Top 10 Dog Friendly Beaches in Norfolk

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Are you a fan of kettle chips? or the British sportscar brand Lotus? Then chances are you are familiar with Norfolk because you’ll find these here. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches in Norfolk. It’s always a blast to visit beaches in the summers. When the dreary and long winters finally transition into hot and welcoming summers, beaches are the best place to be, as you can soak plenty of sunlight, and also take a dip in the ocean. Just like us, dogs love beaches, and they are always excited to visit one. Fortunately, there are amazing beaches in Norfolk.

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Norfolk

It doesn’t matter if your pooch loves serene and calm beaches or overcrowded bustling ones, there is a beach just right for your dog in Norfolk. [1]Sykes Cottages

1. Snettisham Beach

One of the few west-facing beaches of Norfolk, it is considered among one of the best spots to enjoy a sunset, no wonder it is a popular spot among romantic couples. In addition to the beautiful sunset, it is a favorite location of bird watchers as well. As for dogs, they must be on a leash, and that’s it for the rules, however, people often let their dog run off-leash here. This beach has sand and pebbles, which makes it a great place to go on a walk with your four-legged friend for the entire year.

Snettisham Beach

Two dogs running at Snettisham Beach

2. Old Hunstanton Beach

Another west-facing beach of Norfolk, however, doesn’t have a similar view of the sunset to Snettisham Beach. Nonetheless, it is a great beach with miles of soft sand, which is quite different from the main Hunstanton beach, and for this reason, it is one of the most popular beaches of Norfolk. During the peak season, it is packed, but you’ll still have plenty of space for yourself and your dog. Dogs are allowed on this beach all year round, and you will find a great number of owners with their dogs here.

Old Hunstanton Beach

A good boy resting at Old Hunstanton Beach

3. Holkham Beach

A truly breathtaking beach, it is drop-dead gorgeous, and there’s something magical about this beach, to say the least. This dog-friendly beach spans over 11 miles, filled with golden sand, that truly enhances the beach experience. This is an off-leash beach, however, around 30% of its segment is protected to preserve wildlife, especially birds’ nests. Other than that it is open for dogs all year round, it truly is an amazing beach to visit with your dog.

Holkham Beach

People enjoying at Holkham Beach

4. Scratby Beach

Located near Great Yarmouth, it is a shingle beach that is curved. Just like other beaches on this list, this is open for dogs all year round as well and is one of the go-to choices of owners when it comes to walking their dogs. Due to it being long and wide, it makes the landscape appear panoramic, which as you can imagine is perfect for clicking pictures of your dog if they can sit still that is.

Scratby Beach

A photograph of Scratby Beach

5. Waxham Beach

Whereas the previous beaches are mostly occupied by people, Waxham beach has no car parks or any amenities for that matter, visitors are rare at this location. A perfect place for you and your dog then, and it is amazing to be on this beach, as it is filled with soft sand stretching as far as the eye can see. Furthermore, if you visit this place in the winter, you can also observe seals laying on the beach.

Waxham Beach

A dog at Waxham Beach

6. Bacton Beach

The first beach on this list that doesn’t allow dogs for the entire year, dogs are not allowed to be on some parts of the Bacton beach from May to September. Just avoid those areas, and your pooch can stroll on the beach just fine, however, keep them on a leash. A great thing about this beach is that it is rarely crowded, even more reason to visit it. Unfortunately, this beach is facing coastal erosion at an accelerated pace, but thankfully, authorities are working endlessly to change the inevitable.

Bacton Beach

An aerial view of Bacton Beach

7. Thornham Beach

Do you have a private dog that prefers fewer people? Well, great news because Thornham beach is one of the most remote beaches of Norfolk. The reason is there is a half-mile walk just to get to the beach, and most people prefer not to walk. However, if you want a private beach with numbered people on it, then this beach is your spot. Plus, it allows dogs the entire year.

Thornham Beach

Two dogs enjoying Thornham Beach

8. Titchwell Beach

This beach is famous for being a natural reserve with its saltwater marshland and a freshwater lagoon, which attracts quite a variety of birds. Titchwell beach is recommended for people with a more energetic dog, as it is considered a rugged beach. Additionally, you can find some remnants of World War II in the dunes. While dogs are allowed for the entire year, they are only allowed on the West Bank Path.

Titchwell Beach

A typical day at Titchwell Beach

9. Burnham Overy Staithe Beach

Another remote and peaceful beach of Norfolk, if you are planning on spending the entire day at the beach with your dog without anyone bothering you, then Burnham Overy Staithe Beach is for you and your pooch. It will easily take 20-25 minutes to get to this beach on foot, as there is no parking available. This beach is full of marshlands and dunes. As for your pup, dogs are allowed here all year round.

Burnham Overy Staithe Beach

A dog resting at Burnham Overy Staithe Beach

10. Wells-next-the-Sea Beach

This is the type of beach you find on the internet when you search for English beaches, sandy shorelines with beach huts unlike any other. You can also let your dogs off the leash on certain parts of the beach, but even with a leash on they’ll love it here. This beach also serves as a fishing port, therefore, be prepared to see plenty of people leisurely fishing, especially in the crab season. There are plenty of shops on this beach, accompanied by a beautiful pine walk from the parking lot.

Wells-next-the-Sea Beach

A dog posing at Wells-next-the-Sea Beach


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