, they are prone to gaining weight; so their calorie-requirements must always be kept in mind.

Although Affens are very social, they do not form a good option for households with small children. This breed does not like to be hugged, squeezed, or chased. Moreover, they do not have a liking for children; and won’t shy away from biting if annoyed or provoked.

In summers, Affenpinschers can experience some sort of breathing problems and have difficulty lowering their body temperature.

History: Where it came from and how this Dog Breed became popular

Affenpinscher History

Affenpinschers are considered to be the descendant of small Terriers; which populated the early 16-century and 17-century European shops and stables. The Terriers were often called “pest controllers;” as they were used to drive away rodents. With due course of time, they were bred to be small in size; thanks to the ladies who noticed some intelligent wirehaired dogs. Subsequently, they were being used to get rid of the mice from kitchens. Soon after, they developed a great bond with humans and began serving dual-purpose. Not only were the Affens used to watch out for mice, but they began to serve the purpose of travel companions as well.

Affenpinschers caught the attention of the media back in the year 2002. At the Westminster Kennel Club Show, an Affenpinscher won the Toy Group. The breed began to be loved for its charm, obedience, and agility. Then, in 2013 again, an Affenpinscher, named Banana Joe, won the Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show.

Affenpinscher’s Characteristics

1. An Intelligent Creature

Affenpinschers are small in size and have a bushy face. They are mischievous like cats; fierce and intelligent like foxes; and have an affectionate nature.

2. Just Like Your Family Member

This breed of dog is active and can easily familiarize with every family member. They add a spoonful of joy and happiness to your daily routine and restless life.

3. Your All-Weather Friend

They are tolerant, cooperative and can easily adapt to any environment. They have an appearance of a soft toy with whom you might want to snuggle. They can adjust in any weather or temperature condition; depending on the thickness of their coat.

4. Great Travel Companions

Great travel companions, they can be seen being used as “purse dogs” by ladies around the world. They need extreme care and attention; because these toy breeds can be easily injured if someone steps upon them. It is better to keep an eye on them when you take them outside; as their adventurous nature will make you fall into trouble.

5. Affenpinschers Are Great Healers

These dogs have great intelligence and do not require much training. But, as they are known for their antagonistic nature and, hence, need to be trained when they are young. They need affection, love, and treats. Because of their entertaining and joyful behavior, they become great healers.

6. Similar To That Of A Monkey 

Their wiry coat comes in a variety of colors; from black to gray and many more. They have a round tail and some even have a jawline. Their facial structure gives them the nickname “Monkey Dog.” They carry themselves with great confidence; just like a baby boss.

7. Lives A Luxurious Life

Affenpinscher dogs require special grooming. In addition to needing healthcare, their long shiny hair must be combed frequently with regular washing. To maintain the characteristic feel, the Affen’s coat must also be clipped several times a year.

So if you want a companion which is small, has a spunky look like that of a soft toy; has an appearance like that of a fox, but is cute; and takes himself seriously, which makes him a keen watchdog; and doesn’t need a lot of exercise, then Affenpinscher is a perfect one for you.

Do you know that the Affenpinschers made it to the AKC Stud Book in 1936?

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