10 Dog Breeds That Bark Less

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You are ready to be a dog parent. Dogs are adorable, loving, playful, and loud. Depending on the breed, and how you raise a dog, some of them can become extremely loud. If you live in the countryside then it isn’t such a bad thing, but it can be a nuisance in the city, and a nightmare if you reside in an apartment. Therefore, if you don’t want your neighbors banging on your door with noise complaints, you must get one of the dogs mentioned below.

Dog Breeds That Bark Less

While these breeds are known to be quiet, ultimately, it will depend on how you train them because each individual dog is unique. With that said, these are the dog breeds that bark less.

10. English Bulldog

Starting the list with the adorable English Bulldog. The only time you’ll hear these chunky pooches bark is when they sense a threat or are in attack mode, but those are rare as these hounds prefer being lazy and lay down. Apart from those two situations, you won’t hear these wrinkly hounds bark, and given their small size, they are allowed in most apartment complexes. Though these dogs rarely bark, they do growl and make noises, but those go under the radar of most neighbors.
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9. Rhodesian Ridgeback

A rugged dog bred to have resistance against South African diseases. Rhodesian Ridgeback is protectors at their heart, as these were used as watchdogs, and as fearsome hunting companions in the past. They are independent dogs, which means they rarely bark, and need a firm owner to keep them under control. If you can keep them in check, they are one of the most loyal and all-rounder dogs you can own rarely barks.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

A majestic Rhodesian Ridgeback

8. Newfoundland

These are often referred to as nanny dogs, and they have a really sweet temperament, which makes them a great family dog, especially around children. Being such a gentle dog, these rarely bark or even growl, though you’ll be hearing them panting. These are hard-working dogs, and in the past, these were used on fishing boats for rescuing people drowning in the ocean. It may be hard to believe, but these hounds do bark when they are excited.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If any breed has been living the grand life, it is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because these dogs have been a part of European royal and noble families from at least the 17th century. Now, if you’ve ever seen royalties, their speech is very precise and to the point, so is this dog, you won’t hear Cavalier King Charles Spaniel bark unless it’s necessary to get their point across.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

An adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

6. Greyhound

A dog breed that achieved glory on racetracks, and a transport company also named themselves after this breed. This is an ancient breed that originated in Egypt around 5,000 years ago. While these are known as sprinters, they are laid-back hounds, that love to lay down most of the day following their walks, and because of this, they are quiet dogs. Greyhounds won’t bark unless they need your attention.
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5. Great Dane

Among all of the greatest mysteries in the doggy world, the origins of the name of this breed are on the top, because these are called Great Danes, but it is a German breed. Similar to Greyhounds, this is an ancient breed. Despite their size, these are gentle dogs and loves to be around their family, just train them right, and they won’t bark whatsoever.

Great Dane

A Great Dane resting

4. Chinese Shar-Pei

Originally, these dogs were reliable hunting companions and guard dogs. During the early 20th century, these dogs were almost extinct, but thankfully, they were bred back to large numbers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. These are family-oriented independent dogs, meaning, they thrive in the company of humans, while they are firm and silent. The only time you’ll hear this wrinkly adorable dog bark, is when they’d be alerting you about a threat.

Chinese Shar-Pei

Three adorable Chinese Shar-Pei

3. Japanese Chin

As the name suggests, these dogs originated in Japan, and these were popular among imperial courts. These are great companions for indoor living, and they don’t even require much exercise. While most small dogs bark like they are getting treats for it, these little pooches are different, these are talkative, but don’t necessarily bark. Plus, they are very affectionate, and they’ll love to cuddle with you.

Japanese Chin

A happy Japanese Chin

2. Pug

This adorable dog cannot be mistaken for any other breed, these have become one of the most popular dogs in the previous decade. Unlike other dogs who were bred to be hunters, guard dogs, or herding dogs, these were bred to be companions to Chinese royalties, and in the modern world, they make for ideal apartment dogs because they are quiet and bark maybe once a week, though you’ll be hearing them sneeze a lot due to their short muzzle.
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1. Basenji

Its alias, the Barkless Dog, is enough to tell you why they are on the number one spot. Native to Congo, this dog is highly intelligent with a renowned stubborn temperament, and Basenji is among one of the oldest breeds in the world. Possessing such high intelligence, they are also great escape artists, so you’d need to keep an eye on these pooches. While these might be barkless dogs, they are highly talkative. They’d tell you all about their day, and you better be prepared because they have a lot to say.

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