Why Pitbulls Are Considered Bad Pets?

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When it comes to owning a dog, experts will recommend all sorts of dog breeds from playful and loving Labrador Retriever to highly intelligent Border Collie depending on the skill level of the owner. While they may say all of the breed names, one breed that’s never recommended is the American Pitbull Terrier or Staffordshire Terrier, because it doesn’t matter how much you train these pooches, they never make for a good pet.

Why Pitbulls Are Considered Bad Pets?

The simple answer is that Pitbulls were never meant to be kept as pets, let alone being good pets. This comes as a surprise to advocates of this breed, which they simply ignore, and they are quick to defend it, but the historical facts cannot be ignored.


For thousands of years, humans kept themselves entertained by bidding and watching blood sports. Before the 19th century, dogs, mostly Bulldogs, were released to fight against a bull (or sometimes a bear) in the sport of bull-baiting until either the dog or the other animal was killed. Finally, in 1835, the British government banned this gruesome sport, but this didn’t stop people from engaging dogs in cruel events. They started pitting dogs against each other, and this is when the breed Pitbull was created to dominate the fighting ring. Soon it was introduced in the United States, where it gained popularity.


Pitbulls were specifically created to be aggressive towards other animals, or else they’d have failed to perform in dogfights. For this reason, aggression was hard-wired into their brain, and they were always kept in kennels until they were needed for fights. Interestingly, these were bred to have a high bite tolerance towards humans so that handlers could separate two dogs if needed without getting attacked. To know more about their aggression, click here.

Aggression Pitbull Bad Pet

An angry Pitbull

Backyard Breeding

Although this breed was designed for fights, past breeders used to carefully monitor each dog, and if a dog showed even the slightest bit of aggression towards humans, it was culled. This practice was done to avoid having dogs that’d attack humans; however, for the last three decades, backyard breeders are breeding Pitbulls regardless of their behavioral traits. This has given birth to dogs with fighting instincts, which can attack anyone at any time.

Fighting Instincts

Each breed that exists currently, has a certain trait built into them, which gives them pleasure. For example, Labradors Retrievers loves when asked to retrieve something, or Beagles, when they are given an opportunity to sniff out a toy. Similar to these, Pitbulls derive pleasure from fighting, sadly. The breed cannot help itself but fight, it doesn’t matter how much you train them, they will end up fighting with other dogs or people. For this reason, they can never be left alone near children and small animals.

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A Pitbull watching over a baby

Never Kept as Pets

These days Pitbulls can be seen in every neighborhood, but this was not always the case. In the early days of this breed, even if Pitbulls were kept inside the house, they were locked in kennels. Moreover, when this breed found itself in the United States, it was employed as a catch dog, which was kept outside as well, usually chained. By looking at how these were used, it is clear to see that Pitbulls were never meant to be kept as pets.

Lack of Trainability

If you want to train Pitbulls to fight or attack, they’ll understand and comply like a champ because that’s what they were meant to do. Unfortunately, these dogs aren’t German Shepherds with excellent trainability. Pitbulls require life-long training, and even after that these dogs are known to snap at some point. Quick movements, change in their environment, and similar factors alike can trigger their instincts to attack.

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