11 Dog Breeds That Stay Small

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While there are many dog enthusiasts in the world that have a strong interest in large dogs and wait for their puppies to grow huge, there is another group of dog lovers that want their pooch to stay small and cute. If you happen to be in the latter group, then you prefer a cuddly dog that you can have on your lap without exhausting your legs. These breeds grow from miniature to small sizes.

Dog Breeds That Stay Small

Small size is subjective, for someone, a 25 inches tall German Shepherd is small as well; however, when these dogs grow up, even then these stay under 15 inches of height. [1]American Kennel Club

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With such a royal and long name, you’d think this is a large breed, but these adorable pooches only grow up to 13 inches and weigh 18 pounds, at most. Although these are small dogs, they are athletic hounds that love doing obstacle courses. Once their daily exercise requirements are fulfilled, they’ll love to lay by your side, providing affection.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Small

Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies

2. Havanese

Another small, adorable, and agile pooch, is also the national dog of Cuba, Havanese are a great family companion that provides lots of love and entertainment. These are cheerful dogs with extroverted personality, and Havanese loves to socialize with humans and other dogs. As for their size, they reach a maximum height of 12 inches. A perfect mix of compact size, agility, and cuteness.

Havanese small

A happy Havanese cloud

3. Pug

This adorable, wrinkly pooch needs no introduction, with their distinct appearance, Pugs have won countless hearts all around the world. If you own this dog, be prepared on your walks, as people wouldn’t be able to resist their urge to pet this dog. This breed is ideal for people residing in an urban environment, as these don’t require much exercise, and they bond easily with people. Plus, with their size of 13 inches, they are allowed in all apartment complexes.
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4. Bichon Frise

If you were to look at this delightful pooch sleeping, you’d believe it is a toy. Bichon Frises are also regarded as dogs with the best personality in the world, which says a lot about the temperament of this breed. Additionally, they possess a hypoallergenic coat, meaning dander doesn’t stick to their fur, which is the main reason why most people have allergies to dogs. Therefore, Bichon Frises are also a great choice for people allergic to dogs, and with a size of 11.5 inches, they stay small as well.

5. Italian Greyhound

Maybe you want a dog that appears just like the miniature version of large dogs, then get yourself an Italian Greyhound. Imagine these as shrunken Greyhounds because, despite their size, they possess all the attributes of their larger counterpart. Do keep in mind that these love attention, and they won’t hesitate to grab your attention by any means possible. These slender pooches stand at 14 inches tall.

Italian Greyhound Small

Italian Greyhound playing with a kid

6. Papillon

Known for their butterfly-winged ears, Papillons are curious, cheerful, and athletic dogs. These cute little hounds are highly adaptable, and they’ll thrive in both cities and countrysides. Additionally, these are known to be great with cats, so if you own a cat, then these dogs will befriend them easily. Moreover, you can teach them all sorts of tricks, just make sure you are giving them treats, and even in adulthood, they only reach 11 inches in height.

Cat and paillon

Cat and Papillon

7. Norfolk Terrier

While this hound is only 10 inches tall, they are hunting dogs at their core. Originally, Norfolk Terriers were bred to hunt vermin and small animals, because of this, they are feisty, and always willing to go on an adventure. Plus, these were almost always a part of a pack in the past, therefore, the more of them you can own, the better. Even to this day, some Norfolk Terriers are used to hunt down rodents.

Norfolk Terrier Small

A cute Norfolk Terrier walking

8. Yorkshire Terrier

In the modern world, Yorkies are kept mostly by wealthy people, and they travel most of the world; however, these were originally bred to hunt rodents in mines of Yorkshire. Being a terrier, this is a feisty, and sometimes a stubborn breed, but proper training can take care of them, and turn them into affectionate pooches. Just like Bichon Frise, these also possess a hypoallergenic coat, and with a maximum size of 8 inches, these are amazing small dogs.
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9. Pomeranian

This adorable, sometimes cocky pooch is perfect for people who want a fluffy dog that remains small. Pomeranians are alert and intelligent pooches, which appear like miniature lions once their coat is fully grown. Despite them being active dogs, indoor play is more than enough to suffice their exercise needs. With a weight of 7 pounds, these make for an ideal lapdog.
Pomeranian Puppy - Dog Breeds 🐾🐶 Photo (36859128) - Fanpop

10. French Bulldog

Just like the Pug, the French Bulldog is a breed that is easily recognized all around the world, with their small stature, wrinkly face, and pointy ears, these make their way into many people’s hearts. They are alert, yet playful pooches that also love to cuddle with their owners. French Bulldogs also don’t require much outside play, and can also thrive with single owners, and for these reasons, they are an ideal companion to city dwellers. As for their size, they are only 13 inches tall, but they can weigh as much as 30 pounds.

11. Japanese Chin

With their long and silky hair, Japanese Chins are often the victim of cuddle attacks by most humans. While the origins of this breed are surrounded by mystery, these have been kept as companions by Japanese Nobles for at least 1,000 years. Given their royal history, these breeds can be self-centered, and ignore what you may have to say; however, with proper training, these can become affectionate and obedient pooches. As for their size, their height is 13 inches at most, with a maximum weight of 13 pounds.

Japanese Chin Small

A Japanese Chin with an attitude


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