15 Dog Friendly Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

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Summers in India can be brutal especially in the humid regions, and for this reason, it is clear to see, why so many people rush to mountains during this time because they provide an escape from extreme temperatures, and one feels rejuvenated with fresh mountain air. While there are numerous hill stations in Northern India, people in Southern India don’t have as many options, however, one name that often pops up during itineraries is Mahabaleshwar. This location gained popularity in the last decade due to the Elephant point and the Shiva temple, and since then it had become a favorite among travelers.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Since this place is on most people’s travel lists, it becomes crucial to know about dog-friendly accommodations. Because you just cannot leave your beloved fur child at home during summers.

1. Forest County Resort

This resort is located in the Sahyadri ranges. The mornings at this place will help you understand what it means to be sunkissed, as you’ll be woken up by soothing sunlight, and dew-covered grasslands, surrounding this place. A truly relaxing place to be, and best of all, it is dog-friendly. The staff here are more than happy to provide for your pooch, and food options are available for dogs.

Forest County Resort

A beautiful morning at Forest County Resort

2. Glenogle Resort

This was once used to be an aristocratic 19th Century Scottish bungalow. From the outside it may appear like this place has been stuck in the past; however, the interior of Glenogle Resort is exquisite with all the amenities one can desire. Also, the panoramic views of the mountains are truly breathtaking, and you are welcome to enjoy it with your beloved fur child. Just tell the staff about your dog while booking your room.

Glenogle Resort

The entrance of Glenogle Resort

3. Park Castle Resort

While the previously mentioned places are amazing, you get the feeling like you are on an unknown property, but when it comes to Park Castle Resort, you will feel right at home. This place offers private balconies, and you can enjoy the beautiful views from there. Just have your dog on a leash while on the property, and they can relax with you at this cozy resort.

Park Castle Resort

Park Castle Resort

4. Honeywood Holiday Resort

Ever booked a hotel for the views that are heavily advertised, only to get a room away from those views? Thankfully, that’s not the case with this resort, as it is open from all four sides, so you can enjoy gazing at the mountain ranges. Another great feature of Honeywood Holiday Resort is that it is surrounded by lawns and pathways, where you can jog with your pooch during your stay.

Honeywood Holiday Resort

Honeywood Holiday Resort in the evening

5. Ashok Resort

Among one of the best vacation spots for dog-owners, it is surrounded by many activities, such as guided tours for strawberry picking and trekking, that you can engage in with your four-legged friend. Moreover, you are free to play sports with your family, which includes your dog as well. A great place to relax with your dog.

Ashok Resort

Beautiful Ashok Resort

6. Lake View Resort

As the name suggests, this resort is built near Venna lake, while it is a short walk, you are free to visit it anytime you wish. While you can visit it whenever you want, this resort is surrounded by forest lands, so it is best to stay indoors during the night. As for the rooms, there are huge windows with private balconies for you to soak in the views. Your dog will be treated just like an official guest here, so it’s a great place to be.

Lake View Resort

Poolside of Lake View Resort

7. West Valley Villa

Unlike other hotels on this list, this one is unique because if you happen to be a large family or group of friends, you can rent out the entire property. This 4BHK villa offers a lounge, a garden, a pool, and fully furnished rooms with all the thinkable amenities. If you rent the entire property, you can also access the terrace with your fur child to take advantage of the mesmerizing surrounding views.

West Valley Villa

Sideview of West Valley Villa

8. Living Space Cottage Resort

In this location, you don’t have to worry about anything because services are provided here 24 hours, and if you are a vegetarian, then you’d be delighted to know that their in-house restaurant provides vegetarian meals throughout the day. Rooms are spacious and comfortable, great for you and your dog.

Living Space Cottage Resort

Living Space Cottage Resort

9. I-Camp Resort

A perfect spot for a staycation because you’d never want to step away from this resort, the reason being, it offers camping style rooms, that are luxurious on the inside. You’ll be starstruck by the gorgeous views of the rain-soaked mountains. Additionally, I-Camp Resort organizes outdoor activities like cycling, trekking, and nature walks, in which you are more than welcome to bring your dog.

I-Camp Resort

A cottage of I-Camp Resort

10. Arya Village Resort

If you prefer modern architecture over historic structures then you’ll fall in love with this resort, as it looks sharp and beautiful. Furthermore, you’ll feel at home, surrounded by fellow adventure seekers if you are into that lifestyle. While this resort is surrounded by heavy forest, it is close to famous tourist attractions, making it a convenient accommodation for travelers, and your active dog.

Arya Village Resort

The elegant Arya Village Resort

11. Mother Farm House Resort

Among one of the largest resorts in Mahabaleshwar, this property spans over 11 acres with multiple swimming pools, restaurants, private cottages, lawns, and luxuriously furnished rooms. Given the size of this property, you can engage in sports like badminton, trekking, cycling, and hiking. Of course, your dog is welcome on this resort as well, but they are not allowed in the pools for health concerns.

Mother Farm House Resort

One of the swimming pools of Mother Farm House Resort

12. The Grand Legacy Resort

This vacation rental is suited for people who prefer a little more privacy during their holidays, as The Grand Legacy Resort offers private cottages with separate entrances, and each cottage comes with its balcony and patio, where you can simply relax with your dog. Moreover, this resort is built on the highest altitudes of Mahabaleshwar, which translates to truly breathtaking views of the mountains, as you sip on coffee while petting your dog.

The Grand Legacy Resort

Entrance of The Grand Legacy Resort

13. United 21 Resort

One problem that is often faced by many travelers is a bad stomach because the food of rental places is prepared to be tasty but not healthy, fortunately, that is not the case with this resort. The on-site restaurant at this location provides home-cooked food which is a relief for people with a sensitive digestive system. You can also engage in sports like badminton or rejuvenate in the swimming pools. As for your dog, they are more than welcome to be a part of this vacation spot, but like any other place, they are not allowed in the swimming pool.

United 21 Resort

United 21 Resort

14. Hirkani Garden Resort

Now, what is missing from all of these vacation spots? A waterfall, and you’ll be thrilled to know that this resort is just a 5-minutes walk away from the Lingmala Waterfall, and the best part is, you can bring your dog to this waterfall. Each room comes with a private balcony, a great feature for gazing at surrounding fields. While your dog can relax in the room, they must be on a leash when out of the room.

Hirkani Garden Resort

A beautiful view of Hirkani Garden Resort

15. The Orchid Villa

While some people seek adventure at every step, others prefer a laid-back approach, and if you happen to be the latter kind, then this is the best vacation rental for you. This place is packed with amenities and conveniences, plus, it allows dogs as well. You can also partake in go-karting here, but if not, just have a relaxing staycation with your dog.

The Orchid Villa

The Orchid Villa

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