Steel Blue German Shepherd History, Characteristics & More

Happy Blue GSD cover

You are an athletic yet busy person, you rise early, go for your morning run, and then rush to your office. Boy only if I could do that, anyway, you feel like something is missing in your life, the answer to that is a dog, the answer is always a dog. So, it is decided, you are getting a dog, but which one? Because you cannot have a small dog as it won’t be able to tag along with your morning jogs, nor can you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, as you are away for most of the day. Well, if you’ve read the title, you already know a German Shepherd is going to be your best choice, and not just any German Shepherd, a blue one. Why a blue one? Because it is BLUE!

Origins of Steel Blue German Shepherd

We simply have to start by stating the origin of the German Shepherd. If you are familiar, even slightly with the history of this dog you’d know how it was originated. In the 19th century, Captain Max Von Stephanitz, a German cavalry officer decided that he will create a breed of dog that will be like no other, and he surely did. In the 1800s when life was fueled by coal, Stephanitz and like-minded breeders crossed numerous breeds that were native to Germany to create an ideal sheepherder. That’s right, these hounds were originally bred to become sheepherders, but due to their amazing abilities, they are now used as guard dogs and in the police. After 35 years of promoting and refining the breed, the GSD started appearing like the dog that we know and love today. [1]American Kennel Club

Early GSD

A photograph of an early German Shepherd

As for the blue GSD, it is not sure where, how, and when this pooch originated. However, there are some speculations that the blue coat of these dogs resulted as a fault, while others claim that it is simply because of a gene mutation. Controversies surround the origins of this hound, but they are adorable.

Unique Characteristics of Steel Blue German Shepherd

One can think that these are nothing but German Shepherd with a blue coat, well, that’s what they are. [2]Love your Dog

  • It’s BLUE: While their coat may have some discoloration here and there, but overall they have a coat that has an almost dark blue shade. What makes them unique is that not only the coat, but sometimes their eyes, nose, lips, and even the nails are some variation of blue color. Some areas may appear like they are black, but they are darker blues. According to the experts, it is because of a recessive diluting gene, which results in diluted black color, appearing like blue.

    Blue GSD first point

    Steel Blue GSD resting majestically

  • Different Genes: Traditionally, gene A is responsible for the regulation and release of melanin that results in giving red and black fur to pooches. Interestingly, it is also responsible for the color of our skin and hair. However, in the case of Blue GSDs, gene D is responsible for this specific color. It simply can give full color when switched on, and diluted coloration when switched off. This gene also is represented as ‘D’, when switched on and ‘d’ when switched off, and it is the pair of gene dd that gives the blue GSD their unique look. Too many Ds if you ask me.
  • Athletic Diet: Imagine you are a runner, you know you require a protein-rich diet with minimal fat. Now how would you feel when you after your training you asked for a meal, and you were handed a bowl of high-fat bone soup? Exactly, it’d be appalling. GSDs are also athletic dogs and require a balanced diet that is high in protein, and low in fat. Come on you people, this super athlete need to watch out for his physique.


    Ideal diet chart for GSD

  • Hair Care: Their shedding and grooming need just go to show that they are simply soldiers of the doggy world. As they do not require frequent baths and grooming. However, they do shed twice a year, give my boy a break, he needs a vacation as well from keeping his hair in check all year round. During these times, simply groom them every day, and you’d have a lot less blue hair on your furniture, clothes, and let’s be real, in your coffee as well.
  • Intelligent Training: As it is a highly intelligent dog, early socializing is required and you must train them constantly. You must have noticed that these are a part of many police and armed units, that is because this glorious and hard-working pooch is great at taking commands. If you can provide them with an obstacle course it is even better, as not only will it keep them in great shape, it will also stimulate their intelligent mind.

    BLUE GSD walking

    A steel blue GSD walking

  • Bonding: While all dogs bond with whoever person feeds them the most in the household, but in the case of blue GSD, if they have already decided that you are their favorite person, they will simply love getting fed by you. They are logical, they won’t avoid eating, but will insist that you were around. As they are blue, you can also feed them blueberries which is truly a great source of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Dignified Guardians: As mentioned previously these were originally bred to be sheepherders, and if you give them the task of guarding people instead of sheep, they will take it more seriously than a hired bodyguard. These loving hounds will work hard and will make sure that nobody hurts you, no matter if you are sitting, walking, or swimming.

    Blue GSD swimming

    Blue GSD swimming

Interesting Facts about Steel Blue German Shepherd

  • While their color is still in the controversies, breeders often charge a higher price for these hounds. Some even go as far as asking $1,000 extra for steel blue GSD puppies, compared to traditional German Shepherd.
  • Due to their unknown origin, some simply state that these dogs are not purebred, and go as far as to say that these should not be bred from further. How unfortunate, because it is not the fault of these adorable dogs that they’re born in a specific color.
  • These are among one of the rarest types of German Shepherd. While the traditional GSD can be seen pretty much everywhere, these are limited to certain regions.

In conclusion, even though it may appear like this pup is completely different from the traditional GSD, it is identical apart from its appearance. It still will tilt its head in confusion, as you try to make its cute video for your online account. The sad truth is that your followers will only increase because of this beautiful blue dog.


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