Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, they range from miniature pocket rockets to large couch-sized behemoths, whatever the size they might be they are wonderful creatures that enrich our lives by providing us with affection, goofy moments, and great companionship. Maybe you are the type of person who prefers smaller dogs over larger ones or perhaps you are planning to buy your very first dog after watching countless youtube videos you got your heart set on a smaller pooch or it could be as simple as your lifestyle only allows for dogs of a certain size.

Smallest Dog Breeds in the world

Even though these furballs full of love are small in size and are literally called toy breeds, it doesn’t translate to them being a toy. Just like any other dog, they require proper grooming, vet check-ups, and other caring and if you were just thinking to get them because you didn’t want to take care of the pet, well consider getting an actual toy instead. With that said let’s see what are the smallest breed of dogs out there. [1]American Kennel Club

1. Affenpinscher: This little pooch’s name means the monkey dog in German, because of its face’s vague resemblance to a monkey. At max these only reach 11 inches and weigh about 10 pounds, while most of the time these are affectionate and playful dogs, sometimes they like to act mischievous and stubborn. Originally these were bred to hunt down rodents and other small pests, now these act nothing like working dogs and would ignore your commands so just treat them like your friend. These are great for apartment life, but still require a brisk walk and some indoor play.

Affenpinscher small

The majestic Affenpinscher

2. Brussels Griffon: This is a pug with longer hair and it rocks a fabulous beard. Just like the previous hound, these started their life as rodent killing workers in stables, however, once the Queen of Belgians got a Brussels Griffon as a pet in the 1870s their image starting turning around and they became the lapdog of today. These reach a maximum height of 10 inches and weigh about 10 pounds. Easy trainability also makes them a great pet and they are also playful, but even after such attributes, they are sensitive which makes them a bad choice for kids as they can sometimes get rough while playing.

Brussels Griffon small

A Brussels Griffon being proud of his beard

3. Chihuahua: Chihuahuas are the definition of pocket rockets as they are full of energy and believe it or not without proper training these are very dominant. Considered as one of the smallest breeds in the world and for good reason as its height maxes out at 8 inches but it only weighs 6 pounds which is nothing. These are ideal for city life as you can simply hold them like a baby and travel with them, additionally, these can be very affectionate dogs when they are bonded with their favorite person. While their shorter coat means they do not shed much, these do need special care during the winter season.

Chihuahua loyal

A chihuahua puppy holding a slipper

4. Havanese: Named after the city of Havana, it is the national dog of Cuba, and these were derived from the now-extinct breed of Bichon Tenerife. These pooches have been living a luxurious life for a long time now as these were pets of aristocrats and wealthy planters and these people used to pay heavily to the breeders. Havanese stands at 13 inches tall with a maximum weight of 13 pounds. This goes without saying but it is a toy breed, however, they make great watchdogs as well. It’s safe to say that they possess an extroverted personality and love getting attention when they can, but they keep their bark at a minimum.

Havanese running small

The bundle of joy Havanese running

5. Japanese Chin Hound: True origin of this hound is convoluted as some state that these originated from Korea, some say from China, some even give credit to Buddhist monks but one thing is for certain that Japanese nobles cultivated the breed. These only reach up to a height of 11 inches and are truly a lap dog that weighs at 11 pounds. Just like Havanese, these were royal dogs and now are often recommended to people who can give them a similar life. As these like to stay inside most of the time, apartment life is perfect for them and they are often referred to as feline dogs; they are quiet and tend to relax most of the time.

Japanese Chin Hound small

An adorable Japanese Chin Hound

6. Maltese: If you’ve ever seen a picture of this breed or one in real life you must have wondered the same thing, why do these always have a hair clip or a hair tie? Well, I know it is to avoid hair getting into their eyes and a style but why not try something new? Roman Aristocrats perfected their role in society which is still being followed today by establishing them as status and fashion symbols, if you happen to see a Maltese with a celebrity don’t be surprised. Being a toy breed these are small at only 10 inches and weigh barely 7 pounds. Sometimes they can be stubborn but train them with treats and they will quickly turn into angels, they love small plays which allows them to show their athleticism and despite their long hair, they shed less.

Maltese small

Four Maltese buddies chilling on a bench

7. Papillon: These were specially bred to be charming and attentive and for hundreds of years they have been a great companion to noblewoman all across Europe. Interestingly enough, the history of this breed was learned through paintings as it was seen in many noble’s paintings and even in some paintings of Louis XIV, talk about being royalty. These lavish pooches are about 11 inches tall and only weigh 10 pounds. Unlike other dogs that are more suited for cityscapes, these thrive in any place and any season which makes them an even more appealing breed.

Papillon small

A Papillon thinking about serious financial decisions

8. Pomeranian: There is no other word to describe them, but call them smiling furballs, even when they are panting they have a smiley face. You’d be surprised to know that in the past, the average size of the Pomeranian breed used to be 30 pounds which is significantly greater, but due to selective breeding, they became the lapdogs of today. Their popularity can be credited to Queen Victoria who fell in love with these hounds upon her visit to Italy and she used to breed and exhibit these dogs. Modern Pomeranian is about 8 inches tall and only weighs 6 pounds. These active little pooches are alert and loyal to their owners and can thrive both in suburbs and cities.

Pomeranian small

A smiling fluffball running

9. Toy Poodle: Well, it’s in this breed’s name they are bred to be a toy and a lapdog, as this is the smallest poodle breed. The standard poodles were used as duck hunting dogs and their flamboyant coat actually served a purpose. Their hunting owners wanted them to swim freely but also wanted to save them from harsh weather, therefore, they shaved their legs, neck, and tails while keeping the coat on their vital areas. The first toy poodle was bred in the 20th century in America, though these can reach a height of 10 inches, they only weigh 6 pounds at max. While most not considered them as true dogs, they possess real athletic abilities and are all-rounder dogs, perfect for city life.

Toy Poodle small

Toy poodle sitting on stairs

10. Yorkshire Terrier: Even though these are one of the smallest terrier breeds, these are feisty and just like chihuahuas, love to boss around when untrained. These toy dogs are miniature as they only reach a maximum height of 8 inches and the standard for them to be considered as Yorkshire Terrier is under 7 pounds. They originated during the 1800s in Yorkshire, obviously, however, these gain popularity in 1866 when England gave them publicity and they became a symbol of fashion, especially among ladies. Though these are tiny adorable pooches, make no mistake these are terriers at their heart and show similar traits. One interesting thing about this breed is that their coat is more like human hair than dog-like.

Yorkshire Terrier small

A Yorkshire Terrier being goofy

These are 10 toy breeds that are the smallest in the world. If you happen to be living in a city these will prove to be great companions for you and given their size they’d be allowed in pretty much all the apartment complexes. Just take good care of them and you’ll have years of laughs and love.


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