7 Cheapest Dog Breeds in India (With Price)

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A dog is such a loyal and affectionate animal, it is no surprise that the majority of the human population owns them. While each dog has a unique personality and needs, people always rearrange their life to make time for their fur children. In the present times, popular dog breeds are quite expensive, so does that mean households with lower incomes cannot afford a dog? Well, here’s the good news, you can.

Cheapest Dog Breeds in India

If you are looking for a dog breed on a budget, it is way better if you visit your local shelter first. Because, not only you can find a loving dog free of cost, but will also be providing a home to abandoned or rescued puppies.

7. Caravan Hound

These are also known as Mudhol Dogs because they were originally bred by the Mudhol royal family in the early 1900s, before that their history is untraceable. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that these dogs are native to India, Southern-India to be precise, and they were used as hunting and guard dogs in the past. Their stature is on the larger side, as they stand at 27 inches on average, but their weights are relatively light at 70 pounds. While Caravan hounds do not take well to strangers, they are extremely loyal to their family, and once socialized and trained properly, they do great around children as well. One thing to know about this breed is that they are accustomed to eating meat, so just keep providing them animal products to keep them in optimal conditions. As for their energy, it is high, and they require strenuous exercise on a daily basis.

  • Price in India: Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 12,000

    Caravan Hound cheap

    Caravan Hound walking

6. Rajapalayam

Just like the Caravan Hound, Rajapalayams are also native to Southern India. Originally, these were bred to hunt wild boars and smaller animals in Tamil Nadu. Unfortunately, these dogs are on the verge of extinction, and only a rare number of breeders deal with this breed. As for their temperament, these are loyal to their master but very aloof of strangers, and they will attack or even bite strangers if they try to pet this dog. They stand anywhere from 22 to 25 inches in height and weigh around 55 pounds. It is essential that you socialize them early on and give them plenty of exercise throughout the day.

  • Price in India: Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 12,000

    Rajapalayam two cheap

    Two Rajapalayam arguing with their owner

5. Rampur Hound

If this Indian dog reminds you of the Greyhound, then you are not mistaken because this is a result of cross-breeding Afghan hound with Greyhound. It was created by Ahmed Ali Khan Bahadur, ruler of Rampur in the 20th century. He loved hunting boars as a hobby and required an agile and fearless dog that would even intimidate large wild animals, and Rampur Hound proved to be just that. This dog stands anywhere from 25 to 30 inches in height. Surprisingly, these do not require extensive exercise despite their hunting past. They are extremely loyal to their owner and will attack anyone if they sense someone troubling their master.

  • Price in India: Rs. 5,000 to Rs, 12,000

    Rampur hound Cheap

    A Rampur hound standing

4. Kombai

Also born in Tamil Nadu, this dog is on par with a German Shepherd when it comes to obedience, trainability, and courage. These were bred to be guard and hunting dogs in the 15th century, and are even rumored to take down bears. Kombais were also a part of an army that revolted against British rule in India. These require training and socializing from puppyhood, as they are overly protective hounds, that require extensive exercise. They are not recommended around children and strangers.

  • Price in India: Rs. 3,000 to Rs, 8,000

    Kombai dog Cheap

    Kombai dog panting

3. Indian Splitz

Often confused with the Pomeranian, this is an intelligent and affectionate breed. They have been a part of numerous Indian Tv shows and Bollywood movies, and for that reason, they were the go-to dog in the late 90s and early 2000s. While other dogs on the list originated as hunters, this was a result of Britishers breeding a dog suitable for themselves in Indian weather. These hounds are very affectionate and often suffer from separation anxiety, however, they do great with families, children, and other pets.

  • Price in India: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 8,000
    Dr Ferox, veterinarian — Hi doc, could you do a breed analysis on the...

2. Himalayan Sheepdog

This dog has various names such as Bhotia, Bhote Kukkur, and Bangara, it is a Mastiff-type breed with a thick coat. Although these are extremely loyal and fearless dogs, they will destroy your apartment because they are not meant to be living indoors unless they have been exhausted after a long day of exercising. They take their role of guard dogs a little too seriously and will attack any intruders. Therefore, it becomes essential to socialize and train them from puppyhood to avoid them attacking your less visiting friends and family members. Himalayan Sheepdog being a Mastiff, is known to be stubborn.

  • Price in India: Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 5,000

    Himalayan Sheepdog cheap

    Himalayan Sheepdog

1. Indian Pariah

The most abundant dog in India, unfortunately, is in the form of strays. While most people are obsessed with foreign breeds, and simply ignore the existence of this hound, it is one of the best dogs in India that you can own. They have extremely high immunity and are suited for the humid climate of India, which cannot be said for other expensive foreign breeds. Contrary to the mainstream belief, these are highly alert and affectionate dogs, that can either be a great guard dog or a loving family pet. Additionally, they do great around children and other pets. Furthermore, they do not require extensive exercise, a brisk 20-minute jog is adequate for these smart pooches, and best of all, they are extremely cheap to buy.

  • Price in India: Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,500

    Indian Pariah dog

    Indian Pariah sleeping on the streets

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