Why Dog Ear Cropping is Done?

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When it comes to aesthetics and fashion, we humans know no bounds. We torture ourselves and even risk our health just to stand out from the crowd or appear pleasing to the eye. Doing such idiotic acts with clothing, accessories, and to our own body is one thing, but causing pain to our pets so that they can look good is downright cruel, and that is the act of ear cropping.

What is Ear Cropping?

You must have noticed that certain breeds have upright-pointy ears, sadly, that is not natural. Shortly after the birth of a puppy, or even later in their life, people surgically remove the entire ear or cut a certain segment of the ear, which is later tapped, so that the ears heal in the familiar upright position. Unfortunately, breeders don’t even use painkillers or anesthesia to carry out this gruesome task. A certified veterinarian surgeon might also perform a similar surgery to remove the ear, but that is only done if a dog has an infected ear. This is done solely to give dogs a more menacing look, breeds that mostly fall victim to this act are Pitbulls, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Great Danes.

Why Dog Ear Cropping is Done?

As of today, people who are pro-ear cropping simply state that it is an old practice, and has been carried out for centuries. In the past, it was a common belief that low-hanging ears easily get infected, as during those times most dogs were either hunting dogs, herding, or fighting dogs, that kept getting injured. Under another illogical reason, ear cropping was carried out so that the hunting dogs could hear the prey better, however, that is not the case.

Doberman cropped ear

A Doberman with bandaged ear after ear cropping

In modern times, it is done purely for aesthetics. As hunting and blood sports got restricted and banned respectively in most nations, people still wanted to have a feeling of owning a fierce dog, and that’s the reason why they continue to crop their dog’s ears. Tail docking is also another cruel practice that is carried out for cosmetic purposes as well, in which, a newborn puppy’s tail is surgically removed without using any painkillers. While tail docking is banned in many countries, and there are strict laws in action against such cruelty towards animals, ear cropping is still legal in many countries, and not much action is being taken against it. Fortunately, all major dog shows refuse to let dogs with cropped ears participate in events to mitigate this practice.

Unfortunately, most celebrities show off their cropped-ear dogs, and naturally, their fans will want similar-looking dogs. Moreover, clothing brands and sports teams also have dogs with cropped ears as their logos, increasing the popularity of this vile practice. [1]RSPCA

Problems with Ear Cropping

While stubborn people still feel the need to crop dogs’ ears despite having no medical evidence by stating it is good for them, in reality, it causes significant problems for dogs.

Puppy with cropped ear

A puppy with cropped ear

Extremely Painful

Every animal, it doesn’t matter what species, feels pain upon being injured, and dogs are no different. If the surgery is performed due to medical purposes, a veterinarian will administer anesthesia or the very least, pain killers to make the process painless. Unfortunately, breeders simply use a pair of shears and crop the ears of dogs as they shrivel and cry in pain. This can result in them developing trust issues along with chronic pain in their ear.

Communication Issues

As you might be already familiar that dogs are highly social animals, they thrive on socializing. Since they cannot convey their emotions using speech, they rely on the movement and placement of their tails and ears. Although their tails deliver most of their messages to other dogs and humans, their ears portray their state of being, whether they are relaxed, alert, angry, or afraid. Not having the ability to present their emotions to other dogs can result in them being misunderstood, which often results in dog fights.

Hearing Problems

There’s a reason why dogs are born with such ears because their natural flop allows sound to travel into their ear canal. Unlike us humans, their ear canal is longer, and the flap funnels the sound into their ears. Now, you can already imagine why cropped ears cause hearing issues in so many dogs. Without the outer flap, most of the sound is dissipated, and dogs are unable to hear properly.



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