14 Dog Breeds That Look Like Teddy Bears

Teddy bear dog cover

Teddy bears are the go-to toy for most children, even for some adults, there’s nothing not to like about them, they are soft, adorable, and cuddly. Now, what if I told you that some dog breeds look just like teddy bears? That’s right, some pooches are soft, cuddly, and very affectionate.

Dog Breeds That Look Like Teddy Bears

Although these dogs appear like teddy bears, they are living beings at the end of the day, and they require proper care. Therefore, make sure you look after them as well. [1]Reader’s Digest

1. Cavapoo

Cavapoo teddy

Cavapoo looks like a teddy

The first teddy dog breed on this list is Cavapoo, these adorable, curly-furred pooches make for an ideal companion. These were created by crossing a Miniature Poddle with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, meaning these are athletic, yet love to cuddle with their family members. This breed gets a little too attached to their owners, and always wants to cuddle with them, a true teddy bear, both in looks and behavior.

2. Samoyed

This breed was specifically created to be a real-life teddy bear, as their original purposes were to pull sleds in harsh climates and cuddle with their humans, therefore, it’s in their DNA to be a teddy bear. Moreover, these possess one of the most adorable smiles in the doggy world. Their coat is puffy and has a non-stick-like property, which gives them an identical appearance to a teddy and is easy to clean. Just keep your lint rollers prepared because this breed shed a ton of hair.

3. Miniature Poodle

Ever seen those teddy bears with a curly coat? Well, Miniature Poodle is just that, but in an adorable doggy form. Furthermore, they have human-like hair which makes them ideal for people who are allergic to dogs, and they don’t shed very often. A perfect curly teddy dog.

Miniature Poodle teddy

An adorable Miniature Poodle

4. Newfoundland

If other breeds on this list are cuddly little teddy bears, Newfoundlands are huge cuddle bears, which have a sweet temperament. These are often referred to as the nanny dogs, due to their patience around children. Also, this gentle giant loves to cuddle, and it doesn’t matter how much you squeeze their cheeks, they just plop down for more cuddles. A giant teddy bear, that’s truly an amazing family dog.
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5. Barbet

An adorable dog breed, which I’m still confused about how they are able to see with so much hair on their face, is playful and affectionate that resembles a teddy bear. Unlike previously mentioned Newfies, these are agile pooches that love to run around in the dog park, sometimes these can act goofy. These are among the rare breeds in the world, as there are only 500 of them left.

Barbet teddy

A Barbet teddy

6. Coton de Tulear

Although this breed has a sophisticated French name, these are clowns at their heart and will keep you entertained. Coton de Tulear are the royal dogs of Madagascar. Their fluffy and soft coat makes them appear like little teddy bears, and also, makes them irresistible to cuddle, and they do love cuddling with humans. While they may act goofy, these are intelligent dogs, and you can teach them various tricks.
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7. Old English Sheepdog

Chances are you’ve seen this adorable dog in many cartoon shows, especially if you are an eighties-born child. Being sheep herding dogs, these are active and playful pooches, yet they are highly affectionate. When it comes to their appearance, their coat is shaggy, and contrary to popular belief, they shed less. Due to their coat, they appear like teddy bears, which are just washed.

Old English Sheepdog teddy

Old English Sheepdog

8. Keeshond

These adorable pooches appear identical to Samoyeds, except their coat is patterned and of dark shade. These possess a ridiculously cute smile, and for that reason, they are often called the Smiling Dutchman. These are real-life teddy bears that love cuddling and comforting humans. In fact, after the tragic event of 9/11, these pooches were used to comfort ground zero.
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9. Bichon Frise

This little teddy bear of a dog has been an adorable companion to numerous royalties from at least the 1500s. Even though this breed has been a part of a luxurious lifestyle for hundreds of years, these are goofy little pooches, and they will melt your heart with their silliness. Additionally, they rarely shed, which is another great reason to cuddle with them.

10. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

A happy Bernese Mountain Dog

This breed appears identical to those giant carnival teddy bears, and if you cannot resist cuddling them, I won’t blame you. They are very affectionate dogs that love guarding their household; however, they won’t stay inside for long periods of time, as they prefer to be outdoors. Two things to know about these dogs are that they are high-energy dogs that can be a handful to first-time dog owners. Secondly, they shed quite a bit.

11. Pomeranian

Pomeranians look identical to teddy bears, and you cannot change my mind. These adorable pooches are affectionate, playful, and love to travel with their owners, which are even more reasons to get this dog. While their face may appear like foxes, their body is of a fluffy teddy bear. Furthermore, even at their maximum healthy weight, they weigh 8 pounds.
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12. Chow Chow

These chunky dogs appear like miniature bears, and in my book, these are teddy bears. Despite their looks, these are independent dogs, and as much as we wish to cuddle them, they are reserved type, while they are affectionate, they won’t show it by cuddling. Furthermore, they are aloof of strangers, and these can become a little tricky to work with at times, therefore, these are not for first-time dog owners.

13. Cockapoo

Among one of the first designer dog breeds, Cockapoos are small dogs that appear like miniature teddy bears that embody the spirit of clowns, a perfect blend of everything important, honestly. These are a result of a cross between Poodle and Cocker Spaniels, these are some of the most joyous dog breeds and make for a great family pet.

14. Portuguese Water Dog

This breed has a range of temperaments from easy-going to strong-willed and stubborn, therefore, early training and socialization of this pooch become important. While their temperament can vary, all Portuguese Water Dogs love to soak in water, these are playful pooches, and sometimes will also play the role of the clown. Their black and white fur makes them appear like panda teddies.
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