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So, you are sick and tired of security contraptions that never seem to be working, and if you are like me, even at the age of 26, all of this modern technology just makes your mind go blank. Then you must look for a good guarding dog or maybe you are just looking for another dog, and this is just an excuse. Firstly, I commend you, and secondly, say hello to the super guard, Bullmastiff. They are truly amazing hounds that just love being the protector, and yes, I just want another dog.

Origins of the Bullmastiff

We like to think of the previous generations as if they were all happy-go-lucky and had a stress-free life. Well, the former is somewhat true because they were prescribed morphine and cocaine even for a slight headache, no wonder they got so much done. As for the stress part, it just isn’t true, at least not for the gamekeepers, as in those days poaching was a huge issue. While strict laws were put into action, and there was even a death penalty for these poachers, they still didn’t back down. In fact, it liberated them, as they thought they had nothing to lose so might as well go all in.

Early Bullmastiffs

An early photograph of two Bullmastiffs

This ongoing problem of poaching led English Nobles and gamekeepers to produce a breed of dog for this specific purpose. They crossed a Mastiff with a Bulldog that resulted in the birth of Bullmastiff, not very creative with the naming if you ask me, or maybe they were just too lazy. Either way, this new dog was big, swift, and courageous. It’s unparalleled prowess or should I say pawess? (I had to make that joke) led this dog to earn the name of “The Gamekeeper’s Night Dog”, which truly shows its abilities and nobles’ lack of creativity with naming yet again. As for the Bullmastiff, it was intelligent enough to be trained, controllable enough that it would tackle and hold down poachers, but wouldn’t maul them, and big enough that it would scare the living crap out of intruders. [1]American Kennel Club


While the name doesn’t do it justice, and one may take it for a mindless attack dog, this pooch truly has a unique way of living.

  • The Gym Diet: By this, I don’t mean that they slurp up whey protein day and night, but they require consistent smaller meals. Adults can be fed just like any other dog, however, it is highly recommended that small meals after certain intervals must be given to puppies for steady and healthy growth, similar to how gym trainers suggest we eat, which, let’s be honest we all ignore. Additionally, they are subject to bloating, therefore, exercise is discouraged immediately before and after eating, and if you take care of your pooch before you know it, they will ask you ‘how much bench can you do, bro?’

    Bullmastiff gym

    The signature look of superiority

  • Train Forever: If in an alternate dimension, people are replaced with dogs, in the army, BullMastiffs would be Drill Sergeants, as they require training right from their puppyhood, and need it for pretty much the rest of their life, meanwhile Saint Bernard would be the medic. These are strong-willed hounds, and when untrained can become overwhelming quickly. Therefore, they must be trained nicely, and these often excel at obedience training, and their ability to pick on scent is truly amazing.
  • Relaxed Exercise: Despite my reference for the gym, training, and their past as guard dogs, they do not require excessive exercise. Compared to other bull breeds such as bull terrier and mastiff terrier that require high amounts of physical activity, Bullmastiffs’ physical needs are sufficed by a brisk walk and some outdoor play. So for the runners out there, I’m afraid this hound isn’t for you, as it likes to kick it back and relax. We must learn its ways.

    Bullmastiff running scary

    Oh Lord, He coming

  • No Bitey: It might come to you as a surprise given its history and work experience, but these hounds do not bite, even when rushing down intruders. In those times, gamekeepers wanted these dogs to only apprehend the thieves and poachers. This instinct has stuck with them since, and additionally, they are surprisingly quiet, as they rarely bark. This then makes them truly great companions for families who prefer a quiet dog that doesn’t bite. Yes, it is an English dog after all with its sophisticated behavior. [2]American Kennel Club
  • The Bodyguard: Is there anything else to protect, other than the body? I mean our mind got its tricks to self-destruct, okay we are getting off the track. Back to the pooch, when trained properly these make for world-class guards, not only for the property but also for people. While other dogs can be trained to do similar actions, these just have this in their genetics, and they naturally know how to disengage an attacker. However, I doubt seeing this muscular pup, anybody would think of attacking.

    Bullmastiff do not enter

    A Bullmastiff telling you not to enter his territory

  • Keep it Clean: While they do not possess a large coat, and do not shed a lot, they do, however, shed seasonal, and it is this time when they are most prone to skin diseases. They can develop allergies, rough patches on their coat, and even oily hair. To avoid all of this just ensure you are grooming them regularly, and bathing them frequently. Other than that, they are low-maintenance dogs, unlike my high-mileage chevy.
  • Protect Others: Being originated as guard dogs, they are highly territorial. While they would be more than happy to become a goofball around their family, but when it comes to intruders their past instincts might kick in. If a stranger or unfamiliar animal happens to enter their territory, they will say in their doggy language ‘call an ambulance but not for me’. Therefore, proper fencing is required to protect other people and animals from unintentionally crossing paths with this pooch.
  • Health Issues: Though this hound is agile, strong, and an amazing guard dog, it does have its health issues. Bullmastiffs are a large breed with heavy bones, and it does provide this dog strength and the familiar muscular stance, this also sadly, makes it vulnerable to cardiac issues, hip, and elbow dysplasia, and eye problems. Therefore, it becomes vital that owners must educate themselves on the early signs of these problems, and take them to the vet immediately.

    Bullmastiff life decisions

    A Bullmastiff rethinking its entire life

The bottom line is that these are amazing vigilant dogs, that will not only protect your property but will also become your best companion. Just take care of their health and train them well, and in return, they will show you great amounts of affection with occasional goofy moments.



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