Top 10 Dog Food Brands in Germany

German Dog Food Brand

When we think of German food, charred sausages, and pickled sauerkraut spring to mind, and if you’ve ever tasted these two, you’d be singing their praises as well. While you can feed your pooch sausage every now and then, it isn’t an ideal diet for them, and they require balanced food, so what dog food brands offer the best nutrition for your pooch in Germany? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Dog Food Brands in Germany

While most brands on this list are native to Germany, some are non-German brands that are available in Germany because of their high quality.

1. Bewi Dog

Founder, Bernhard Wigger has been providing dog food to owners since 1963, this brand has been offering high-quality dog food for pooches ever since. They offer both dry and wet food for hounds, and Bewi Dog has a long tradition in dog sports, and for this reason, they specialize in an athletic diet with optimal nutrition for dogs, with 75% animal protein that has been approved for human consumption. While Bernhard Wigger started serving dog food in 1963, the brand itself was established in 1984.

Bewi Dog

2. Wolfsblut

The word Wolfsblut translates to wolf’s blood, quite a hardcore name for a dog food brand, but it is a premium dog food brand that offers great nutrition for your pooch. Similar to the previous brand, their ingredients are approved for human consumption, plus, their products are grain-free, which are heavily used as filler in most dog foods. Furthermore, each of their product comes with a detailed feeding guide, that act as a guideline for first-time dog owners.


3. Anifit

This brand not only caters to dogs but also offers cat food as well. One unique thing about Anifit is that they only offer wet dog food, which can be a great choice if your four-legged child is particularly picky or doesn’t like dry food. Moreover, they proudly state that they use potatoes to fit the dogs’ carbohydrate needs, and their products pack an amazing 90% fresh meat content, which is enough to make any pooch happy. Now, it is unclear how, but according to the brand, they have developed a recipe that dogs have been eating for centuries.


4. Dog’s Love

This product is not German; however, it is Austria, which is a neighbor country to Germany. This is a fairly new brand, founded in 2014 by Katharina Miklauz. She and her husband launched a company known as PetCo and Dog’s Love is their dog food brand. This brand offers both wet and dry dog food, and their products are made with 100% food-grade quality ingredients, i.e., humans can eat them without facing any health concerns, though why would one do such a thing is beyond me.

Dog's Love

5. Dehner Wild Nature

One absolutely amazing aspect of this product is the absence of soy and sugar, while most dog food brands offer protein-rich products, they are often filled with soy or sugars to bump up the nutritional value. Although their products only contain 70% of animal protein, all of the ten ingredients are proudly stated, which is quite reassuring. Due to this, it makes their products ideal for athletic dogs and puppies.

Dehner Wild Nature

6. Schesir

Another brand that offers not only dog food but cat food as well. As for their quality, it is among one of the best products you can feed your pooch. While their dry dog food is a good choice that uses limited natural ingredients, it is their moist products, which are truly marvelous for hounds. Unlike other products, they steam their ingredients to cook them, and their ingredients, which are 100% natural, are prepped by hand without the use of chemicals.

Schesir Dog food

7. Bosch

This local brand was established in the year 1960, and they offer both wet and dry dog food. Whereas other products proudly state their ingredients or are labeled safe for human consumption, Bosch utilizes a tremendous amount of dried ingredients and powered extracts to compile their dog food. Yet, owners claim their four-legged child is healthier and much joyous to consume Bosch’s dry dog food. Thankfully, they don’t use soy in their products.

Bosch Dog food

8. Bubek

Stuttgart is famous for two of the most prestigious automobile makers, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche; however, for dog lovers, it is also the home of Bubek, one of the oldest dog food brands in Germany. This brand was established in 1893, and they have been perfecting their product ever since. Their unique way of making dog food is to bake all the ingredients together, and they proudly state that their products are without any preservatives, flavor enhancers, and sugars. Moreover, they don’t mass produce, meaning they offer high-quality dog food for pooches.

Bubek Dog food

9. Rocco

This German brand has gained quite popularity in the entirety of Europe, as their products are available in 10 different countries. They offer dry food as well; however, they specialize in wet dog food. They offer dog food specially catered to dogs with sensitive stomachs as well. Their ingredients are 100% natural, and without any additives. Additionally, they prepare their products at a relatively low temperature to maintain the nutritional value of each ingredient.


10. Magnusson Petfood

Don’t feel like buying a German or Austrian product? How about a Swedish dog food brand? This is an amazing choice for your pooch. Magnusson Petfood has a unique history, Magnusson’s grandma, Ulla, used to work at kennels and soon started preparing food for Great Danes by herself, and since then Magnusson’s family is providing high-quality dog food to the world. They also bake their ingredients, and they don’t use any preservatives or flavor enhancers. If that’s not enough, their production plant is located on a farm of a small locality, called Bro.

Magnusson Petfood

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