32 Interesting Facts About Beagles

The name Beagle comes from the Middle French bee gueule, which literally means ‘wide throat’ but more poetically translated as a loudmouth. But hey, let’s not form an opinion already! There are so many qualities and facts about this breed which totally negate its rapport as a loudmouth.


1. Were Reared As Hunting Companions


This variety has a long history of serving as hunting companions, human counterparts, and loving pets that dates all the way back to the Ancient Greek times.

2. A Scent Hound

Beagle 2-compressed

The Beagle variety is a scent hound—one that hunts by the use of scents rather than sight. Scent dogs have the most sensitive noses out of all canines. The Beagles certainly have that.

3. They Don’t Rawr Out Loud

Their bark isn’t shrill. However, they have three distinct vocalizations — a growl, a baying howl, and a half-baying howl (a cross between a frantic bark and a bay).

4. Ears and Nose Co-ordination

Beagle 3-compressed

Ideally, ears and noses operate as separate functions in a body. But in Beagles, they function together! And in a very unique way. As per experts, the Beagle’s long ears catch scent particles and keep the scents close to the dog’s nose. In this way, they can take in as much scent information as possible. Only a few dogs use their ears and noses in this way.

5. Got 44 Times More Scent Receptors Than Humans

They have got about 220 million scent receptors in their noses, compared to about 5 million in humans!

6. The Creation Of The Foxhound


Dog breeders crossed the Beagle variety with a Buckhound to create the Foxhound, one which eventually became one of the greatest hunting dogs ever.

7. Their Ancestors Lived In England

They actually date back to the 1300s and their ancestors lived in England around the Roman Empire era. They were originally used for trailing rabbits in England and became popular with the rise of the practice of fox-hunting in the area.

8. They Were Essentially Pocket-sized

pocket sized

The early varieties of Beagles were just eight or nine inches high—thus, small enough to carry around in pockets. So they came to be known as ‘pocket Beagles’ or ‘miniature Beagles.’ Only later, these teeny-weeny dogs were bred into the larger hunting hounds as known today.

9. The Americans Love Them

They are one of the most beloved dog breeds in America. In 2014, they were the fifth most popular breed (down from the fourth position in 2013).

10. Size Classification in The US and The UK

Beagle size

Beagles are generally classified into two sizes in the United States–those that stand under 13 inches and those that stand between 13 to 15 inches. A size of more than 15 inches will classify the dog as distinct from the Beagle breed. However, for those in England, the Beagle can be as tall as 16 inches high.

11. They Are Found In Many Mixed Colors

beagle colors 8-compressed

The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists the colors approved by the breed standard as: Black and tan; red, white and black; Bluetick, tan and black; black, tan and white; White, tan and black; Blue, tan and white; Brown and white; Tan, white and brown; Lemon and white; Red and white, and tan and white.

12. Wait, There Are More…

In addition to these standard mixed colors, Beagle color variations can also include blue, black, tan, white, red, lemon, red and brown

13. Mark Of The Pure Breeds

pure breed

If a Beagle is a purebred, it will definitely have some white in its tail. It may be a few hairs at the tip, or the tail might be mostly white. A Beagle without any white in its tail is probably a mix.

14. Why That Marking?

There is a history behind this marking. A white-tipped tail, also known as a ‘flag’, is easy to spot in wild grass and vegetation

15. Weighs Up To 35 Pounds

beagle weight

Based on the size of the dam (the dog’s mother) and sire (the dog’s father), a newborn Beagle pup may weigh anywhere between 5 to 10 ounces. From the age of 6 months up to 18 months, there will still be a slow and steady change in Beagle weight. The approximate weight for a Beagle standing between 13 to 15 inches is 25 to 35 pounds (11.33 to 15.87 kg).

16. Snoopy Is a Beagle!


The famous cartoon character from the comic strip Peanuts—Snoopy, is a Beagle. The character was kept mute for the first few years when the comic strip came out, but later was given imaginative powers and was depicted as speaking out an inner monologue.

17. The King of Queen Elizabeth’s Heart

Though a corgi fan, the first Queen Elizabeth also loved and owned pocket Beagles.

18. Lyndon Johnson, Another Fan

LJ and beagle

President Lyndon Johnson kept two Beagles named ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ at the White House during his presidency. He was frequently photographed while walking around and playing with the dogs.

19. And Another…

The American singer-songwriter Barry Manilow had adopted a Beagle in the ’70s and had named him Bagel. The dog was featured on several album covers, including the one featuring the singer wearing a t-shirt that read “I Love Beagles.”

20. The US Department of Homeland Security Has a Beagle Brigade

Beagle brigade

The US government gives training to Beagles to sniff out luggage at airports for finding contraband agricultural products and prevent them from reaching the American soil.

21. They Are Happy Dogs

happy beagle

Beagles are energetic, gentle, and happy dogs that fit in well with all families.

22. Are Attention Seekers

They love to feel like a ‘part of the group,’ and need an ample amount of attention. You don’t wanna ruin their playtime.

23. They Love Kids

Beagle and kid-compressed

They also love children and prove to be vigorous yet gentle playmates.

24. Can’t Tolerate Another Dog In The House

Beagle and other dog-compressed

They cannot bear to have another dog in the house; this is not the breed which likes to ‘share the love.’

25. Great Guard Dogs

Beagle guard dog-compressed

They are protective of their environments but are not aggressive towards strangers. Beagles are the kinds who will bark until the street cows come home when a suspect approaches the house; they are excellent guard dogs.

26. These Dogs Can Talk!

Their sounds consist of baying; a loud, gurgling howl. They do so in a way which seems like they are mouthing words spoken by us humans.

27. Sensitive Dogs

sensitive beagle

Beagles shouldn’t be left alone for too long as they begin feeling lonely.

28. These Dogs Needs Regular Exercise

beagle fetch-compressed

This variety needs regular exercise to maintain a healthy state of mind.

29. Are Difficult To Train

Some of these dogs can be tough to train. If they are complimented and given treats, they will be trained sooner. Beagles need a friendly master to learn the ways of the household.

30. Can Develop Heath Conditions

beagle unwell

Usual health problems include dwarfism, eye problems, and epilepsy. Make sure that you clean your Beagle’s ears every day in order to avoid ear infections.

31. Are explorers

beagle explorer-compressed

Beagles are explorers and will follow the trail where that fascinating smell takes them. Also, since Beagles (like most hunting hounds) are endowed with selective deafness, they will seldom come back when you call them.

32. Beagles Are Chowhounds

These dogs are chowhounds. So keep your garbage cans out of their reach and never set your plate of food on a place where they can easily reach.

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