8 Unique Characteristics of Airedale Terriers

Airedale Terrier


When it comes to adopting a loyal animal as a pet, the eyes stick to none other than dogs. No doubt dogs have ample amount of care and love to offer, there are zillion breeds on earth one can turn to; to seek that adorable affection. Out of a humungous lot of breeds, hailing from the lands of Yorkshire, England, is this terrier that comes to be known as Airedale Terrier. Its large size among the entire terrier breed makes it the “King of Terriers.”

Alarmingly Alert Airedale

A fit male Airedale Terrier can touch up to a height of 58-61 inches with a weight of 19-25 kilograms; whereas, the females are slightly smaller in comparison. The body of the Airedale Terrier is covered with a medium-sized tan and rough coat on the anterior and a soft coat in the interior. They possess the characteristic of being fearless, energetic and alarmingly alert as well. This characteristic of being alert is the reason that these dogs are kept as the guardians of families and are used for big game hunting. This large-sized breed tends to be prone to hip dysplasia. The truth cannot be denied that the size and appearance is the reason that they are the kings of the breed.

Airedale Terriers are not only large in size but also intelligent and keen observers. Although they are a bit stubborn, however, they are friendly with kids unlike some other dog species like Lhasa Apso.

Hard Outside, Yet Soft Inside Is The Coat!

Airedale Terrier coat

All the terriers wear a god-gifted broken coat. This coat appears to be rough and is hard on the outside but inner layers are much softer. The coat is meant to cover the body and the legs lying straight onto the body of the Terrier. It is the coat that tends to have allergic actions on people. The harder the coat, more the crinkles and waves will it have. These dogs do not shed and this is why they need frequent clipping or stripping. In the process of stripping, the loose hair from the dog’s coat is pulled out using a serrated edged knife. The coats are distinguished on the basis of colours. The standard breed should have a dark grizzle saddle. The grizzle refers to the red hair mixed with the black. This blend of hair colour is often found in the back area with tan head, ears, and legs. The size of the coat also varies. It can either be long or even short at times. The earlier breeds of the Airedales had shorter coats yet wiry, rough and hard. These also happen to fall under the category of standard Airedales.


Talking about the origin, it is the Airedale valley which is the birthplace of Airedale Terrier. The breed came into existence when the working-class people created Airedale Terrier after crossing the rough and dark tan terrier with an Otterhound.

Airedale Terrier resulted from a cross between Dark Tan Terrier (left) and Otterhound (right)

Airedale Terrier resulted from a cross between Dark Tan Terrier (left) and Otterhound (right)

In 1886, Airedale Terrier was formally recognized by the Kennel Club of England. The Terriers were made to appear in an exhibition of the championship dog show for the very first time in the year 1864. Initially classified under different names, in 1879, the breed fanciers took the decision of calling the breed with its present name that is the “Airedale Terriers.” This name was ultimately accepted by the Kennel Club of England as well.

Airedale Terrier history

Temperament Plays A Vital Role

When it comes to own a dog, all that matters is the temperament of the dogs that unleashes the good and bad characteristics of the dog. These dogs are undoubtedly intelligent. On the other hand, they are stubborn too. The Airedales were born as independent hunters. So, it must not astonish the owner that there are hues of stubbornness in them. One should also make it a point that it is not an apartment dog. It can really turn the house upside down with its big-sized body if it gets boring. In this case, it is very important to show who the boss is, as this dog is slightly more towards the aggressive side. It possesses an outgoing temperament. Its characteristics of temperament can turn from good to bad and the other way around depending on the circumstances.

The Tale Of The Airedale’s Tail

Airedale Terrier tail

Here is a piece of important information for the readers. The tails of the Airedales are docked right after five days of the birth. This is also true that in some European countries and Australia, it is illegal to dock a dog’s tail until and unless it is done thinking about the dog’s benefits. According to the official AKC- “The root of the tail should be set well up on the back. It should be carried gaily but not curled over the back. It should be of good strength and substance and of fair length.”

Having jotted much about the beginning, it is time to get versed with the characteristics of this King Terrier. Scroll below to seek more knowledge about this tough terrier.

8 Unique Characteristics Of Airedale Terrier

1. Appearance Owns The King Terrier

Airedale Terrier appearance

As mentioned above, it is the largest amongst all other British terriers. Not only are they the kings of size, but the Terriers are also courageous and outgoing.

2. Adaptability Issues

Living with Airedale Terriers cannot be an easy task. They rank low in adaptability and not at all suitable for small urban households or apartments. Airedale Terriers have a hard time adjusting to the apartment life and will do great if an average-sized yard is always at their disposal.

3. A King Doesn’t Bark

Unlike some other dog breeds like Maltese Terrier and Lhasa Apso, Airedales bark occasionally. Despite not being big barkers, the Terriers do alert their owners whenever they sense any kind of danger.

4. Wonderful With Kids

Airedale Terriers form a great option for households with children. This incredibly kid-friendly dog is energetic, playful, and extremely protective of the children in the household. Just like Keeshond, Airedales are also very affectionate towards kids.

5. I’m Intelligent, I Can Train Easily

Airedale Terrier training

The Airedale Terriers are easy to train since they are quite intelligent. However, they do have a tendency to chew, bite or nip. The dogs of this breed tend to understand easily; but when they are bored, even their owners can not help the situation when the Terriers refuse to perform.

6. Socialization Is Important

The Airedales might be a bit hostile towards strangers at first; socialization at an early stage at the right point of time is needed. Apart from being intelligent, the Terriers have a knack for being a bit stubborn. Therefore, training and socialization at an early age will increase their tolerance.

7. Time To Go To A Salon!

Airedale Terrier grooming

Just like the Barbet dogs, Airedales, too, are high maintenance dogs. Along with a dense coat comes regular grooming. Frequent trimming sessions are required to keep their coat in shape. For staying healthy and hygienic, regular grooming sessions are much appreciated.

8. Hypoallergenic Dog Breed

The Airedale Terrier is a hypoallergenic dog breed, and so, they form a great choice for people with allergies. Airedales have a low potential to shed and rarely drool. In case you are a neatnik and cannot tolerate dog hair or drool, Airedale Terriers are best-suited for you.

Though like every other dog, this breed also has an unending appetite for love that makes it an easily trainable dog. It is kind of surprising for an independent hunter though. One needs to invest time and give a lot of attention to this baby also. When treated with love, an Airedale can be the loveliest creature one can ever find or have as a pet.

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