10 Unique Characteristics of Maltese Terrier Dogs

Maltese Terrier

A Maltese-terrier dog is a mix of Maltese and Terrier parents. This dog is bred by the crossing of a Maltese breed with a terrier of any breed. The difference between a hybrid dog and the blended breed or crossbred dogs is that the hybrid ones have a strong ancestry as far as family is concerned. However, the mixed breeds are a result of two different parents. When two breeds are crossed, the objective is to obtain an organism that has attractive qualities of both the parents. The Maltese terrier mix has the best of both the parents.


Maltese terrier

The Maltese Terrier is a dog that is simple to coexist with, energetic and fun. Maltese Terriers are the best example of a pleasant and friendly dog. They are little and delicate, and they are often called the toy dog breed. This dog breed is trust-worthy and committed to the owner; having a Maltese Terrier is a fantastic experience in itself.  Maltese Terriers are exceptionally clever and exceed the expectations in focused obedience, vitality and learning new things. Their training needs to be regular. They are difficult to house-train because they usually tend to bark too much if the right training is not given to them.

The Maltese Terrier does well when it comes to getting along with other pets. It is normal for the owners of Maltese Terrier to find their socks bitten after returning home. This is usually because this breed gets nervous when no one is around. As a consequence, the pattern of unusual biting habit comes up. They need regular psychological and physical checks which helps them to be strong and full of life. They usually live for 14-16 years.

The small size of a Maltese Terrier makes it perfect for an urban household. They are extremely dynamic when it comes to being active and showing the signs of vitality. However, a daily walk is prescribed without any doubt. Even in their old age, they stay fun-loving and cheerful. They don’t do well in extreme weather conditions. It is highly recommended to keep them indoors whenever extreme weather conditions arise. Maltese loves lazing around the house more than anything.

Celebrated for the straight, plush white hair that covers their jacket, it takes regular attention and grooming sessions to keep a Maltese Terrier look perfect and dry. It is important to brush the dog every day and shower the dog at least once a week, or else the long shiny coat will most likely tangle. Be as delicate as possible while you are grooming the dog because their jacket is soft and sensitive. If you are not up for grooming the dog every day, then it is best to keep the coat just long enough so that the dog stays warm.

Clean their eyes every day, to remove any staining, and their ears, so that any hair from the inside ear canal gets removed. Maltese Terriers don’t develop into large sizes, remaining around 20-21 cm. A Maltese Terrier sheds next to zero hair which also makes this breed a hypoallergenic one. If someone is prone to having a dog allergy, this dog is the best option for them.

It is common for Maltese Terriers to get affected by sunburn; also various teeth and eye issues may arise. Therefore, it is significant to have a Maltese Terrier checked at least once every six months. This will help in making sure that your dog is healthy and cheerful at all life stages.

Ten Unique Characteristics

Maltese terrier

1. Easy to handle

A Maltese Terrier is known to be a toy sized dog breed. It weighs around 4-5 kg with a size of about 21-24 cm. The Maltese Terrier is the best example for being a lapdog.

2. No space constraints

These dogs can be kept in almost all kinds of spaces. This includes any small dwellings, big apartments, or houses. They love to stay indoors.

3. Dynamic personality

They are active and full of energy. They love a daily walk. However, they also love to rest for a lot of time after the walk. Routine walks will keep a Maltese Terrier fit throughout life.

4. Easy to train

They are very intelligent and easy to please. So, it is simple to train the Maltese Terrier dogs. You can easily teach them what to do and how to do it.

5. Family pets

They are extraordinary family pets and faithful dogs. They additionally make incredible guard dogs, as it is in their nature to bark as often as possible; if they are not trained at the right time.

6. No compatibility issues

They mingle with other pets easily. However, they love being the main pet.

7. Immense love for owner

Maltese Terriers love their owners. They love and appreciate staying close to their owners most of the time. It is very common for this breed to get anxious when the owner is not around.

8. Hypoallergenic dog breed

These little white dogs make great family dogs and have an impressively hair-like coat than cover up. Maltese don’t shed at all and is an incredible option for all those people who are searching for a hypoallergenic dog. Their size and friendly conduct make them a champion amongst the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

9. Grooming needs

Maltese need a high level of grooming and their jackets should be brushed almost every day. They have a long beautiful white coat. It is best to shower them once in a week.

10. Feeding habits

They should be given decontaminated water. Remember to feed the Maltese Terrier from a hardened steel or glass bowl and not from a plastic bowl.

All in all, if you are looking for a loyal and dependable companion in a dog then look no further because a Maltese Terrier is the ideal choice for you.

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