4 Best Dog Friendly Incense

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Incense sticks are amazing, these little sticks burn ever so slowly, and release a beautiful fragrance that eases our stress. Originally, these were used for prayers, but now they are widely utilized as a means to relieve stress and unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, as it is with everything, not all of these fragrant rods are safe for dogs. Therefore, it becomes essential that we only buy products that are pet-friendly.

Best Dog-Friendly Incense

Before getting into the list of dog-friendly incense, let’s understand why these are harmful to your dog in the first place. There are two main factors, the first one had to do with chemical-rich smoke, burning incense releases carbon monoxide, benzyne, sulfur dioxide, and formaldehyde. Even if the room is nicely ventilated, some smoke is likely to linger inside, which can irritate the lungs of your dog, as they have more sensitive and smaller lungs compared to ours. Secondly, dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, therefore, what is pleasant for our nose, might be a sensory overload for them. Furthermore, if you have a dog with a shorter muzzle, then they are at a higher risk of asthma due to smoke-inhalation. Sadly, there are not many options available, however, you can improvise a little bit.  [1]Not A Bully

1. Gonesh Paw Prints Jasper

The only brand in the market that is actually purposely manufactured with the safety of dogs in mind. It has a fragrance with hints of soft musk, earthy patchouli, and amber. It is extremely faint for us humans, and one can only experience it if you are closer to the stick, but it is a piece of great news for dogs, as it doesn’t irritate their nose. Furthermore, all the reviews are positive.

Gonesh Jasper

Gonesh Paw Prints Jasper

2. Gonesh Paw Prints Oliver

Another product from Gonesh Sticks, this one has a different fragrance, but it is also extremely faint for humans. While the previous one has overall positive feedback, this particular product is not liked by all hounds. Some reviewers state that their dog refused to be in the same room as this incense, while others state their dog rejoiced upon sniffing this scent.

Gonesh Oliver

Gonesh Paw Prints Oliver

3. Bodha Smokeless Incense

While this product does have a strong scent, it is unlike any other, it doesn’t produce smoke, or if it does, it is so less that it cannot be seen or experienced. The best way to use this stick would be to place it in the room without your pet, and once it is burnt, then introduce your dog to the room, as the scent won’t be as strong anymore. Oh, as for the fragrance, it has hints of hinoki, cedarwood, and frankincense, which is quite exquisite.


Bodha Smokeless Incense

4. The Unscented Incense Sticks

This might have you scratching your head, as to what’s the use of an incense stick if it doesn’t produce a fragrance? Here’s the neat part, you can add any scent to this stick, and it will generate that scent. Therefore, a slight dip in your dog’s favorite fragrance will result in an incense they’ll love to be around, but be wary as these are highly absorbent, even the slightest dip in the scent can result in these sticks soaking more than required. One positive about this specific type of incense stick is that you can buy them in bulk, and don’t have to worry about them going bad. It is also slow-burning, which means it produces less harmful chemicals.


A bundle of unscented incense


1 Not A Bully

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