7 Unique Characteristics of Barbet Dogs

characteristics of Barbet dogs

The name “Barbet” comes from a French word “Barbe” which means beard, and so, to no surprise, this means that originate from France. Barbet dogs are an ancient breed and date back to 14th century; since then Barbet dogs have been used for hunting water games. Their long curly coat with a thick beard covering their eyes and ears outshine them from other breeds.

Introduction:  Let’s us know what is so special about Barbet dogs!

Barbet dog

Barbet, pronounced as “Bar-bay,” is also known as a French water dog. They love to be surrounded by people. They are friendly and adaptive to outdoor activities especially when it comes to swimming. Barbets are sincere and never leave a chance to be loved by their owner.

How do they present themselves?


The thick and fleecy coat covering their face and body is the first thing to be noticed when you see them rushing towards you. Their coat acts like a guardian for them by protecting their skin; even when they remain in water for a long duration of time. They can be seen in a variety of colours like black, brown, grey, and white.

Barbet dogs have a lifespan of around 13-15 years. They weigh up to 37 to 67 pounds with male Barbets reaching a height of 23-26 inches and females reaching 21-24 inches. The thick black lips with a wide nose, round and dark eyes, which are usually covered by curly hair, and a broad, round skull are the basic features which a Barbet possesses. Their tail is slightly round at the end. They have an expression similar to that of an innocent toddler.

When it comes to patience!

Barbets make excellent apartment dogs

Generally, dogs have a short temperament but it is not exactly the case with these small and cute dogs. They rarely become aggressive and have proven to be a friendly companion for small children, which makes them a good and obedient apartment dog. Just like humans, they might develop depression if left alone. In a nutshell, Barbet dogs can easily be referred to as joyful, cheerful, intelligent, and obedient.

Let’s check how well do they do with their health!

Barbet dog health

As Barbet dogs are good with outdoor activities, it is very important to take proper care of their health. Ear infections form the most common issues, as they are water dogs. They must be taken for regular checks to a veterinarian so as to minimize the ear problems; hip dysplasia is another condition that can be reduced by checking on their food type.

History of Barbet dogs:  How they came into existence?

History of Barbet

It is believed that Barbet dogs are the successors of the African shepherd dogs and the hybrid of the European dogs that date back to the 7th century. The artwork that comes from the 16th century proves that their origin is French.

Many years ago Poodles were bred to increase the number of Barbets because during the Second World War the existence of Barbet dogs had come to near extinction.

Barbet dogs are also described as the “Father of all Poodles.” In later times, they began to be seen as sailor companions. They were best-known as hunting partners both on land and water.

7 Unique Characteristics of Barbet Dogs

1. An Outdoor Sporting Dog

Barbet dogs outdoor playing

No matter what temperature of the water is, barbet dogs are always ready to go into the water.  Their paws are like flippers which make them good swimmers. Since the 14th century, they have been used for water hunting games. Barbet dogs look like baby bears which are active and comfortable with outdoor activities.

2. Great With Kids

With Barbet dogs, we can be carefree about toddlers. Their nature of Barbets not getting aggressive makes them trustworthy. They are always in need of a friendly companion. They can be called as “Attention Seekers” in a positive way. The Barbet does not even mind the company of other dogs.

3. The Grand Coat

grand coat barbet

The curly coat of Barbet is the most unique characteristic which one might not find in any other dog. They have a cute puppy face behind that bushy hair. Looking into their round shiny eyes, one can easily fall in love with them. Their coat is not only showy but even protects their skin from getting damaged even if they stay in the water for a long time.

4. At The Salon

The coat of the Barbet dog must be clipped and combed regularly so as to prevent from matting. Barbet dogs shed often but because they are water dogs special care and attention is highly recommended. The coat should be let dry naturally to give their curls a natural look.

5. Fierce Like Cats

Barbet fierce like cats

Never fall for the Barbet’s innocent face! Behind that face is a dog which is not only intelligent and also great in hunting. Though they do not get aggressive easily when it comes to outdoor activities, they give their 100%. They have a special bonding with cats.

6. All-Weather Coat

Although Barbets are very bad at coping loneliness, however, they can tolerate extreme cold and hot weather conditions. Their thick and double coat not only acts as a jacket for them in winters but also prevents them from overheating in summers.

7. Hypoallergenic Dog Breed

hypoallergenic barbet

No need to worry if you or any of your family member has any sort of allergy. Barbets form a hypoallergenic dog breed, so, you can just sit back and relax. Barbets form a great choice because they shed minimally.

So if you are in search of a dog who is comfortable with your cat and your small apartment life, who can participate in various outdoor activities with you they are perfect for you!

Did you know that around 1779 a famous Italian scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani did the first successful intratubal insemination by using a female Barbet?

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