6 Best Dog Friendly Wineries in Santa Barbara

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Located on the central coast of California, Santa Barbara is known for its museums, landmarks, and beaches, but among these, the most important contribution of this city to the world is wine. There are 55 wineries in total, and all of them produce palatable and enjoyable wines. Whether you prefer light and crisp or full-bodied wine, Rosé or sparkling, Santa Barbara wineries have all the types of wines one can ever desire.

Best Dog-Friendly Wineries in Santa Barbara

Without a doubt, Santa Barabara wineries produce amazing wines, but not all of them allow dogs when it comes to tours. If you are a wine aficionado and a dog parent, then these are the best wineries you can visit in Santa Barbara. [1]Golden Rooster SB

1. Dovecote Estate Winery

This winery takes great pride in producing its wine, which is truly special as each bottle is hand-crafted. In 1845, The Thompson family purchased nearly 800 beautiful acres of Central California coastal land on Alisos Canyon Road. David Thomson snuck cuttings of coveted Estrella River Syrah grapes in 1989, and then planted them on his land, and finally, in the year 1993, the first batch was made. This winery is located on the land which once was an ancient village of Causlui Creek, which means a sliding place, and this winery praises the land for the delicious flavor of their wines. As for your dog, just have them on a leash, and they can accompany you in the tasting room, picnic area, and even in the vineyards. Additionally, you are more than welcome to bring your own lunch to the picnic area and enjoy it with your dog over a lovely glass of wine. Moreover, they have two dog mascots of their own.

Dovecote wine mascot Rodger

Dovecote winery’s mascot, Rodger.

2. Fess Parker Winery

Three generations have been involved in wine-making at this winery. Original owner, Fess Parker, bought 714-acres of land in the region with the thought of owning a family business that’ll be cherished by the entire family, and it is clear that they love it. Along with providing delicious wines, Fess Parker Winery also offers cabins and inns for travelers. You can partake in a 90 minutes experience of wine tasting with experts on the terrace while soaking in the beautiful views. This winery has been a staple when it comes to wine tours of Santa Barbara. You are allowed to bring your dog to the winery, but only to the lawn for safety reasons. Nonetheless, it is a great winery.

Fess Parker Winery

A photograph of Fess Parker Winery

3. Foxen Winery

This winery has two tasting rooms, and a great initiative taken by the owners, one tasting room has been converted into a fully solar-powered room, and given the amount of Sun this region receives, each winery must opt for such an approach. Originally, this winery was established by an English sea captain, William Benjamin Foxen, and Dick Doré’s great-great-grandfather, a co-founder in the 1800s. A blacksmithing room converted into a tasting room 20 years ago, has been a staple of this winery, and now is known as The Shack. People of the Foxen Winery loves dogs, so you can visit this place without any concerns. Your dog will be taken care of by the servants, as they provide fresh water, treats, and plenty of pets while you sip their marvelous chardonnay.

Foxen Wines

A lovely dog at Foxen Wines

4. Bridlewood

As you approach this winery, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Mexico, the structure of Bridlewood Winery follows the Mexican style of architecture. Bridlewood wineries take great pride in charting and selecting grapes from very specific locations, which are then blended together to create a bottle of delicious wine. Just have your dog on a leash, and they can roam in pretty much the entire location, roll in the grass, or run free in the picnic spot. This winery is also owned by a giant wine distributor, E. & J. Gallo.

Bridlewood Winery

An owner with her two dogs

5. Easy Street Wine Shop

Located in the town of Buellton, this is not necessarily a traditional winery, but you will find barrels of wine here, and more importantly, you can taste wine at Easy Street Wine Shop. They have a huge variety of wines from local wineries, and the people working there are more than happy to help you find the best wine for you. While dogs aren’t allowed inside, this place has a huge parking lot that is always empty, and your dog is free to walk or run on this spot. You must call this place before visiting because they only allow tasting on an appointment basis.

Easy Street Wine Shop

An excited dog at Easy Street Wine Shop

6. Presqu’ile Winery

A truly beautiful winery, while their wines are amazing, one is also mesmerized by the architecture. This winery grows its grapes in a vineyard that is just 16 miles from the pacific ocean. While the winery is relatively new, opened in 2007, four generations of the owner’s family have been making wine for 100 years. Your dog is more than welcome to roam freely on this winery, even in the tasting rooms as you enjoy its delightful Sauvignon Blanc. Also, the views are truly worth seeing from this winery.

Presqu'ile Winery

A typical day at Presqu’ile Winery


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