11 Dog Breeds That Are Not Aggressive

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In the modern world, dogs have become a loving companion to us, if you do not own a dog chances are you know someone who does, and it is evident that they love us as much as we love them, if not more. While all dogs are loving and behave nicely when we take care of their needs and understand what a dog requires specifically, however, some breeds are easier to work with than others. To label a breed as aggressive would be wrong and misleading, but facts cannot be ignored that some of them are just not aggressive, and instead of showing anger they just sit there smiling.

Dog Breeds That Are Not Aggressive

Now, what exactly is a non-aggressive dog? While any dog can scare the crap out of anyone with their barks and can even bite leaving a nasty mark, some of them happen to be extremely calm and friendly with high levels of tolerance and rarely attack humans or other animals unless they are aggravated, but I believe anyone especially humans can be aggravated to the point of aggression and attack. With that said these are the most peace-loving dog breeds. [1]Reader’s Digest

1. Boxers: Why they are called boxers is beyond me because I have yet to see one throwing down a punch. However, despite their robust stance, aggressive looks, and the name of course these are loving dogs and get along great with everyone, especially children. If you ignore the name these are the entire package of a dog with their affection, loyalty, intelligence, and work ethics. While sometimes they like to act silly and goofy overall these are alert dogs and these are on the larger side of the spectrum, as an average boxer stands anywhere from 23 to 25 inches tall. Furthermore, these are loving hounds and are always ready for a play session plus their protective nature makes them a great family dog. To ensure your boxer is nice around others, just start introducing them to more people and animals during their puppyhood and these gentle dogs will live peacefully among all.

Boxer non-aggressive

Boxer in a grassland

2. Bulldogs: Just like the name of the previous dog, these are called part bulls for some reason and despite my thick glasses, I’m having trouble seeing any sort of horns. Jokes aside, while this chubby furball might appear aggressive with its expression that is renowned all over the world as a symbol of courage, it is nothing, but a goofball full of love and it is thanks to years of selective breeding. Still, it is courageous when needed. Unlike other dogs, these are well suited to live in towns or cities over the countrysides due to their docile and friendly nature. Bulldog is one breed that one can be instantly recognized and it cannot be mistaken for any other breed as it has very distinct features, especially loose skin, and stubby limbs. These loving dogs prefer air-conditioned places in summer and love to cuddle up, even though they can reach up to 50 pounds in weight, they will still try to lay on your lap, and can you stop these adorable puppers from doing so?

Bulldog nonaggressive

Bulldog performing a sick move on a skateboard

3. French Bulldog: These are bulldogs with a french accent, but in all seriousness, these are affectionate, playful, smart, and highly adaptable dogs that get along with pretty much everyone regardless of their age and nature. Just like bulldogs, these prefer brisk walks and not much else in terms of physical activities and they love to cuddle up which makes them great for apartments and small households. They get comfortable easily in all the environments except, hot summers which can cause breathing issues. Overall, these adorable and slightly larger cousins of bulldogs are loving dogs and rarely aggressive.

French bulldog nonaggressive

Adorable French bulldog puppies

4. Whippets: These slender hounds are known for their race prowess as they are often known as poor man’s race dogs and even if they are not rushing down the track, they are chasing small animals around the yard and that is where they like to spend all of their aggression and energy and once they exhaust their reserve of explosive energy they want nothing, but a simple cuddle and affection. They rarely show any aggression after their pent-up energy is released and if you can provide them enough exercise daily they are simply a loving breed. In a study, that was conducted to see which dog breeds are the most aggressive, whippets came at the bottom and it was observed they prefer not to engage in fights and rarely bark unless it is needed. So just give them a backyard to run around and they will return to your lap for love and affection.

Whippet non-aggressive

Majestic Whippet

5. Labrador Retriever: One of the most popular breeds in the United States with its sweet face and friendly nature, these are great for families especially with children as long as they are introduced to them nicely. Even though these are most popular in America, they originate from Newfoundland in Canada, and these were originally used in duck hunts as they would retrieve the birds, hence the name and along with that they were also used in fishing. Just like the whippets, labradors require plenty of exercises to stay in the ideal mindset as these are highly active dogs and prefer open spaces where they can zoom around effortlessly. Their friendly nature and pleasing characteristics make them a truly loving breed and it is due to their friendly nature that they are extremely popular.

lab retriever nonaggressive

A happy yellow lab

6. Golden Retriever: Cousin of the labrador retriever and a smile that can cure all the stress and negative mood. Just like the labradors, these were bred to be hunting companions that would retrieve the game, wouldn’t attack other pets, and be less aggressive towards their owners which undoubtedly, made them similarly famous to labs, and people sometimes often get confused between them. These have been a part of many TV shows and movies due to their friendly nature and fabulous looks. Just get this pup a good exercise and these are as loving as dogs get.

Golden nonaggressive

A beautiful and happy golden retriever

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: These sound like I’m about to describe royalty or a king of a certain nation, however, it is a loving dog that thrives when they are part of a family and you can see their gentle nature in their adorable eyes as they only project love. These are the result of combing the toy breed and athletic spaniel, which gives them athletic abilities while being small and gentle. These are also great with children and unlike other breeds which either require a lot of exercise or lazy downtime, these are very flexible, they can adapt to the lifestyle of their owner and continue living that way. Due to their this flexible nature, they make a great fit for seniors as well.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels nonaggressive

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels looking majestic

8. Newfoundlands: I’m sure I don’t need to tell you where they are from and these are sometimes also referred to as Newfies. These are truly gentle giants, at first, one might be afraid of these dogs as they are huge and to an untrained eye they can appear basically like bears, however, these are very loving dogs. Not to fat shame these hounds or anything, but these can reach up to 150 pounds, despite their size, they are softies on the inside and have a truly gentle nature which puts them on this list. They were employed on ships and were often used to save people from drowning, so just ensure you are allowing your pup to swim and they will thank you with their love and affection.

Newfoundland nonaggressive

The gentle giant walking gently

9. Bernese Mountain Dogs: Another giant dog that stands at 27 inches, but despite their large size, these are truly loving pooches. These dogs were born and built for rough terrain, are hard-working, and love caring for their owners. These were used in farms in the beautiful farmlands of Switzerland maybe that is the reason why these are striking to look at and are humble just like a hard-working farmer. In a similar study where whippets came last in aggression, these also ranked close and their nature is placid, meaning they do not become aggressive easily and with their protective nature they get along great with kids as well.

Bernese Mountain Dogs nonaggressive

An adorable Bernese puppy

10. Beagles: Beagles were originally bred to live among packs and were employed as hunting dogs and due to this, they are curious pups that love playing with children and other puppies, especially if they are given a task to sniff out the toys to suffice their hunting instinct. Due to their genetics, they are ever so curious hounds and are really clever, where other dogs can easily be kept in certain spaces these tend to perform tricks to escape them, therefore, microchipping them becomes essential. However, they are cheerful and loving without aggression.

Beagle nonaggressive

A happy beagle mother watching her puppies

11. Pugs: These little balls of joy are truly family-oriented pups, and just look at them, a face like that can only be goofy, but never aggressive. These are easy-going hounds and don’t get aggravated easily. One huge advantage of pugs is that they can live in almost all types of families; a couple, small family, huge family with 20 members, pugs easily adapt to all of them. Also, they love to curl up next to you or on your lap, and given their size you’ll love this behavior.

Pug nonaggressive

A cute pug on an adventure

So, which one of these loving breeds are you taking home with you next? Maybe it will be a gentle giant or perhaps tiny loving ones, it doesn’t matter which one you get all of these are non-aggressive and playful dogs.



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