5 Most Popular Dog-Meme Breeds

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There are countless lists of dog breeds on the internet, all of them are truly great, some lists talk about the best dogs for first-time owners, others provide information about the dog breeds that might be challenging to live within apartments. However, no one talks about the true reason why we are on the internet in the first place, we don’t take 20 minutes of washroom breaks at the office just to educate ourselves, we love utilizing this time to look at memes and exhale excessively through our nose. Now, being civilized and cultured individuals, let’s take a look at the most famous dog-meme breeds.

5 Most Popular Dog-Meme Breeds

While there are memes upon memes on Instagram these days, not all of them are worthy enough to make us exhale firmly from our noses, because most of them are made by casuals. However, these are the renowned meme breeds and for very good reasons.

1. Shiba Inu

We simply cannot compile a list of memes without mentioning the doge meme lord. Shiba Inu started this trend, as a picture of Kabosu, a rescue Shiba Inu surfaced over the internet in 2010. Yes, that’s right, it has been over 11 years, and fortunately, Kabosu is still alive! and that is what’s holding the world together amidst all the pandemics and wars. The term ‘Doge’, however, emerged in 2013, when people started using this beloved dog as a meme template to write their internal monologues. Not only did this breed initiate the meme but also started Dogecoin, a form of cryptocurrency by Elon Musk, you get the picture, this meme makes money. Even today, the swole doge vs Cheems meme is circulating the internet, which does put a smile on my face. As for the breed itself, Shiba Inus, or as the internet calls them, Shibes originally were used as hunters in their homeland, Japan, however, years of selective breeding resulted in an affectionate dog, that loves its territory and will let others know about it. Plus, they are stubborn, which I’m sure that you already know from watching countless videos of these adorable pups. However, what you didn’t know about these dogs is that they are naturally clean, and some people even call them cat-like for this very reason.

Shibe MEME

A doge meme for the modern world

2. Labrador Retriever

While the foundation had been established by the Doge, the original popular meme dog shouldn’t be forgotten. It was none other than a Black Lab. Funnily enough, the meme originated from a Serbian movie, that was released in the year 1984, but for over 20 years, there was nothing to be seen of this dog on the internet, and then suddenly, in the year 2011, it was posted on Reddit with the text that has been imbued within our brains ever since, and it landed the first page of Reddit and the rest is history. Also, a lot of reposts were seen during a similar time, typical Reddit. As for the dog, Labrador Retriever’s are Canadians, so, naturally, they are jolly hounds. Originally, these were used as waterdogs that would find themselves on fishing boats and would retrieve fishes caught in the trawl. However, they didn’t gain popularity until the 1800s, when English Nobles got intrigued by this dog and took them to England, and they become one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States of America, they are Mr. Worlwide.

Yes this is dog MEME

A high-quality painting version of the meme

3. Golden Retriever

While this meme was posted in the year 2010, it didn’t gain much popularity. It was only in 2014 when people started using the text of the meme on various Golden Retriever photographs that it started gaining popularity, and somehow there are a lot of goofy pictures of this breed on the internet. The most notable one is where, Bailey, a female Golden Retriever is sitting on a computer with its jolly face. You must have noticed that all the world went to hell after the year 2016, that is because this adorable good girl passed away in 2016. As for the breed, remember how Labs were taken to England and became popular? Well, some of them found their way to Scotland as well, and one Scotsman decided that he needs a better gundog, for those who are unaware, gundog doesn’t shoot but instead retrieves the gunner’s hunt. He bred his yellow lab with a now-extinct breed, Tweed Water Spaniel to give us a pooch that has no idea what it’s doing. Jokes aside, these are remarkable bird retrievers, and affectionate just like Labrador Retrievers.

I have no idea meme

I have no idea what I’m doing

4. Alaskan Klee Kai

The year was 2012, everybody thought the world was ending, and this hype even made us watch a terrible movie based on this year’s prediction. Still, those were good times compared to today, anyway, back to the glorious rise of another meme, the Pun Dog. Some people think that it is a Husky, to which I say, yeah, no kidding, before writing this article even I thought it was a Husky. It was originally posted as a regular set of pictures to show how cute this dog looks, and a visionary person took this opportunity and wrote a light-hearted pun on the picture, and it became an iconic meme. Now talking about the breed, I know you want to know about the mystery behind its name. The name Klee Kai means, believe it or not, small in Inuit, which is true for them because these are smaller versions of Huskies. While they have a reputation of a punny dog over the internet, these are not meant for households with small pets and children, as these are prey-driven hounds and their instincts might kick in without any notice. Also, they don’t talk nicely to strangers, therefore it becomes essential to train them in puppyhood. So kids, don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Pun dog meme

The original pun dog meme

5. Chihuahua

Now, two memes are most famous of this breed, one is the comparison of behavior, the other one is related to PTSD. As much as I love the PTSD dog memes, it’s origin is unknown, therefore we are sticking to the former meme. It surfaced as a two-panel picture of a female Chihuahua named Lily Lu in 2015, soon enough a Twitter account got a hold of this picture and took the liberty of converting it into a beloved meme. Now talking about the breed itself, these are truly just like the meme, either they will be affectionate when trained right, or a vicious growling rat-dog that will attack you at any given chance. These are fairly small dogs, but highly active and require good walks each day to retain their sanity and yours as well. While I do not like to think of dogs based on their mainstream image, but these truly are like that.

Cihuahua meme

The Chihuahua meme

I understand that there are plenty of other famous meme dogs, however, they just never reached the same caliber as these breeds, and made us share them exclusively. I wanted to put the Insanity Wolf on this list as well, but it isn’t a dog now, is it? So, there you have it, the top five dog breeds that made our digital lives a little better.

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