5 Dog Breeds That Are Banned in India

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In modern times, each country is placing some sort of ban on specific dog breeds, why? Because, they have been subject to numerous attacks, and even killing humans. However, every nation is different, while these bans are mostly placed in developed nations, third-world countries have other crucial issues to take care of, and for this reason, laws regarding hounds are often overlooked or simply don’t exist. Due to various attacks, nations like Germany and Norway have imposed strict bans against certain breeds, however, it might come to you as a surprise that the world’s fastest developing nation, India doesn’t necessarily have such a ban. One can own any dog they want.

Is it really a good thing?

Simply, No. Though in the hindsight it may seem like it is a dream come true for dog lovers, it isn’t the case. One of the most unfortunate things about having no law is that you can even own dog breeds that are simply not meant to be in such geographic location; huskies, among the most popular breeds in India, even have a hard time keeping cool in colder temperatures so you can imagine how much these poor hounds suffer in hot temperatures of India, and the government doesn’t do anything about it. Furthermore, there are no temperament tests, therefore, if an individual owns a hunting or fighting dog, they can train them to be as aggressive as they want, you see where this is going. This is the very reason why these bans are imposed in the first place. Lastly, there is the lack of socializing aspect, most of these ‘dangerous’ dogs are chained the entire day, and are only let loose at night, of course, it is no surprise that they become violent and aggressive. However, there is one law that seems to be somewhat useful. Foreign dogs cannot be imported, but if they are already present in India then there is no penalty against the owners.

Dangerous Dog Breeds in India

Now that we know that there are no breeds that are banned in India, these are some of the most dangerous dogs that are present in India.

1. Indian Mastiff: This is one of the oldest dog breeds in India, as its mentions can also be seen in various stone sculptures and paintings that date back to the 16th century, even the Mughal Emporer, Akbar used to own these for hunting. The native name for these hounds is, Bulli Kutta, which in the Urdu language means wrinkly (Bulli) and dog (Kutta), originally, it was pronounced as Bohli, but having it difficult to pronounce in the English language, it was changed to Bulli. Since they are mastiffs, they are built for tough terrain, and they are more than capable of fending off large predators. This is the reason why these are used in areas closer to forests. Bullis are larger dogs, as they can reach the height of 32 inches, and can weigh nearly 200 pounds. Though they are very loyal and protective of their owners, Bullis can quickly become aggressive to strangers and other pets. The lack of socialization for these dogs makes them even more aggressive which is why they are one of the most dangerous breeds of India.

Indian Mastiff India

Indian Mastiff standing chained

2. Indian Gaddi Kutta: They are easily mistaken for Tibetian Mastiffs, however, these are different from them. Undoubtedly, these are a type of mastiffs, but their origins are shrouded by mystery, and no know really knows where they came from. As for their name, it is given to them because a mountain tribe known as Gaddi, keeps them as pets. While they may seem like fluffy companions you want to cuddle with all day, they are also referred to as Leopard hounds, so you might want to rethink your cuddle strategy. Since they were bred to fight leopards, once engaged in a fight with other animals they are likely to resolve it by killing the attacker, and this attribute makes them very dangerous. These are large dogs with a height of 30 inches, but they weigh comparatively less at 95 pounds. While they can be affectionate, that can only happen when they are socialized early. Plus, they are very skeptical of strangers and other animals.

Indian Gaddi Kutta

Indian Gaddi Kutta walking down the street

3. Kombai Dog: Easily the oldest dog on this list, there is evidence that suggests that this breed might be around from the 9th century. These are also large dogs at 30 inches, however, they only weigh 70 pounds at max. Kombais were bred for hunting in Tamil Nadu, a Southern state of India, and these were used in taking down larger prey from quick running boars to enormous bison. While other dogs are directly aggressive, these are overprotective of their family, and this overprotectiveness results in aggression. If they sense danger to their owner, especially from a stranger or an animal, they will not back down from showing their predatory abilities no matter what. Furthermore, experts don’t even hesitate in stating that Kombais do not do well with children and smaller pets, as sudden movements can trigger their hunting instincts, which can only end badly. They require intensive exercise in order to exhaust their high energy reserves.

Combai dog India

A smiling Combai dog

4. Rajapalayam Dog: Named after the city of Rajapalayam, these are strictly hunting and guarding dogs. Forget them being around children, they are not even recommended for families because of their reserved nature. Rajapalayams are one-owner dogs, and if you happen to be living by yourself these can be great for you, as they will pledge their loyalty only to one particular individual that can meet their needs. Moreover, they are known not to show their affection, and they prefer not to be touched excessively. Originally, they were used for hunting smaller prey and wild boars, for this reason, they tend to rush after smaller pets as well. Unfortunately, this breed is on the verge of extinction, and only a handful of breeders currently work with this breed, efforts are being made by the government to increase their numbers. Lastly, they are hunting dogs, and need extensive exercise, and large areas for running around.

Rajapalayam Dog puppy India

A happy Rajapalayam puppy

5. Bakharwal Mastiff: Also, among one of the unfortunate breeds that are on the verge of extinction. The exact origin of this breed is unknown but one thing is certain that they were bred in the Himalayas by two tribes known as Gujjars and Bakharwals, hence the name. As these tribes used to be living among the mountains with their livestock, they required a robust dog that could not only withstand the cold and harsh climates but also protect their goats and sheep from predators. Furthermore, these mastiffs, believe it or not, are actually vegetarians, and their favorite food is milk and cornbread. As one can tell from their origins, these are not indoor dogs, and love being outdoors, especially in colder temperatures. Just like any other dog on this list, they need early socializing just to be able to adapt to families, however, they are aggressive and are strongly opposed to other pets.

Bakharwal dog India

Two Bakharwal dogs on the road

While there are other Indian breeds that are aggressive as well such as Rampur Greyhound and Caravan Hound, those are still somewhat easy to keep compared to these five breeds. Ultimately, it comes down to having the authorities seriously look into the present state dog ownership, and devise new regulations for the safety and well-being of both the people and the dogs.

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